The 5 Best Beaches Near Santa Ponsa

By vida villas | 28 February 2023 | pollensa

Mallorca has long been known to be the home of some of the Mediterranean, and Balearic island’s, best beaches. From craggy coastal spots to large sandy shorelines that stretch as far as the eye can see, the island’s fantastic climate and crystal clear waters make it a firm favourite for all travellers who seek the sun, sea, and sand on their holidays. 

Whilst Mallorca’s most spectacular and popular beaches can be found encompassing every inch of the island’s coastline, its southern region is certainly home to its fair share. But, there’s one picturesque resort town that consistently catches the attention of visitors from all over the world for its seaside hotspots. 

Santa Ponsa is in south west Mallorca, and is one of the region’s most popular coastal towns. Offering exceptional views of Mallorca’s mountainous regions whose sheer size overshadows the settlement, visitors come from far and wide to Santa Ponsa to savour its diverse seafront locations, soak in the sun and feel the sand between their toes on their Balearic holidays.

For anyone who is intrigued by the possibility of spending their next beach vacation in this southwest resort town, we’ve listed a selection of the best beaches near Santa Ponsa which collectively offer something enjoyable for everyone. 

From hidden coves to vibrant beaches with plenty of activities on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing exactly which of these locations you want to visit during your next holiday here, if not all of them!

Playa Santa Ponsa

Playa Santa Ponsa, or Santa Ponsa beach, is one of the closest beaches to Santa Ponsa town. It is the main beach of the settlement and is characterised by its wide stretch of curving white sandy shore, hugging the bright turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. 

The views you can expect here at Playa Santa Ponsa include a backdrop of Mallorca’s undulating hills and craggy mountain tops alongside hotels and multi-storey building that line the seafront of the town. The Santa Ponsa promenade is beside Playa Santa Ponsa, along which are a number of cafes, eateries, and shops selling everything from souvenirs to all of the bits and pieces you could imagine you would need for a day at the beach. 

This is highly convenient if you’re planning on spending long days relaxing on the beach’s white sands as anything you could possibly want, whether it be a drink to quench your thirst after laying in the beating sunshine or a bite to eat after an exciting day filled with seaside activities, is within arm’s reach. 

You’ll find that the water here is very clear and calm with shallow parts, making it suitable for all ages who would be looking to swim or paddle beside the beach. During summer, you’ll find Playa Santa Ponsa to be particularly popular but there’s ample room given its size to find a space even on busy days during this season.

If you’re planning on driving here, there are plenty of car parks beside the beach in which you can pay a small fee for the convenience of having your vehicle right next to where you’ll be staying for the day. There are also public toilets, showers and changing rooms on nearby. 

When it comes to location and convenience, Playa Santa Ponsa is one of the most centrally located and closest beaches to Santa Ponsa, making it the perfect location which offers everything you’d need for the ultimate beach day out.

Playa de Mago 

Situated between Magaluf and Santa Ponsa, and roughly a 16-minute drive by car from the centre of Santa Ponsa town, you’ll find Playa de Mago

It is the nearest beach to Palma listed in this article, which is the island’s thriving capital. It is nestled on the south coast of the island and is a secluded oasis that many tourists fail to realise is here. This makes it a true hidden gem for visitors away from any hustle and bustle, with the nearest settlement to the beach being only the small village of Portals Vells. 

Boasting tranquility and peace, Playa de Mago is only a small beach, surrounded by rows of verdant trees tiered upon the surrounding hills that encircles the shoreline of this cove. The beach itself is only 20 metres in length and roughly 5-8 metres in width, offering only enough space for a handful of beach-goers to savour the stillness of this sheltered seafront location. 

With white sands and shallow waters, the beach is perfect for all ages that would want to take a dip and relax during a day out here. To reach it by car, which is the easiest way, you can follow signposts towards Portals Vells before encountering signs posting Playa del Mago which will then lead you straight to the beach. You can even park your vehicle for free along the streets leading up to it. 

Given its small size, you’ll want to make sure you get to the location early in order to avoid any disappointment on your arrival, particularly during the summer season which is much busier. You’ll find a public toilet and showers nearby to the beachfront also. 

For a bit of peace and quiet away from Mallorca’s normally packed and bustling shorelines, Playa de Mago is one of the calmer beaches near Santa Ponsa for you to simply relax and be present in the moment during your Mallorcan holiday. 

