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Cycling in Puerto Pollensa: The Best Routes and Itineraries

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Home to some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world, Europe is a splendid destination in which you can hit the road with your trusty two-wheeled companion and explore some of the most striking natural landscapes, captivating settlements, and blissful coastal regions.

Despite cycling not being everyone’s cup of tea, the leisure activity has long been one of the best ways to get to grips with a new destination, and to have the opportunity to take in its sights, sounds, and scenes at your own pace.

Whilst the continent boasts numerous famed and fascinating cycling routes, there’s one island on its map that truly stands out from the crowd and is worthy of a particular mention - Mallorca.

This popular island paradise has been a known cycling destination for decades, noted even by the most esteemed journalists as one of the ‘greatest destinations in the world for cycling’. So, this Balearic gem not only sees many tourists flocking to its shores to savour its pristine beaches, delectable cuisine, and dynamic nightlife scenes, but it equally attracts many tourists looking to sample Mallorca cycling routes.

With weather that rarely falters, boasting around 300 days of golden sunshine every year, and some of the most fantastic terrains to both entice and challenge every level of cyclist, we’re not surprised by all of the attention it so deservingly gets.

Offering some of the best of the island’s variety of cycling routes, with nearby areas of astonishing natural beauty, Puerto Pollensa is a charming Northern coastal town that has developed a reputation to be one of Mallorca’s havens for cyclists.

So, for anyone seeking to sample the best cycling routes in Mallorca, Puerto Pollensa would be our recommendation. But, if you don’t know where to begin, in this guide we’ve listed the Puerto Pollensa cycling routes that you certainly cannot afford to miss.

Boasting charming town visits sighting glorious Spanish architecture, ancient fortresses straddling verdant hillsides, and towering mountain range routes where you’ll be in awe at the panoramas on offer, cycling in Puerto Pollensa offers an immersive experience in which you can truly savour the island’s splendours in their full glory.

Lluc Sanctuary
Monastery at Lluc

1. Lluc Sanctuary

Taking roughly 1 and a quarter hours to reach by bike from Puerto Pollensa, Lluc Monastery, also known as Lluc Sanctuary, is the most important holy site on the island of Mallorca. It makes for a blissful day out exploring Mallorca’s interior and experiencing its craggy mountainous regions, with the route equating to 26 km via the most direct route (the Ma-10) one way.

The monastery itself is located at the edge of the Tramuntana mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretching 90 km across the Northeast to Southwest of the island. The climb up to the sanctuary is a steep one, so you should be warned that it may be a more physically enduring day out compared to other Puerto Pollensa cycling routes.

However, once you’ve gained some height, the temperature is much milder, which is just what you need as you venture on your two wheels up to see this ancient monastery. Enveloped in the surrounding mountain range, and verdant greenery, the Sanctuary offers a tranquil and authentic insight into Mallorca’s religious culture.

Lluc Monastery is breathtaking, both inside and out. Founded in the 13th century, its interiors have been perfectly preserved, with ornate and decorative golden walls and paintings lining its chapel, and picturesque views of the surrounding mountain range and stretching valley below.

Its grounds also have plenty of facilities and other sites to visit whilst you’re there, including a botanical garden trail, several eateries, and even a souvenir shop. Should you wish to spend the night here, there are also several establishments you can vacate to soak in Lluc Sanctuary for longer than a quick pit stop before you descend back to Puerto Pollensa.

2. Cap de Formentor

Located to the Northeast of Puerto Pollensa is Cap de Formentor. This is the northernmost point of the island of Mallorca, where the Tramuntana mountain range meets the Mediterranean sea.

This destination offers unrivalled views onto the horizon of the Mediterranean and also inland looking over the imposing Tramuntana mountain range, and is well worth a venture up on two wheels to soak in its surrounding vistas.

Taking roughly an hour by bike, this is one of the cycling routes in Mallorca that is often considered to be more challenging, particularly at the beginning and end of its stretch. However, its route is one of the most convenient from Puerto Pollensa, offering one long journey along the Ma-2210 road. Whilst you may face some difficult ascents, the magnificent views along the route make it all worthwhile.

