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The 7 Best Places to Go in Korčula

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Korčula is an island off the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. It is a holiday destination favoured for its natural beauty, incredible wine culture, mouth-watering restaurants and much more.

Whether you are looking to relax on one of the many pristine beaches or get active and explore the historic towns and villages, Korčula has it all. The island offers a romantic setting with its lush backdrop, plus plenty of things to do and see for those travelling with family.

If you plan to visit Korčula, you are most likely wondering about the best places to go. Below are our top recommendations of the top places to visit to help get you started.


To kick start our best places to go in Korčula recommendations, we would highly suggest you take a trip to the stunning island of Mljet. Here you will find vast saltwater lakes and dense, green forests. The island is situated east of Korčula, making it an easy place to go for a day trip.

On the west side of Mljet island, you will find the beautiful national park that is brimming with nature and outdoor pursuits at every turn. If you’re seeking a day full of adventure and exploring, you should take a hike up Montokuc, one of the highest peaks on Mljet. Upon reaching the top of this mighty mountain, you are rewarded with spectacular views of other Croatian islands and the Adriatic Sea.

Mljet island is easy to get to and can be accessed by ferry from Korčula Town. The journey takes around half an hour, with a return boat that will take you back to Korčula in the afternoon.


When travelling from the coast of Split towards Dubrovnik, there is the pretty peninsula of Peljesac that juts out when heading towards Korčula island. Peljesac is mainly famous for its wine offering but has numerous other attractive aspects such as the lovely towns of Orebic, Trpanj and Ston.

The Peljesac peninsula is the second largest in Croatia, displaying incredible coastal views alongside its rugged mountainous backdrop. The most popular beach here is Prapratno, southwest of the town of Ston. This beach offers a long sandy shoreline and is surrounded by towering pine trees, perfect for those visiting with little ones who require shaded areas.

Whether you choose to take in the breathtaking coastline from the peninsula, wander through the many authentic towns or lounge on the relaxing beaches, there is something for everyone in Peljesac.


If you happen to visit the northern coast of Korčula, the quaint village of Racisce is hidden away in the sweeping bay on the island. This little area of Korčula faces the Peljesac Peninsula and is around 12 km from Korčula Old Town.

When visiting Racisce you will find the typical architecture that is displayed around much of the Dalmatian Coast, with authentic Croatian houses and an ancient Church, dating back to 1682. The village is renowned for being a popular fishing place, with many fishermen and sailors going here to grab the catch of the day from the islands surrounding waters.

Several unmade roads and winding paths take you to peaceful vineyards in Racisce, perfect for those seeking a little seclusion on the island. The village sits beneath a large hill that often casts a welcoming shade over the village – perfect for visitors who want to escape the heat and explore at their own pace.

Coast of Korcula

Vela Luka

Vela Luka is located at the western end of Korčula and is the main port for the island’s car ferries to Split and Lastovo. Here you will find a stunning row of 19th-Century houses, surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery.

There are a couple of museums to explore in Vela Luka, combining archaeological elements and artistic collections. If you prefer to spend your time getting active, a trip up Hum Hill will do just the trick. The hill is home to the Habsburg-era fortress, an excellent way to see more of the island’s history, alongside breathtaking coastal views.

For those seeking a day relaxing whilst visiting Vela Luka, you won’t be let down. With several fantastic eateries and bars, you can spend your time here unwinding whilst watching the rest of the world go about their day.


If you have already been to Croatia, you will know that the majority of beaches here are made up of pebbly shores. However, Lambarda boasts two exceptional sandy coves, Przina and Bilin Zal. After a 15-minute bus ride from Korčula Town, you can visit these stretches of paradise and relax under the beaming sun or swim in the crystal clear waters.

For those who would prefer to spend their time in Korčula with a cocktail in hand, there is also a fantastic bar in Lumbarda. Here you can soak up the relaxing atmosphere, live music and incredible views over the harbour. This is the perfect way to truly unwind on this stunning island.

Lumbarda is the best place to go on Korčula for those aiming to spend their time at a slower pace whilst truly relaxing. This idyllic village is renowned for being the oldest settlement on the island and its picturesque setting makes it an excellent location for those who want to soak up the beautiful vistas, consisting of rolling hills and beautiful vineyards.  

Lumbarda on Korcula island

Hvar Island

Hvar is another great place to go when visiting Korčula. It can be reached easily by taking a trip on a beautiful Catamaran, which takes approximately 1 hour. There is however a direct ferry that also departs from Vela Luka on Korčula that takes visitors straight to Hvar.

Being especially popular among those who enjoy a bustling scene, Hvar has plenty of bars and clubs that are great for those who want to spend some time soaking up the party lifestyle in Croatia. Don’t be disillusioned into thinking that this is all that Hvar has to offer though, as there are also many great cafes and ice cream parlours to try here – perfect for those travelling with kids.

If you aim to spend some time exploring Croatia’s coastline, Hvar is a great option. The island has multiple stunning beaches, a vibrant atmosphere, great eateries and bright lavender fields in abundance.

For those who love strolling around ancient towns and villages, Hvar delivers on this front too. There are two main towns on the island, Hvar and Stari Grad. They both offer incredible scenery and that old-world feel that many of the other towns and cities have in Croatia.

Stari Grad is better suited for those who seek tranquillity as it is much quieter than Hvar. It has a beautiful harbour, charming alleys, and stunning bays – everything you could want for a peaceful visit. On the other hand, Hvar Town offers a much livelier environment, with a more modern feel and the hustle of bustle you would expect from a popular tourist destination.  


Smokvica is another quaint village on the island of Korčula and has much to offer for those seeking the best places to go here. It is mainly inhabited by Croatians, allowing visitors to get an authentic feel for Korčula and how the locals live.

Much like the other towns and villages in Korčula, Smokvica is home to some impressive wineries, perfect for those who want to spend their time tasting the multiple wines on offer whilst in a stunning setting.

There are also a couple of gorgeous beaches in Smokvica which tend to display a much quieter atmosphere than others on the island. For those seeking utter seclusion, a trip to Plaza Istruga beach is the ideal option. Here you will find a rocky shoreline that is encompassed by towering trees and shimmering turquoise waters.

A trip to Smokvica is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the busier Korčula Town and allows for a lovely day exploring the tiny village and authentic architecture that surrounds it.


There’s a brilliant range of places to go in Korčula, from ancient historical towns to modern cultural attractions and beautiful surrounding islands. With so many islands to explore and most providing excellent connections to one another, you can spend your time here seeing many of the wonders around Croatia.

For more recommendations on visiting Korčula, why not read our guides to the best time to visit and what to do?

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