Day out at Pollensa Market

We detail here a typical day out at Pollensa market. This is one of the biggest on the island, people travel from far and wide to visit the town on a Sunday morning. Starting at around 08.00am with the fruit and vegetables in the Plaça Major, it is a local tradition and weekly social event. The men sit reading their papers in the cafe bars, whilst the women jostle around the busy square in the shade of the impressive church and over looked by Puig de Maria mountain (Puig being Catalan for mountain or large hill).


The fruit and veg market is a vibrant mix of colours, sound and smells. Moving from the square and around the church you will find stalls with jewellery, arts and crafts, many hand made items and unusual artifacts. The streets are narrow and you have to be patient to move along the stalls. Pollensa ,arket is best tackled it in bursts of 30 to 60 minutes at a time, knocking off the sections. Pitch up at one of the cafe bars in between,  my favourites there are Il Giardino, they have a pâtisserie around the corner from the restaurant where you can buy the cakes and pastries and enjoy them with a coffee at the restaurant. Another is Numero 8 brasserie, here you can enjoy a range of breakfast specials from toasted sandwiches to pancakes, bacon with Maple syrup and fresh fruits, not local delicacies but delicious none the less. Grab an ensaimada from a local bakery if you are looking to sample something a little more authentic from Mallorca. Be warned as light as these little pastries appear they are loaded with animal fat (lard), part of the frugal locals traditions of making sure that they do not wasted any part of their farm animals, the pig in this case.

Heading off the Plaça Major and along the side of Club Pollença you will discover sellers with kaftans and leather goods, here on the corner is my children’s favourite stall, the puzzle store A range of handmade puzzles with varying difficulties from very easy to downright impossible.  Turning left and continuing past the Policia Local Station you will arrive at the Plaça Munnares, a new square that I have often seen and heard of new tourists mistaking it for the Plaça Major and depart Pollensa disappointed and wondering what all the fuss is about. If it is your first visit don´t make this mistake, you will know when you reach the Plaça Major when you are confronted with the huge church and the pavement cafe bars. At the Plaça Munnares is a range of hardware, shoes together with clothing goods that are aimed at the local community rather than the tourists.

By the time you have negotiated yourself around the whole market you will be ready for some refuelling, if you are on a day trip to Pollensa market then it is an ideal time to stop for lunch. I would recommend somewhere away from the main square, as soon as the clock strikes 1.00pm, there is a melee of white vans clearing the stores quickly followed by the clean up operation which lasts a couple of hours. It is not the prettiest site after your leisurely day enjoying the delights of the market. You could head along to Restaurant Trencadora, just 100m off the main square, stand facing the church and turn right and walk off the square past Café Plaça and the Birrieria (over 50 different types of beer) after 100m or so you will arrive at the Trencadora on the left, set in a lovely garden with a great selection of reasonably priced food and drink and often very busy. My favourite  is the Lamb shoulder, slow cooked and great value at around 15€. Those looking for some authentic Mallorcan cooking can try the Bar Nou or the slightly more up market La Fonda, both can be found on the street behind the olive sellers on the main square. Same starting position as before stand facing the church, this time turn left and then immediate left will bring you to the Bar Nou and a little further along you will will find La Fonda on the right. If you are visiting Pollensa market in the winter then you will find a water downed version of the summer market with less bars and restaurants open but still worth a visit particularly if the weather is good.

After lunch those of you with any energy left may want to tackle the 365 steps of the Calvari hillside, great views at the top to the Puig de Maria and the bays of Pollensa and Cala San Vincenç. The rest can head for the beach for a bit of chill out time.

