Calvia Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs

By vida villas | 16 March 2023 | pollensa

Situated in the Mediterranean, Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Renowned for its crystal-blue waters, picturesque beaches, and rich Spanish history and heritage, but that’s not all that this Balearic beauty has developed a reputation for. Mallorca is also famous for its lively and vibrant nightlife scene, which has tourists flocking from around the world. 

The island’s most popular locations for clubbing and partying, such as Palma or Santa Catalina, may spring to mind first for those considering where to go to experience the best of nightlife in Mallorca. But, the town, and municipality, of Calvia is a surprising and unsuspecting destination that travellers in search of a good night out in Mallorca should not leave off of their list. 

The town of Calvia is one of the best destinations to experience Mallorcan and Spanish nightlife. Located in the Southwest of the island, there are excellent bars and lively lounges in the heart of this historic settlement. And within its municipality, Calvia is home to world-class clubs with electric atmospheres that embody the real essence of Mallorcan nightlife and allow its visitors to experience its contagious energy. 

Both Calvia’s town and municipality are home to an assortment of bars and clubs, each with its own unique characteristics and charm, and that are collectively suited to a range of budgets and preferences. If a low-key night out is more to your taste, or a party until the sun rises is right up your street, then Calvia will have something for you. 

In this blog, our team here at Vida Villas have highlighted the must-visit bars and clubs in Calvia. Here, we have no doubts that visitors can experience Mallorca’s nightlife at its finest in venues that stand out from the crowd. From buzzing clubs to relaxed beach bars, Calvia has enough to engage and entice all those in search of a great night out. 

Whatever you’re in search of, prepare yourself to find out exactly what’s in store for you as the sun sets in Calvia. 

Bar Sa Societat

Located in the heart of Calvia town, Bar Sa Societat is a traditional Spanish bar where visitors can get a taste of what the local nightlife scene is all about. Offering an inviting, cosy, and calm atmosphere, it's known for being a convenient spot where patrons can pop in for a drink, at an affordable price. Equally, visitors can spend their evenings simply soaking in the ambience whilst sitting in this bar, surrounded by locals in its authentic setting.

The bar is known for having an extensive selection of wines on its wine list, with a range of Spanish bottles from various regions, making it a firm favourite amongst wine lovers looking to sample the local produce. The interior of Bar Sa Societat is homey, with wooden details and exposed tiled flooring, as well as modern accents, it's a lovely establishment open to all those in favour of experiencing Calvia’s nightlife.

The bar's central location also makes it a hit amongst visitors looking to explore the local nightlife in one night. Situated along Calvia town’s main street, it is close to the settlement’s other popular bars, eateries, and attractions, making it all the more convenient for those looking to extend their nights by exploring the full extent of Calvia nightlife. 

So, whether you’re looking for a location to hang out with friends and family or to simply soak in the atmosphere of a traditional and authentic local bar, Bar Sa Societat offers a fun night out to all those who walk through its doors. 

Bar Rosita's

A popular local establishment, Bar Rosita’s is a lively bar with a charming atmosphere that offers a real nightlife experience of Calvia. 

A traditional Spanish establishment, Bar Rosita’s features exposed brick, wooden timber beams in its ceilings, and local pictures and meaningful photos adorning its walls. Warm and welcoming, the bar is a hit amongst locals in particular. But, for tourists, it's more than welcoming, allowing those looking to experience a true Mallorcan establishment to do so. 

Bar Rosita’s serves up a selection of local and imported drinks, from beers and ales to wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages, all at a reasonable price we may add. The bar is, therefore, more than affordable, and its friendly and embracing bar staff make it an even more tempting option for a night out in Calvia. 

During the evenings, Bar Rosita’s is a fantastic location to gather with friends and family over good drinks and lively music or to mingle with the locals. The establishment is known for hosting great parties, and live music can be expected on occasion. With indoor and outdoor seating, it's a versatile setting to have a drink amongst others looking to have an enjoyable night out. 

Green Hills Disco

Located only a 10-minute drive from the centre of Calvia town, Green Hills Disco is a vibrant nightclub in the heart of Calvia’s municipality. 

The disco is known for leaving its patrons with a memorable experience of the nightlife in Calvia, and for offering one of the best nights out in the south of the island. Even from outside its doors, Green Hills Disco can be said to appear as though it offers an electric atmosphere to its guests. With neon signs illuminating the night sky, and LED’s lighting its dance floors and bar, it's no wonder it draws visitors from all around to spend a night, or more, here. 

Playing an assortment of different genres of music, from R&B to hip-hop and house music, the clubs DJ’s play a range of popular anthems and other excellent songs to keep guests entertained from the evening until the early hours. 

