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The 6 Best Restaurants in Alcudia

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Whether you’re in search of sampling some traditional delicacies crafted by local families for generations, or you’re looking for an authentic tapas experience (with the best of the island’s wine to pair!) Alcúdia restaurants offer you the taste of real, raw, and completely delicious Mallorcan cuisine.

And even whilst dining in Alcúdia, the beauty of Mallorca’s landscapes and scenic sights aren’t missed. From centuries-old fortresses to famed historic homes, you gain the full experience of Mallorca’s culture whilst dining in some of the best restaurants in Alcúdia.

Throughout its timeline, Spain has been shaped by the assortment of diverse cultures that have left their mark on its lands, dating back as far as the pre-Roman era. Whether it be in the form of architecture, language, art, or, of course, their cuisine, the Iberian Peninsula’s influence from empires across the Mediterranean and beyond has shaped it to be the distinct stronghold as which we all know and love it today.

From the Phoenicians to the Greeks, the Moors and the Carthaginians, Spain’s deep-rooted history of sieges and successive colonisations has meant its culinary development has taken a complex journey. A journey which has now reached what, in our modern day, we would consider being “typically Spanish” cuisine, which, ironically, is largely not Spanish at all.

The country’s sub-regions and island nations have developed their own tastes and cuisines over the centuries. Having also been dominated by ancient empires and colonies, the islands, whilst having similar tastes and culinary traditions to that of the mainland, have created their own unique gastronomic scenes.

Balearic cuisine, in particular, is rich in legumes, cereals, and vegetables, utilising the best of local, fresh and regional produce, including seafood, wines, and cheeses.

As the biggest island in the Balearic isles, Mallorca has developed its own distinct gastronomy, known in its native tongue as ‘Mallorquin’ food. Heavily incorporating pork, seafood, and vegetables, with plenty of oils and seasonings, Mallorca’s cuisine holds the island’s deep-rooted history and rich traditions at its forefront.

Whilst on the island, you can sample any of its most famed to lesser-known dishes, from Arros Brut to Tapas and Tumbet, the island has a host of culinary delights waiting to be discovered during your next adventure, allowing you to savour the sumptuous delicacies of its regional produce.

And the gourmand traveller in Mallorca has much to discover in the north of the island. If you’re in search of Mallorca’s traditional favourites adored by the locals, or looking to sample its 5* cuisine on offer, one of the best places to sample the island’s wealth of gourmet eats is in Alcúdia.

Home to sea-front restaurants and charming local eateries that have been family run for generations, the town of Alcúdia is the perfect place to get a taste of the fares of Mallorca.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best restaurants in Alcúdia, so you can relish the sumptuous tangs, spices and tastes of the Mediterranean for yourself, with an option to suit every budget and preference.

1. Maca de Castro

Maca de Castro has received numerous awards and accolades for its innovative cuisine and use of local ingredients including the award to head chef and owner Macarena de Castro of a Michelin Star and Michelin Green star for Gastronomy & Sustainability. Macarena is a renown chef and has even made a guest appearance on the Spanish version of Celebrity Master Chef.

The menu at Maca de Castro features a range of dishes that draw inspiration from traditional Mallorcan cuisine, as well as international flavours and techniques. The restaurant places a strong emphasis on using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms and producers. Much of the produce comes from the Restaurants own farm in Sa Pobla.

Diners can expect a memorable dining experience at Maca de Castro, with dishes that are beautifully presented and full of flavour. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list featuring a variety of local and international wines.

Overall, Maca de Castro is a highly recommended dining destination for anyone visiting Alcudia or the surrounding area. The restaurant's commitment to quality and creativity in its cuisine makes it a must-visit for foodies and gourmands alike.

Street in Alcudia
Alcudia Old Town

2. Restaurante Mirador de La Victoria

Creating classic and traditional Mallorcan cuisine, Restaurante Mirador de la Victoria serves some of Alcúdia’s most delectable dishes in one of the most picturesque areas of the town.

And only a 15-minute drive from the centre of Alcúdia town, the Mirador de la Victoria restaurant is one of the best options for an evening dining experience, or lunch out. Not only offering you a taste of some of the island’s best cuisine but also some of its most phenomenal landscapes.

Located 150 metres above sea level, be seated in some of Mallorca’s most pristine natural surroundings, with views of the bay of Pollensa and the Sierra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To work off your meal, why not head on over to the neighbouring Ermita de la Victoria, a perfectly preserved 12th-century hermitage located only a stone's throw away from the restaurant? The site offers the prime opportunity to explore one of Alcúdia’s most prominent historical landmarks.

Having been a feature of Alcúdia’s landscape for over 35 years, this restaurant is one of the best neighbouring restaurants of Alcúdia and one of the most delectable eateries in northern Mallorca that you shouldn’t hesitate to sample during your next visit.

Restaurant Mirador de la Victoria is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and is open from 1 pm -3:45 pm and 7 pm-10:30 pm on Wednesdays to Sundays.

3. Basico Gastrobar

One of the best restaurants in the Alcúdia old town is undoubtedly Basico Gastrobar.