A fairy tale season, almond blossoming on Mallorca Island

While weather on the European continent is still a bit harsh, on the Balearic Islands one can enjoy warmer temperature an even the sight of the sun. This is a magical time especially on the Island of Mallorca where the Almond Blossom season is in full fling.
Can you imagine a better feeling than walking through a multitude of trees which are all covered with little flowers emanating a sweet scent? It feels like living in a fairy tale.
If you decide to visit Mallorca villas these days, you will most definitely be inspired and mesmerized by this natural phenomena offered by mother earth’s beauty. Running away from gloomy weather, busy traffic and taking a break from hard work and escaping for a few days in the nature is a medicine for the mind and body.
The poetic scenery resembles trees covered in snow yet, here, it is not snow but tiny white and pink flowers, a spring coat meaning to melt winter away. Many poets, authors and painters have been mesmerized by the blossoming almonds and below is a suggestive metaphor describing the phenomenon written by Nikos Kazantzakis:
“When an almond tree became covered with blossoms in the heart of winter, all the trees around it began to jeer. ‘What vanity,’ they screamed, ‘what insolence! Just think, it believes it can bring spring in this way!’ The flowers of the almond tree blushed for shame. ‘Forgive me, my sisters,’ said the tree. ‘I swear I did not want to blossom, but suddenly I felt a warm springtime breeze in my heart.”
If you want to feel a springtime breeze in your heart the season of the almond trees blossoming is a great time for you to visit the Mallorca Island. It is a time of serenity, peace and beauty. Taking a holiday these days and visiting the island will bring you tranquillity and help you recharge your batteries. Also, if you really miss spring, this is the best gift you can offer yourself as spring here has already begun.

Some words about Pollensa as the best is for you to discover

Tucked between two hills, the city of Pollensa, founded in the early 13th century remains unspoiled even to our days. Streaming with history this beautiful place has kept its charm throughout the years and still impresses travellers from around the world with its beauty.

Walking along the narrow streets, passing by cafes, restaurants and bars while constantly breathing the salty, warm air is a relaxing experience. Paved with rocks and old stories, Pollensa offers a peaceful retreat, being one of the most appreciated holiday location in Europe. Whether you prefer sunbathing, swimming, trying the local cuisine and wines or visiting historical sites this city has it all for you.

There are several amazing beaches near the city of Pollensa, some covered with sand some with pebbles, some hidden from the eyes and some with breat htaking views of the mountains yet all of them have an undisputable charm and an alluring character, below is a small preview:

Port de Pollenca Beach spreads across an area of one and a half kilometres near the crystal blue water. Considered to be one of the best beaches on the island of Mallorca, it has soft sand which has been artificially enhanced and a wonderful view of the Mountains of Tramutana.

Cala Figuera beach is located 13 kilometres away from Puerto Pollensa, has beautiful natural sand and is very little crowded. It spreads across 45 metres and it is the most peaceful beach on the island. It has easy access for pedestrians and boats.

Cala Murta beach is a natural sand, shingle and pebbles beach spreading across 85 metres and located 15 kilometres away from Puerto Pollensa. Close to the Cap de Formentor viewpoint, this is a secluded beach with breath taking cliffs surrounding it.

Cala Formentor is one of the most popular beaches near Pollensa. With a pine forest close by and amazing mountain views, the turquoise blue water simply enhances the natural beauty of the beach. Covered with natural, fine sand this is an 840 metres beach located 14 kilometres away from the city of Pollensa.

These are only four of the famous beaches close by the city of Pollensa on the Island of Mallorca and all of them are waiting to be discovered by the curious eyes of every traveller.

Not only is the town known for its beautiful beaches, there are several historical and geographical sites to be seen too.  From the Calvari and Roman Bridge and El Castell del Rei to the Sant Vicenç prehistoric caves, the city and its surroundings are filled with architectural buildings and masterpieces created by nature.

When it comes to local cuisine you should definitely try the Frito Mallorquín and the Buñuelos. If you like meat you can enjoy the Lechona Asada, this is roasted piglet, marinated for 24 hours in a delicious combination of wine, garlic, bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, lemon, salt and pepper which is served with baked potatoes, this is a juicy and aromatic dish. For the vegetarians Tumbet is a perfect choice, consisting layers of aubergine, potato and red bell peppers, which are first fried in olive oil. And for desert, have some almond ice cream as almonds are one of the treasures of the island.

Wine is also widely produced on the island so after a swim in the crystal clear water, a walk on the narrow streets, after an abundant lunch and sightseeing go at a local bar and try one of the local wines such as Torre des Canong Blanc, if you prefer white, Twenty Twelve Pink, Bodega Es Fangar, if you prefer a rose, or Sio 300, Bodegas Hereus de Ribas, if you are a red wine fan.

Beaches and historical sites, amazing traditional cuisine and flavoured local wines are some of the ingredients making Pollensa an amazing holiday destination for so many people. Nevertheless the beauty of the place cannot be described in words, there are so many wanders on this island city, it is only natural you try them all yourself, believe me, you will not be disappointed.