Port de Alcúdia Villas

Port d’Alcúdia is a resort town on the northeast coast of Mallorca that is known for being a very popular place for families to visit when they come and stay on the island. It’s a very lively destination that has a lot of activities on offer as well as a brilliant beach, and is a great place to stay if you want to enjoy the coast and take day trips to places like Alcúdia, Pollentia and Pollença. 

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About Port de Alcúdia

Port d’Alcúdia was originally the primary port of the north of the island but has grown to be a very popular holiday resort town in the past 30-40 years. The main draw is the long beach along the waterfront, which is usually packed with families and other tourists during the summer months.

Best Time To Visit Port de Alcúdia

If you’re coming to the town to enjoy the beach then the best time to visit Port d’Alcúdia is in the summer between June and September when the weather in Mallorca will be very hot and sunny, the sea will be warm and the chances of rain are very low. However, if you want to avoid the crowds that flock to this part of the island in the tourist season then you’ll find that early spring or late autumn are the best times to visit Port d’Alcúdia for a quieter atmosphere.

Best Things To Do To In Port de Alcúdia

The best thing to do in Port d’Alcúdia is definitely visit the beach. There is almost 3km of sand stretching out along the front until it reaches ​​Playa de Muro, meaning that you’ll find space to spread out a towel or a picnic blanket even if it’s busy.

As well as sunbathing or relaxing on the sand, there are plenty of watersports on offer to tourists at the beach in Port d’Alcúdia, from paddleboarding to kayaking and snorkelling. You can also board a boat at the port and sail down the coast to one of the nearby towns or out into the ocean for a diving trip.

Best Places To Go In Port de Alcúdia

The most popular attraction in Port d’Alcúdia is the beach and all of the attractions that line the promenade, from cafes to bars and little shops. Because of the large number of families that visit the area, another top place to go is a large waterpark very near the town that is full of things for children and their parents to enjoy.

A little further afield from Port d’Alcúdia is the town of Alcúdia, which is a historic destination that has more cultural attractions on offer and is a great place to visit for the day. If you get tired of the town’s beach, Playa de Muro is quite close and offers even more beautiful coastal scenery and beachfront attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Port d’Alcúdia?

Port d’Alcúdia is a resort town and holiday destination that has a lot to offer those that visit, from the impressive beaches to the surrounding mountain scenery. As well as the natural attractions provided by the environment, there’s a waterpark in Port de Alcúdia, a nearby golf course, a harbour, boat trips to nearby coastal destinations, and quite a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Is Port de Alcúdia nice?

Port d’Alcúdia is known as a very nice holiday destination, which is one of the reasons that it’s such a popular place to stay for families. The scenery is beautiful, there are lots of accommodation options for all kinds of travellers, and the town itself is relatively safe and doesn’t feel too touristy.

What region is Port de Alcúdia in?

Port d‘Alcúdia is found right at the tip of the northern region of Mallorca known as Raiguer. This region stretches from the coast to almost the other side of the island, and nearby Alcúdia is the third-largest city in the municipality.