Split Riviera Villas

The Split Riviera is an area in central Dalmatia in Croatia which gets its name from the city of Split that is found right in the centre. Bordered by the Mosor mountains and Kozjak, this part of Croatia offers both coastline and mainland cities to tourists and is a great place to spend a longer holiday travelling from place to place.

Our Villas In Split Riviera

The city of Split and its surrounding countryside is a great place to stay if you want to explore Croatia’s second-largest city and its nearby towns and islands. Take a look at the selection of villas we have available in the area below.

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About Split Riviera

The city of Split started its life as a Greek settlement and expanded when the Roman emperor Diocletian ordered that a retirement residence be built in 295 AD. Split grew from there, hosting a wide variety of conquerors over the years and becoming a top tourist destination in the 20th century. 

Best Time To Visit Split Riviera

Many people say that the summer months are the best time to visit Croatia, and if you’re looking for really hot weather then you’ll probably enjoy Split the most if you visit between June and August. However, to avoid excessive crowds but still get the chance to enjoy very warm and dry weather, we recommend that you visit at the start of autumn in either September or October.

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Best Things To Do To In Split Riviera

Split is a haven for sightseeing, so one of the best things to do with your time whilst you’re in the city is to make a list of top attractions and start ticking them off as you explore. It’s also an ideal place to visit nearby islands from, with a large port and many brilliant ferry services to places like Šolta, Hvar and Brač.

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Best Places To Go In Split Riviera

The Diocletian’s Palace complex is undoubtedly one of the best places to go in Split; an incredible example of ancient Roman architecture with plenty of highlights and stories to learn. The city is also home to numerous museums, offering insight into everything from Croatia’s maritime history to a museum dedicated to small models of frogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Split or Dubrovnik better?

Split and Dubrovnik are two of Croatia’s most popular destinations, and many travellers find themselves trying to choose between the two. Split is the better destination for nightlife and is better positioned to see more of the country, whereas Dubrovnik is a better destination for food, history and famous sightseeing spots to tick off your bucket list.

Is Split a party town?

Although not the top destination in Croatia for partying, Split is known as being something of a party town. Certain areas of the city will be very busy and noisy in the evenings, but it is easy to avoid getting caught up in this if loud nights out aren’t your thing.

Does Split have a beach?

There are numerous different beaches in Split. Many of these beaches are pebbly, but there are a couple with soft sand that are ideal if you want to spend a day by the sea.