Regularly serving fresh seafood and delicious meat and vegetable dishes, as well as tapas sourced from only the finest of local ingredients, this Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine restaurant, is located in the heart of Alcúdia’s old town - one of Alcudia’s most iconic areas.

Enclosed in the town’s historic old walls and down its quaint cobbled streets, Basico Gastrobar offers outdoor and indoor seating on the main street of the old town, so is hard to miss during a visit.

With a contemporary modern decor that incorporates typical Spanish tiling and showcasing the traditional yellow-stoned architecture that is classic of the Alcúdia old town landscape, you can guarantee good, hearty Mediterranean food and a pleasant atmosphere here.

Basico Gastrobar is open from 1 pm to 10 pm from Thursday to Tuesday but is closed on Wednesdays.

Spanish Tapas
Tortilla Tapas

4. Las Sirenas Restaurant

A mouthwatering haven neighbouring Alcúdia port, Restaurante las Sirenas has called Alcúdia its home for over 40 years. The restaurant prides itself on its Mediterranean and European traditional cuisine, as well as its seafood dishes, undoubtedly as fresh as they come given it neighbours the town’s main port.

Locals and visitors alike favour Las Sirenas for its accessibility and convenience. Located a mere 5-minute walk from the port harbour, this restaurant is in on the action in one of the town’s busiest and most thriving areas.

With both open and sheltered outdoor seating as well as indoor seating, planning a visit to Las Sirenas for a meal offers a tranquil experience, away from any main roads and only surrounded by pedestrianised areas.

The restaurant’s interior will also soothe you during your dining experience, with themes of white and blue running throughout in a modern and contemporary fashion. Everything about this eatery is relaxing, perfectly mirroring its neighbouring Mediterranean that you can watch calmly drift along the horizon from the comfort of this restaurant.

For those looking to take a chance on one of Port d’Alcúdia's restaurants, Las Sirenas is open from 12:30 pm until 11 pm on Tuesdays through to Sundays and is closed on Mondays.

Seafood paella
Typical Seafood Paella in Alcudia

5. Restaurant Cellar Ca’n Costa Alcúdia

Taking the title as the oldest restaurant in Alcúdia town, Restaurant Cellar Ca’n Costa has opened its doors to tourists and locals alike since 1983. Since then, it has served hearty Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine that, given the restaurant's longevity, no doubt has satisfied its patrons from near and far for years.

The restaurant is also a family-run business and states that its Mallorcan cuisine served is what really steals the show. Many of Cellar Ca’n Costa’s recipes are handed down from the family’s ancestors, meaning that the dishes you’re served could not be more authentic when it comes to traditional Mallorcan cooking.

And only incorporating the best of natural and seasonal produce from Mallorca, Cellar Ca’n Costa is passionate about creating the best of Mallorcan cuisine using the best of what its lands can offer. Typical items served on the menu may include seafood rice dishes, meat and potato variations, and fresh seafood.

Not only is the history of Cellar Ca’n Costa in its family, but in its building also. Located in the historic centre of Alcúdia, making it one of the many restaurants in Alcúdia old town, Cellar Ca’n Costa is housed in the home of one of the famous Mallorcan Poet and writer Miquel Costa I Llobera, who spent his holidays here.

The house itself dates back to 1594 and embodies the real charm and raw beauty of old-world Spanish architecture. With pink stone walls and a beautiful indoor courtyard lined with shrubbery, you’ll feel like you’re in your own tropical oasis during a visit here.

Restaurant Cellar Ca’n Costa is open from 12:30 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays and is closed on Mondays.

6. The Wine Side Gastrobar

Alcúdia’s port is not short of appetising options for your next bite to eat, but for those looking for a quick nibble or who would consider themselves to be a bit of a wine connoisseur, The Wine Side will definitely pique your interest.

Family run and owned, this gastro bar, which is a firm favourite amongst locals, is just set back in a street neighbouring the Port d’Alcúdia, offering sumptuous tapas and high-quality cuisine, and even more delicious wine options.

Whilst it is more of a bar as opposed to a fully-fledged restaurant, you can happily enjoy a lunch or evening meal here, with plenty of options to choose from on the menu to satisfy your taste buds. The menu largely offers seafood options, but equally accommodates meat lovers with its selection of sustainably sourced meats.

Whilst you won’t have views of the seafront whilst you’re tucking into your repast, what’s so loved about The Wine Side is its typical Spanish and Mediterranean bar feel. With curbside tabletops and parasols lining the cobbled backstreets of Alcúdia, you can unapologetically indulge in good food, alongside good company, here.

For every wine lover and enthusiast, you can sample some of Mallorca and the surrounding peninsula's best wines. Utilising a Coravin Wine System, The Wine Side ensures that its wine served is as fresh as possible. With labels from across the island, Spain, and further afield, you won’t be able to help but indulge in a glass (or two!) whilst stopping at the best of Alcúdia bars and restaurants.

The Wine Side is open from 6:30 pm - 11 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 1:30 pm to 4 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and is closed on Wednesdays.

Red wine
Fine Local Wines of Mallorca

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