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Calvià is a town in the southwest of Mallorca at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountain range, west of the capital city of Palma. It’s a lively place to stay thanks to its location in one of the busiest regions of the island, and is a great place to base yourself for a holiday and enjoy trips to the coast and further inland.

Our Villas In Calvià

If you want to combine the peaceful beauty of the countryside with the liveliness of a large Mallorcan town, Calvià is a great place to stay. Take a look at our villas in the area below.

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About Calvià

Calvià’s population can be traced back to 2000 BCE and has a long history of farming and agriculture, thanks to the town’s surrounding countryside. It wasn’t developed as a tourist destination on the island until the last century or so, and still retains an old fashioned charm and several well-preserved examples of historic architecture.

Best Time To Visit Calvià

Calvià is found in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, which means that the climate is slightly cooler than the coast of other inland areas of the island. If you want to visit Mallorca when the weather is hot, June to August is the best period of time to visit Calvià, whilst those seeking slightly lower temperatures should plan their trip in either late spring or early autumn to avoid too much rain but enjoy a cooler climate.

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Best Things To Do To In Calvià

The proximity of Calvià to the Tramuntana Mountains means that one of the best things to do during your stay is go hiking. The scenery in the hills is outstanding, and there is a range of mountain biking tracks as well for those looking for something slightly more adrenaline-filled.

Historic sightseeing is another great way to spend your time in the town, with a great selection of different buildings and monuments in the area that share stories about the history of the island and its inhabitants of the area. There’s a large market held in the town on Monday that is a great way to interact with the locals and buy yourself some unique souvenirs to take home.

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Best Places To Go In Calvià

When it comes to places to visit around Calvià, there are lots of sites that history and architecture fans will enjoy. The remains of a Roman villa are a highlight, along with the church of Sant Joan Baptista which is in a beautiful hillside location.

If you fancy hitting the beach then you will have to travel quite a way, but places like Magaluf, Santa Ponsa and Palma Nova are worth the trip if you’re looking for some excitement along the coast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Calvià in Mallorca?

Calvià is found in the southwest region of Mallorca, very close to the capital city of Palma. It’s a location with both the coast and the countryside in easy reach, and is also close to many of the island’s most popular resort towns which means it tends to be lively and bustling with tourists almost all year round.

How far is Calvià from Palma Airport?

Calvià is just under 20km away from Palma Airport. It takes around half an hour to drive between the two, or a couple of hours if you take public transport.

What is Calvià in Mallorca like?

Calvià is one of the most popular places to visit in Mallorca, which means that it’s an area that tends to be quite busy. However, it’s popular for a good reason, with both modern infrastructure and a more historic charm, several great beaches, plenty of places to eat and drink, and has a central location that makes it easy to visit other popular spots on the island.