Villas Near Pollensa Old Town: Which To Choose?

By vida villas | 28 February 2023 | pollensa

Nestled in the north of Mallorca, surrounded by mountain landscapes and verdant forestry, the popular town of Pollensa is a firm favourite amongst visitors to the island and is a destination that sparks the fire of love for this Balearic beauty in many tourists’ hearts after their first visit.

The town boasts a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, with a vibrant culture and deep-rooted history. as you wander through its narrow streets, expect to see historic stone buildings, traditional markets, and charming cobblestone roads sunkissed by the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine. The town draws visitors from far and wide who are looking to explore the rugged landscapes and white sandy beaches of Mallorca.

But if there’s one part of the town that is likely to catch your eye, it’s the old town area. Showcasing the best of the town’s historic architecture and sites, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back in time to a Mallorca that once was whilst you’re visiting here, making for a magical and somewhat nostalgic trip. 

For all of these reasons, Pollensa is one of the best locations to stay for a holiday in Mallorca. And if you’re looking to be near the town, and in particular, its thriving old town area during your visit, we’ve highlighted some of the best villas that you can stay in during your trip.

Whilst for any holiday choosing where you want to stay can be a daunting task, we’ve decided to make it simple for you in this blog post. We’ve outlined the different types of villas on offer near Puerto Pollensa old town, and who they’re best suited for. From families to lovers of luxury, and couples looking for a romantic retreat, we’ve curated this list to cater to everyone’s tastes and budgets. 

Villas in Pollensa with a Pool 

For when you want to soak up some rays in the blissful Mediterranean climate, it’s a must that you have a villa with a pool where you can take a dip to cool off or simply relax with your loved ones. We’ve highlighted some of our favourite and standout pool properties below: 

Villa Moscas

Sleeping up to 7 guests across 3 bedrooms, Villa Moscas is a fantastic property with a large private outdoor pool with roman steps. The property is tucked away in the countryside of Mallorca, yet remains within walking distance of Pollensa old town. Meaning it’s the perfect balance between offering seclusion and keeping you conveniently located to this part of Pollensa town during your holiday. 

Villa Moscas also features a beautifully paved patio space with a pergola and sunbeds for when you want to sit in, or out, of the sunshine. And with a large outdoor dining area and garden that is enveloped by the gorgeous surrounding countryside, we wouldn’t be surprised if you never wanted to leave!

Villa la Torre 

If you’re looking for villas near Pollensa Old Town with a view, then Villa la Torre is likely to catch your eye. 

This traditional villa is located nearby to the old town of Pollensa, being only 3km away, and is nestled in the settlement’s surrounding countryside. 

The most striking characteristic of this property is its tower feature that sits at the end of its long outdoor pool. So as you have your morning swim or evening dip, you can admire this lovely original feature in all of its glory. 

There are deck chairs and loungers that border the pool on the grassy verges of the property, and this quiet setting offers the perfect place to perch and read a book or chat with friends. This is one of the most picturesque Pollensa villas that you can book for your next holiday to remain within easy reach of the old town. 

Luxury Villas in Pollensa

For those who like to indulge in the finer things in life, there are a number of luxury villas in Pollensa nearby to the old town for you to spend your days living the high life when you’re not out exploring. 

Villa Can Golf

Furnished to a high standard, Villa Can Golf is one of the Pollensa luxury villas that we couldn’t help but mention. It’s one of the most exclusive properties in the area and sleeps up to 8 guests in 4 bedrooms. 

The villa offers ample space in its chic interior with a modern style boasting decadent features including a stained glass window and beautiful artwork adorning its walls designed by famed Mallorcan artists. 

What we love the most about this villa in Pollensa is its private wine cellar. Accessible from the hallway, the cellar is crafted from Mallorcan stone and features Renaissance-style columns. It is temperature moderated to best preserve the wines stored here so that you can admire and enjoy the range of Spanish wines and spirits on offer throughout your stay and raise a glass to your Pollensa holiday. 

Villa Encinasita

Villa Encinasita is a stylish and sleek villa that is situated only a short drive away from Pollensa old town. It is popular amongst holidaymakers looking for the most luxurious place to base themselves for the duration of their trip.

It sleeps up to 8 guests across 4 bedrooms, with a crisp white dining space, a comfortable living area, and huge bathrooms. Whilst modern, the villa still manages to perfectly preserve its traditional Mallorcan style and features. You’ll also find an outdoor pool and a built-in barbeque outside for days spent lounging beside the pool with dinner roasting on the fire ready for alfresco dining. 

Villas in Pollensa For Families

Finding the perfect property to accommodate a family can sometimes prove to be quite challenging as you want to keep all members of your group happy. But, we’ve highlighted two of our family-favourite properties below that we think any family would be excited to stay in during their Pollensa holidays. 

