Alcúdia Villas

Alcúdia is a historic town in the north of Mallorca that is about a mile inland from the coast. If you’re looking for a destination that will give you a taste of Mallorcan culture whilst also being close to some of the best beach resorts on the island, this vibrant town has something to offer every kind of traveller.

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About Alcúdia

Alcúdia gets its name from the Arabic word for ‘on the hill’, referring to a farm that was originally built very close to where the town now stands. It’s a destination that has been home to human settlements since around 2000 BC and has an incredibly rich cultural history.

Best Time To Visit Alcúdia

The climate in Alcúdia is Mediterranean, meaning that it experiences very hot and dry summers and slightly cooler and wetter winters. As the town is about a mile away from the coast, it can get very hot between June and August and lack any kind of cool breeze from the ocean, so if you’re looking for a time to visit when the weather is ideal for sightseeing, May or September are the best months.

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Best Things To Do To In Alcúdia

Sightseeing is the number one thing to do in Alcúdia because of the rich range of different historic attractions. If you want to get more involved with local culture, there is an open-air market held twice a week that sells everything from fresh food to handcrafted gifts, which is ideal if you’re looking for ingredients for a meal or souvenirs to take home.

Alcúdia is also a great location to enjoy local food and drink, with plenty of restaurants and cafes around the town that serve a range of Mallorcan dishes. As well as the market, there are lots of small shops and boutiques around the streets that are great to explore in the afternoons, whether you’re looking for clothes, jewellery or art.

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Best Places To Go In Alcúdia

If you’re interested in the history of Alcúdia then visiting the Old Town should be at the top of your list of things to do. The grand house ​​Casas Señoriales is a highlight of the town’s historic architecture, once home to the nobility of the area.

A place that many of Alcúdia’s visitors go to is the nearby Roman city of Pollentia, which is full of brilliant preserved buildings that include Spain’s smallest Roman amphitheatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alcúdia a party place?

Alcúdia is known as a destination that is good for nights out, but that’s not all that the destination has to offer. In the evenings, certain parts of the town might get lively with partygoers, but it’s not a location that will be overrun with drunk tourists every night.

How expensive is Alcúdia?

Alcúdia is quite a popular holiday destination, but it’s not known for being particularly expensive. The more luxurious resorts will be pricier than budget accommodation options, but it is fairly easy to have a holiday in the town where your bills don’t rack up too much.

Can you drink the water in Alcúdia?

Whilst many of the locals will tell you to avoid it, the tap water in Alcúdia is safe to drink. A lot of people will choose bottled or filtered water over that straight from the tap, but unless you’re in a few specified municipalities that have high levels of nitrates in the water, which Alcúdia is not, you’re absolutely fine.