Playa des Castellot 

Castellot beach, also known as Playa des Castellot, is situated on the north side of Santa Ponsa and takes roughly nine minutes to drive to from the centre of Santa Ponsa town. Or, for those staying in Santa Ponsa who would like to soak in the sights and scenes of southwest Mallorca, the beach can be reached by foot in around 50 minutes. At the end of your hike, you’ll be rewarded with a cooling soak in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful location.

As another small beach near Santa Ponsa, Playa des Castellots is only 45 metres long and 7 metres wide. It’s also surrounded by craggy seafront rock formations that enclose the bay and lush wildlife which approaches the edge of the shore stretching right beside the waters edge. 

This is another fantastic beach location if you’re looking to rest and relax for a day during your visit to Mallorca. This is especially true if your days have been filled with ample sightseeing, as it gives you the opportunity to have a breather and a moment to reground yourself in your surroundings.

The waters here are bright blue and are shallow towards the coastline. The terrain of the beach is pebbly, with small rocks and stones, but this is still a suitable terrain to set up camp for the day and sit or lie beside the seafront. 

The closest facilities to the beach, including shops, eateries, and toilets, are located roughly 100 metres away towards Santa Ponsa town square. So, we would only recommend visiting this beach if you’re prepared to pack everything you may need. However, despite the added organisation that is required to stay here for the day, it is certainly paid off given the unrivalled location that this beautiful bay offers.

There is, however, parking nearby to the beach along its roads, so it is more than possible to keep everything you could need to hand at all times, just incase! Here, you can expect to savour a day disconnected from the rest of Mallorca at this luscious seafront haven.   

Pellicer Beach

With an apt nickname of ‘little beach’, Pellicer is a small beach located just north of Santa Ponsa. It is a 3 minute drive from the centre of Santa Ponsa town, which is only a 22-minute walk for those staying in the settlement and looking for an opportunity to stretch their legs.

You can find the beach situated on the way to, or from, Santa Ponsa Marina and its close proximity to the town centre makes it a very convenient beach getaway that remains close to Santa Ponsa’s many facilities. However, the beach is still far enough away from the town that it provides its visitors with the seclusion they may need away from the town’s crowds. 

Its location is equally convenient because the beach itself doesn’t have any facilities, such as toilets or eateries, beside it. So, should you be needing to get something from a local shop, or are wanting to grab a bite to eat, you’ll have to make the journey back into Santa Ponsa to do this. This is far from inconvenient though, given how short this distance is. As an added bonus, there is a small playground nearby Pellicer beach for families with young ones who want to burn off some energy throughout your beach day out.

You’ll find both locals and tourists alike lay their towels down to relax for the day here. The beach is an open bay with golden fine sand and turquoise waters that are shallow enough for small children or adults to paddle comfortably and safely.

For its fantastic location that is within easy reach of the town centre, Pellicer makes our list of best beaches near Santa Ponsa. 

Cala Fornells

Embodying a quintessential coastal paradise, Cala Fornells beach is enveloped by green shrubbery and offers its visitors a lovely day out. 

The beach offers shallow areas in its waters whereby children or small adults can swim safely. However, caution should be taken in parts where the coastal rocks along the shoreline lay beneath the water. Thankfully though these are noticeable due to the clear crystal blue waters that Mallorca is blessed with. 

Cala Fornells can be found on the outskirts of Peguera, which is one of the neighbouring resorts of Santa Ponsa. You’ll find restaurants, residential homes and buildings for tourists surrounding the beach, but no toilet or showers. So, should you need these facilities you’ll have to go to the next nearest town to take advantage of them.

What Cala Fornells has developed a particular reputation for, however, is its snorkelling. Along its fine white sandy shoreline and within its surrounding turquoise waters, there are some prime spots that are perfect for snorkelers to view the marine life that lives and roams the Mediterranean sea. 

There are neighbouring caves also that are not too far from its shorelines, making for plenty of nooks and crannies to venture to for those who love the opportunity to explore, and perhaps even uncover some hidden gems in the process.

This quiet location is a fantastic option therefore for those in search of the best beaches near Santa Ponsa for water activities, and isn’t one to miss. 


If you want to experience the sandy shorelines that Mallorca is best known for during your trip to the island, this article has undoubtedly established that the beaches near Santa Ponsa are some of the best to place at the top of your list.

From quiet, secluded coves making for an intimate retreat by the sea, to popular stretches of shoreline that are ideal to laze all day beneath the Mediterranean sunshine, we hope our blog has given you enough inspiration to help choose the best beaches near Santa Ponsa to visit during your next holiday in Mallorca.

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