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The 7 best beaches in Dubrovnik

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The beautiful medieval city of Dubrovnik is certainly blessed when it comes to shorelines. No matter which one you visit, prepare to be blown away by the sensational sight of electric-blue waves.

Whether you’re dreaming of lazing on sugary-white sand or partying at a beach bar, we have sourced the best beaches close to Dubrovnik for you to enjoy during your visit and to include in your best places to visit in Dubronik

Beaches can be busy in and around the city and it's worth checking out the best times to visit Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Beach
Banje Beach

1. Banje Beach

Banje Beach lies a mere stone’s throw away from Dubrovnik harbour. Its convenient location makes it the perfect place to pop for a quick dip while exploring the city. A pebble beach, you won’t need to worry about the sand getting stuck in your toes in this little haven.

On top of being a handy distance from the historic city centre, Banje Beach is kitted out with facilities such as restaurants and sun loungers. So, you’ll be able to nip for a refreshing drink and snack in-between catching some rays and hitting the waves.

Boasting transparent turquoise waters, Banje Beach is a wonderful place to go swimming. A truly idyllic setting, it boasts marvellous views of the city walls, old harbour and island of Lokrum.

With convenience, scenery and ambience all on its side, it is no wonder that many see Banje as one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. However, its charm has not gone unnoticed. The beach has become very popular amongst the city’s visitors.

As a result, you’ll need to get down early to nab a sunlounger at this sought-after spot. Banje beach is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik.

View of Banje Beach and the fort

2. Sveti Jakov Beach

Lying just a smidge past Banje Beach, Sveti Jakov also lies a short distance from Dubrovnik Old Town. In fact, all it takes to get to this patch of paradise is a 25-minute walk or a short bus ride.

Sveti Jakov lies nestled between cliff faces in a tranquil environment a world away from the buzz of the city centre. Thanks to its pebble-dusted shores, this gorgeous crack of coast is blessed with crystal-clear, azure waters.

And so, it is a fantastic place to go swimming and snorkelling. After a day of soaking up the sun and paddling in the sublime shores, you can grab a few refreshments at the on-site restaurant and bar.

However, one of the most marvellous claims to fame for this little spot is that it gets some of the best sunsets in Dubrovnik. Sit back and relax, cocktail in hand, as mesmerising blends of colours take over the sky, creating the most stunning backdrop to the city’s iconic fortress.

Despite being one of the nicest beaches in Dubrovnik, Sveti Jakov has been able to remain a rather peaceful patch of paradise. Significantly quieter than Banje, it is worth taking the short extra distance to this beach if you’re looking for a more tranquil shoreline.

3. Šulići Beach

Šulići Beach is an idyllic hidden gem snuggled between the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar - two of the best places to go in Dubrovnik. The secluded coastline is quite sheltered, allowing for small, mellow waves.

As with most of the beaches in Croatia, the waters of Šulići Beach are a dazzling turquoise colour. So, you’ll want to leave a few hours aside to go swimming in this breathtaking coastline.

A little under the radar, you’ll find much fewer tourists in this tranquil spot than on the previous coastlines on the list. Thankfully, serenity does not come at the cost of conveniences at Šulići Beach as there are cafes and restaurants nearby.

View of Lovrijenac Dubrovnik
View of Lovrijenac Dubrovnik

4. Šunj Beach, Lopud Island

If you’re on the lookout for the best sandy beaches in Dubrovnik, look no further than Šunj Beach on Lopud Island.

Hop on a short boat trip from Gruž port to get to this natural paradise where you will find an abundance of watersport activities including kayaking, swimming and snorkelling.

The tiny island of Lopud is nothing short of breathtaking, with lush green vegetation beside spectacular blue shores. An ideal spot for families, Šunj Beach has calm shallow waters where children of all ages can enjoy the water safely.

And you won’t need to be worried about getting shipwrecked on this island as there is a restaurant located behind the beach. Head over after a day of hitting the waves for some tasty snacks and a rejuvenating drink.

Boats at Lopud Island
Boats at Lopud Island

5. Bellevue Beach

Situated in the centre of Dubrovnik, Bellevue Beach is another of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. Also known as Miramare, this beautiful coastline is easy to reach from the city centre, lying less than a mile from Pile Gate.

All you need to do is brave the steep steps to the back of Hotel Bellevue to get to this sublime shoreline. And there will be no mistaking whether you’re in the right place thanks to the breathtaking coastal view that you’ll be treated to during your walk.

Another pebble beach, the water at Bellevue is beautifully transparent and is fabulous for snorkelling. It is also one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik for cliff jumping.

Surrounded by beautiful rock formations, this stunning shoreline attracts many a thrill seekers every year who are looking to test their courage by diving into the turquoise waters.

If you’d prefer to stick to ground level, spend the day catching a tan on the beautiful shoreline and cooling off with a swim.

6. Coral Beach Club

Famous for its trendy beach bar, Coral Beach Club is a sought-after public pebble beach. The curved pier is absolutely gorgeous with palm trees and bright azure waters.

Located on a stunning bay between Copacabana and Sunset beaches, many assume that the beach is private as a result of the iconic beach bar. Yet, this is certainly not the case. You are more than welcome to pay a visit even if you don’t want to buy a drink.

In saying that, if you are dreaming of lazing on a sun lounger and sipping away at a cocktail as the palms sway above you, Coral Beach is the place to do so as it is home to one of the best beach bars in Dubrovnik.

7. Lokrum

The idyllic island of Lokrum is a little haven that lies a mere 15-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik Old Town. An enchanting islet of wild botanical gardens and free-roaming rabbits and peacocks, it is a blissful oasis just a stone’s throw away from the mainland.

What’s more, Lokrum boasts a beautiful coast that is home to one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. Rocky and rugged, Lokrum Main Beach is a fantastic place to go cliff jumping while FKK Beach on the eastern side of the island is a stunning naturist beach.

There is also a shallow saltwater lake in the centre of the island for those seeking a serene swimming spot. Other highlights of Lokrum Island include a stunning Benedictine Monastery and the mysterious Fort Royal.

Coast of Lokrum
Coast of Lokrum


As if its narrow limestone streets and encircling ancient city walls and fortresses weren’t enchanting enough, the coast of Dubrovnik is adorned with beautiful white pebble shores and turquoise waters. Picture yourself strolling along winding limestone streets with medieval architecture and bustling coffee shops to each side as you make your way to sensational aquamarine shorelines.

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