Best Tapas in Puerto Pollensa: Where to Go

By vida villas | 28 February 2023 | pollensa

The northern settlement of Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca, straddling the bay of Pollensa and the imposing Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, is one of the island’s most popular coastal towns. Brimming with life, culture, and history, the town has developed its reputation for its beautiful stretches of coastline, and its proximity to some of the island’s most iconic natural attractions. 

But, to those who haven’t visited the town before, what may look like a same-old Mallorcan settlement is actually harbouring some of the north of the island’s most diverse and delectable gastronomic offerings. 

Puerto Pollensa is home to a host of exceptional eateries, some of which have been honing their craft for decades led by families who are experts in creating delicious Mediterranean and Mallorcan eats. Others are modern restaurants with a thriving atmosphere situated in prime positions to savour some of the best views in the town. 

And serving a range of local to international delicacies, you’re guaranteed to be tantalised by one dish or another during your trip here. But, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss sampling during your visit to Puerto Pollensa, it’s the town’s tapas. 

A staple of Spanish cuisine, tapas are the perfect morsels bursting with richness and the delicate flavours of Spanish ingredients and cooking. In Puerto Pollensa, you’ll find some of the best tapas in Mallorca in the town’s breadth of tapas restaurants, bars, and eateries dotted throughout its streets and along its pier front. This means that there are ample opportunities for you to find the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or share an evening meal amongst loved ones during your holiday. 

From cosy tapas bars nestled in Puerto Pollensa’s lively main streets to restaurants boasting exceptional seafront views, you can expect creativity, innovation, and tradition in the hearty tapas dishes that are on these eateries’ menus. 

So, if that’s got your tastebuds tingling, we’ve got you covered with where to go to savour the best tapas in Puerto Pollensa. You’ll be led on a culinary adventure of Mallorca’s tapas scene to unravel the island’s real and raw flavours in these punchy small plates that you have to sample during your next holiday to Mallorca. 

Delicious spanish tapas and beer served on a wooden table.

Tecun Tapas Cocktail Bar

Set a few streets back from the front of Puerto Pollensa, TECUN Tapas and Cocktail Bar is one of Puerto Pollensa's most popular bars that serves exquisite tapas. The patatas bravas are particularly worthy of a mention, alongside the signature cocktails which, when coupled with the bar’s vibrant atmosphere, make for a memorable evening out. 

The bar’s interior is very rustic, with plants adorning its walls and wooden beams, making diners feel as if they’re in the countryside landscapes that surround Puerto Pollensa even whilst seated inside. You can also expect live music on Wednesdays and Fridays, bringing its rustic interior to life in an eruption of song and dance. 

Picture strolling along the waterfront at sunset as your day draws to a close, before walking only a few streets away to tuck into a range of appetising tapas (and cocktails if these also whet your appetite) as you sit along the street front and watch Puerto Pollensa’s nightlife begin to awaken for the perfect end to any day. 

 As one of the best bars in Puerto Pollensa serving some of the most delicious tapas, you can stop by TECUN from 4 pm to 4 am every day of the week to sample this for yourself. 

Los Zarzales

Nestled in the backstreets of Puerto Pollensa, not far from the town’s main promenade, Los Zarzales is a hidden gem for visitors who wouldn’t otherwise know that the restaurant exists given that it is out of plain sight. 

The restaurant offers ample dining space both inside and outside its venue. However, the star of the show when it comes to its dining space is its two outside terraces which are surrounded by beautiful floral plantlife. Here, you can dine in the sunshine amongst the colourful wildlife in the blissful Mediterranean heat for a relaxing culinary experience. 

The restaurant’s menu is small, but rest assured this is a reflection of how this farm-to-table eatery expertly executes its tapas dishes, with a selection of meat, fish, and vegetarian options available to give you a true taste of Mediterranean cuisine. 

As one of the Mallorca restaurants on the north of the island that is well-recognised for its delicious dishes and tapas, you can stop by at Los Zarzales for dinner or supper with its opening times being from 6:30 pm until 10 pm every day, other than Tuesday when the restaurant is closed. 

Tapas bar in Spain. Spanish tapas bar in historical center of Seville at night

La Bodeguita

An authentic Spanish bar situated in the heart of the town, La Bodeguita is a quintessential local bar in Puerto Pollensa that showcases the raw beauty of Mallorca’s foodie scene. 

The fact that this eatery draws plenty of locals through its doors is a great indication of how authentic the food and atmosphere is here at La Bodeguita. The restaurant is raved about for its delicious dishes and drinks at inexpensive prices, meaning you can likely afford to sample a range of its traditional Mallorcan tapas without having to break the bank. 

