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Dubrovnik is perhaps the most famous city in Croatia. Known for its distinctive red stone old towns and historic city walls, it’s a favourite amongst tourists and home to a brilliant range of different things to see and do.

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About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was an independent merchant republic for 700 years until the early 1800s, with a long history of trading and diplomacy that gave it such a high status. A key location in Croatia throughout history, its most recent surge in popularity is partly down to its inclusion in the incredibly popular television adaptation of ‘Game of Thrones’ which brings plenty of fans to filming locations across the city. 

Best Time To Visit Dubrovnik

Whilst many people say that the best time to visit Croatia is over the summer, the best time to visit Dubrovnik is actually in September or October when the weather will be milder but still sunny, offering the ideal conditions for walking around the city. There will also be far fewer tourists in Dubrovnik at the start of autumn than at the peak of summer, meaning fewer crowds and less hassle when you’re sightseeing.

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Best Things To Do To In Dubrovnik

Whilst Dubrovnik is known for the plentiful attractions within the city streets, one of the best things to do is spend time on one of the city’s many beaches to soak up the sun and take a dip in Croatia’s signature turquoise water. Another thing the city is famous for is its breweries, so we recommend you take part in a tour or at least spend an evening sampling the locally brewed alcohol.

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Best Places To Go In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s Old Town has got to be top of the list for the best places to go, whether you’re looking at the historic architecture from within the streets or admiring the view from atop the city walls. The Dominican Monastery in the centre of the city is another spot to tick off your sightseeing bucket list, built in the 15th century and home to several outstanding pieces of classic art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Split from Dubrovnik?

Split and Dubrovnik are 230km apart. It will take just over 3 hours to drive along the coast from one location to the other, which is the fastest way to get between them.

How expensive is Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is perhaps the most popular destination in Croatia and is therefore one of the most expensive places to visit. It is possible to stay in budget accommodation and eat relatively cheaply, but overall the saturation of tourists has meant that costs tend to be higher overall in comparison to other parts of the country.

How many days do you need in Dubrovnik?

The number of days you need in Dubrovnik will depend on what you want to do when you visit. In general, it is recommended to give yourself four days to see all the sights the city has on offer, but if you plan on visiting other parts of Croatia from the city then you will need more time.