Villa Llobinata

Only a short stroll away from Pollensa town, Villa Llobinata can host up to 6 guests across its 3 bedrooms. It features a neatly sized outdoor pool at the rear of the property with loungers and parasols lining its grassy spacious garden. From here, you can savour views of the surrounding vistas with craggy hilltops and mountains. 

This outdoor space also offers ample room for children to play and run, or for picnics and sunbathing. There’s a fantastic outdoor dining area too, with a barbeque for family cooking sessions in the warm Mallorcan countryside. Or, if you prefer to go out for meals with your family, you’re around 10 minutes away from the delicious eateries in Pollensa old town. 

And, conveniently, the property also offers a parking space for if a car is essential for you and your family during your holidays.

Villa Vidri Campo

Villa Vidri Campo takes the biscuit when it comes to offering families the best facilities and entertainment for their stay in Pollensa. Ideal for small families in particular, as the property sleeps up to 6 guests across 3 bedrooms, it is only a short drive away from Pollensa old town and other settlements in the north of the island, with a parking area at its front. 

As well as its outdoor pool lined with sun loungers and a sweeping garden that offers plenty of room for family members to frolic and play, it has an outdoor pool table and ping pong table. These added sources of entertainment are perfect for when a little competition is in order and members of the family are seeking something different to keep themselves occupied.

Villas in Pollensa For Couples 

If you and your significant other are considering a break to Mallorca, some of the best Pollensa villas nearby the old town are perfectly suited to couples looking for a romantic getaway. Two of our favourites are as follows:

Villa La Sortez

We love Villa La Sortez for its proximity to Pollensa old town as it is only a short meander from its borders. This is perfect if you’ve spent a romantic evening out, perhaps having dinner in any one of Pollensa’s intimate and authentic eateries, as you are within easy reach of the property once you’re ready to end the night. 

The property features its own outdoor pool that is the perfect size for just a couple. Surrounded by hedges, trees, and, in the distance, mountain ranges, this villa is in a lovely spot that is out of the way from prying eyes for couples to simply soak in the beautiful landscapes with a loved one. 

Villa Morenosa

Villa Morenosa feels as though it’s in its own tropical oasis. Surrounded by palm trees, rolling fields, and wildlife, its a little piece of paradise in which you can connect with the countryside surrounding Pollensa. 

Its attractive gardens that are situated at the rear of the property are what really sell Villa Morenosa and make it a beautiful location for couples. Filled with shrubs, trees, and vibrant flowers, it’s a relaxing setting with perfectly manicured gardens that means you’ll never want to leave its outdoors. 

With its own outdoor pool also, the Villa is a romantic option for any couples coming for their holidays in Pollensa. 

Villas in Pollensa For Friends

Pollensa is a firm favourite amongst groups of friends looking for their next getaway. With mouthwatering cuisine, a vibrant nightlife, and a variety of land and water-based activities on offer, groups of friends can make many memories during their visit here. Pollensa Old Town is a central location that allows friend groups to experience all of this and more, and we’ve recommended some of the best places to stay below:

Villa Assum

Sleeping up to 8 guests across 4 bedrooms, Villa Assum offers ample space inside its beautiful stone home and in its mature gardens with palm trees, flowers, and shrubs that line its borders. The property is in a residential cul-de-sac, and so offers great privacy to its guests. 

Its spacious living and dining space is a great area for group diners and late-night chats, and the pool and outdoor barbeque are fantastic for a day at the pool and for easy alfresco dining. 

Villa Angels

Down a quiet country road that is only a 10-minute walk from Pollensa old town, Villa Angels is an attractive home offering a chilled experience for up to 6 friends, who will sleep across its three bedrooms. 

Friends who are looking to relax their days away with nothing other than picturesque mountain views and a dainty private pool to swim and dip their toes in will love the relaxed atmosphere of Villa Angels.

The property couldn’t be much closer to Pollensa old town, within only a short walking distance meaning you’re never far from the range of facilities and amenities in its centre. 

The living room offers a snug little corner beneath the rustic wooden beams of its ceiling with a large wood-burning fireplace. Here, friends can bond on the armchairs or sofas and relax in front of a roaring fire on a mild evening or, if they’re visiting in winter, making for a cozy atmosphere. 


When it comes to choosing what villas you can stay in near Pollensa old town, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether travelling as a family, with a group of friends or going on an intimate getaway with your partner, here at Vida Villas we offer a range of properties with fantastic facilities that are oozing in charm and located near Pollensa old town, so you’re never far from the north of the island’s most idyllic historic setting. 

From family properties to couples retreats, over on our website, we offer a vast selection of other villas near Pollensa old town. So, if one of our aforementioned properties hasn’t caught your eye, you’ve got plenty more options to choose from with our villas in Pollensa, and its surrounding areas.

Not sure where to get started? You can get in touch with a member of our team so that we can help you decide exactly what you’re looking for from your Mallorcan holiday and therefore exactly where will be best for you to stay to make your trip as memorable as possible.