Across its range of dance floors, guests at Green Hills Disco have ample space and opportunity to dance the night away and enjoy their evenings amongst friends, locals, and tourists. Equally, the house bar offers a range of drinks, including beers and ales, cocktails, wines, and spirits to quench your thirst throughout the evening. 

To experience clubbing in Spain at its best on this Balearic island, Green Hills Disco is an amicable option with great music and an even better atmosphere.  

BCM Mallorca

South of Palma Nova, only a short 11-minute drive from the centre of Calvia town, lies BCM Mallorca. This thriving disco club has been a hit with party lovers since it opened. Now one of the most sought-after and popular nightclubs in the Balearic islands, it offers exceptional music and an unbeatable atmosphere. This has no doubt earned it its reputation as one of the most premium nightclubs in Calvia, and Mallorca. 

The establishment’s high-energy atmosphere is contagious. It has several rooms with dance floors, each blasting a different music genre through its amazing sound system, and fantastic laser and light show displays. This, alongside the nightclub’s fantastic patrons, has contributed to the establishment hosting some of the most exhilarating parties in Spain. With regular events including paint and foam parties, as well as themed evenings, filling up the calendar of this popular nightclub, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience no matter the time you visit.

BCM Mallorca also features an exclusive VIP area, where guests can enjoy private tables for their own use, and bottle service, to have a more indulgent experience at this popular nightclub. 

Not only this but BCM Mallorca is centred in Magaluf, one of Mallorca’s most renowned party towns. This means that a night out here can be made even better thanks to its proximity to a host of other reputable and popular Magaluf bars and clubs. A nightlife experience at this establishment is a party lovers’ paradise, therefore, thanks to its exhilarating environment and convenience for experiencing other bars and nightclubs of Mallorca. 

Es Trinxet Tapas and Bar

Es Trinxet Tapas and Bar is a small and cosy establishment located in the centre of Calvia. Open until the early hours, this bar and tapas eatery is a charming spot that is regularly vacated by locals and tourists thanks to it offering an authentic Spanish atmosphere and taste of Mallorca. 

The bar serves up a more than appetising range of drinks, including local wines, impressive cocktails, and beers. Patrons can either savour this selection indoors in the bar’s traditional interior or outside at seated at its outdoor tables where you can soak up the last few rays of sunshine before commencing the start of an exciting night out in Calvia. 

The rustic interior and relaxed atmosphere here make it popular amongst all those who set foot through its doors. The highlight of Es Trinxet has to be its outdoor seating area, which boasts beautiful views of the charming town square, which is the perfect location to gather with friends, family, or a special someone, to have a pleasant start to any evening. 

A lovely Mallorcan bar in a prime central location in Calvia, Es Trinxet is one of our favourite authentic settings that we encourage you to visit at least once during your next stay here. 

Siso Beach

Situated between Palma Nova and Magaluf in the east of the municipality of Calvia, Siso beach is a thriving beach club and bar that features stylish and modern interiors and a lively atmosphere. Located right beside the shoreline of Calvia beach, its setting offers one of the most picturesque of Calvia’s bars and clubs, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding coastal landscape.

The best of Mallorca beach bars and Calvia’s beach club scene can be experienced here. Siso Beach offers a balance between a tranquil beach bar setting and a booming beachfront establishment that has its guests longing to come back for more. 

Siso Beach’s tables and chairs line the pier front bordering the golden swathes of the shoreline of Calvia beach. This offers a blissful moment to its guests, who can sit with a mouthwatering cocktail or other beverage to revel in the gorgeous seafront views. 

This beach bar also offers live music events and DJs, who keep its guests entertained during the summer season, and keep the party vibe alive even after the sun has set. And even if more hardcore partying isn’t for you, the chic interior and decor of Siso Beach give it a lovely ambience that makes it highly popular for a chilled social gathering or relaxed evening. 

So, when it comes to the coolest clubs and bars in Calvia, Siso Beach makes the list thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful location that makes it suited to all tastes and preferences.


We hope that this blog post has given you the inspiration you need for your next adventure to Mallorca, and to experience the best nightlife in Spain. From electric beach bars with phenomenal views to more charming traditional establishments in prime central locations in Calvia, there’s a wealth of choices on offer, and we’ve listed a handful above for you to choose from. 

If the bar and club scene in Calvia sounds like it is up your street, you’ll need a place to stay for the duration of the time that you’re partying, drinking, and indulging in the breadth of nightlife experiences that this part of the island has to offer. That’s why, here at Vida Villas, we have a selection of handpicked villas in Calvia and its surrounding area to make your trip here a reality. 

Our team members are also on hand to offer their expert advice and to help meet your every need, and want, for your holiday. You can contact them now to get the ball rolling and draw your Calvia nightlife experience and holiday ever closer.