Whilst from the outside, and on the inside, La Bodeguita may not look like anything particularly impressive or special, this is a telltale sign that a restaurant is an authentic place which appeals to the true culinary scene of Mallorca. Example dishes on the menu include bocadillos, a traditional Spanish sandwich, and a fried small dish known as Pescaito frito, both of which are perfect dishes to pair with a pint of beer or glass of wine in the Mediterranean sunshine. 

Offering exceptional views of the nearby Tramuntana Mountain range, La Bodeguita is set in the bustling centre of town and is one of the best restaurants in Puerto Pollensa serving traditional and authentic tapas without the frills. 

Neptuno Restaurant

Boasting a spacious outdoor seating area with views outwards to the bay of Pollensa and Mallorca’s craggy coastal scape, Neptuno Restaurant is a lovely Mediterranean and Spanish restaurant known for its paella and nautical-themed tapas. 

Favoured amongst families thanks to its prime location and diverse selection of dishes, Neptuno’s is easily identifiable thanks to its nautical theme with buoy accents and decorations. The restaurant itself is family-run, making its service a cut above the rest with its attentive and friendly waiting staff and servers only adding to the eatery’s positive atmosphere. 

Diners who want to savour the bounty of the sea can best do so at this restaurant which prides itself on its delicious seafood dishes. Some of the tapas that visitors can expect to find on the menu include juicy garlic-cooked prawns, a fried seafood selection, alongside spicy patatas bravas and succulent chicken wings. 

With an extensive selection, the only struggle you may have whilst dining here is deciding exactly which of the best tapas in Mallorca you should tuck into first!

Couple of tourists having finger food in cosy place

Restaurant Bar Coral

Restaurant Bar Coral is a warm and welcoming place to sit down and sample a selection of the best tapas in Puerto Pollensa during your holiday. Since its opening in 1969, the establishment has been family-run, with its local owners having a long-standing passion and appreciation for Mallorcan cuisine that they endeavour to share with their guests at Restaurant Bar Coral. 

Interestingly enough, the family that owns the restaurant and bar are related to one of the first families of fishermen ingrained in Puerto Pollensa’s fishing history. And with the eatery being family-run, you’re guaranteed an intimate, welcoming, and attentive service experience as you delve into the sumptuous Mallorcan dishes that the restaurant has on its menu. 

Utilising seasonal and fresh produce, Bar Coral offers a selection of Mallorca’s most prized tapas dishes, from Zarzuela, a delectable Mediterranean seafood stew, to a rich and meaty rabbit stew. These are only a few of the items on the menu that you can expect to taste the authentic flavours of Mallorca’s gastronomy in.  

The eatery is open from 10:30 am until 3:30 pm and 6:45 pm until 11 pm from Monday to Saturday and is a fantastic eatery to experience one of the more traditional Puerto Pollensa restaurants in town. 

Stay Restaurant 

Perched right on the seashore of Puerto Pollensa, with surrounding views of the boats docked in the marina and the cascading mountainous landscape, Stay Restaurant is one of the most picturesque eateries in town offering some of the best tapas in Mallorca. 

Inaugurated in 1972, the restaurant’s avant-garde and modern architectural design and interior catch the eye of all who pass its doors and stay ingrained in the memories of those who dine here long after they’ve finished their last morsel. 

The restaurant prioritises quality and fresh produce, serving Mediterranean, Mallorcan, and wider Spanish cuisine in its selection of lunchtime and a la carte dishes and tasty tapas. 

Served from noon until 6:30 pm, the tapas selection at Stay makes for a lovely option for a lunchtime meal, or for if you’ve worked up an appetite whilst exploring the many sights and scenes of Puerto Pollensa towards the evening. On the menu, you’ll find everything from croquettes to serrano ham, seaman-style squid and fried small peppers, all of which are equally delicious options. 

Stay Restaurant is a cut above the rest when it comes to its architecture and therefore offers a splendid dining environment that makes for a memorable dining experience. And when this is paired with its range of mouth-watering tapas, it leaves you with a lasting impression.


From rustic and family-run eateries serving authentic Mallorcan and Mediterranean cuisine to modern restaurants with spectacular dining settings, Puerto Pollensa is undoubtedly home to its fair share of the most unique and enjoyable eateries serving up some of the best tapas. 

We hope that this blog article has offered you some inspiration and food for thought, if you’ll pardon the pun, when it comes to deciding exactly where you can eat to savour the best tapas in Puerto Pollensa during your next trip to Mallorca. 

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