The 15.5km route features snaking roads encompassed by towering mountainous landscapes. You’ll reach around 200 metres above sea level on your journey before reaching the Cap de Formentor, which towers 384m above sea level.

Once you’ve reached Cap Formentor, and you’ve taken in its breathtaking surroundings, you can continue cycling to its lighthouse. The Cap Formentor Lighthouse is active and the highest in the Balearic islands, right at the edge of Cap de Formentor.

In the lighthouse, you’ll find Cafeteria Far Formentor. Serving a variety of drinks and snacks, including savoury delicacies and sweet pastries, as well as desserts, you can relax after your Mallorca cycling adventure and savour some of the most spectacular views of the North Mallorcan coast before heading back.

Cap de Formentor
Views from road to Cap de Formentor

3. Campanet

Should you be looking to explore Mallorca’s beautiful inland settlements, you should consider one of the Puerto Pollensa cycle routes on offer which takes you to the town of Campanet.

Taking roughly an hour and 10 minutes one way and being just over 23 km from Puerto Pollensa, Campanet is a quaint Mallorcan settlement nestled in the foothills of Mallorca’s countryside. Its location offers stunning views of the surrounding Mallorcan interior landscape, as well as outwards to the Mediterranean.

It is less-discovered by visitors and presents an opportunity to glimpse traditional life in Mallorca away from tourist influence. The town has built its reputation over the years in leather goods and agriculture, which continues to this day.

If you’re visiting on a Tuesday, the town hosts its weekly market, selling fresh produce, artisanal goods, and other essential items, which is open from 9 am until 2 pm. So, should you want to spend your Tuesday morning cycling in Puerto Pollensa onwards to Campanet, you’ll be met with delicious foods, intriguing craft items, and other intriguing goods on your arrival.

During this route, you’ll also pass through Pollensa, offering the perfect opportunity to explore this famed and favourite North Mallorcan town, either as you pass through on your way, or on your journey back. This ancient town is enveloped by the verdant Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca’s interior, alongside beautiful fincas and lush farmland.

Whilst visiting, expect picturesque cobbled streets and an array of fabulous eateries offering alfresco dining and the perfect spot to people-watch as the world goes by. The town is a relaxing and enticing place to visit and to make the most of the cycling routes in Mallorca on offer.

Street in Alcudia
Alcudia Old Town

4. Alcudia and Santuari de La Victoria

Puerto Pollensa is located at the northernmost point of Pollensa bay, but to its south, you’ll find an equally beautiful hotspot worthy of a visit during your next trip to Mallorca, which just so happens to be easily accessible by bike.

Santuari de La Victoria, also known as Hermitage Ermita de la Victoria, is a former Heritage located on the southernmost tip of Pollensa bay, located nearby the charming North-Mallorcan town of Alcudia.

Built into the scenic mountain landscapes to the East of Alcudia town, it boasts a secluded getaway, far from tourism on the island. This has allowed it to remain practically untouched for decades, preserving its charm and striking beauty. Expect unrivalled views outwards to Pollensa bay from the hermitage’s fantastic vantage point, and the opportunity to explore its delightfully quaint chapel.

You can reach the hermitage by bike in roughly an hour from Puerto Pollensa, if you take the route along the Ma-220 parallel to the bay of Pollensa, guaranteeing some of the most visually stunning cycling routes you’ve ever been on.

Along your way, should you wish to explore more of Mallorca’s traditional settlements, you can visit Alcudia. Roughly 29 minutes into your journey to the hermitage, this popular resort town boasts a gorgeous beachfront, an ancient old town featuring impressive mediaeval walls, and traditional eateries galore.

Should you have the time, we’d recommend factoring in a visit to this area to get a glimpse of another part of the north of Mallorca which actively contributes to its overall attractiveness and charm.

5. Sa Calobra

A trendy cycling route amongst locals and tourists alike, the journey from Puerto Pollensa cycling to Sa Calobra allows you to experience this small Mallorcan port village and appreciate the arduous climb that it takes to reach its splendours.

Sa Calobra’s climb is arguably one of the most famous Mallorca cycling routes. However, it is highly challenging so we would not recommend it to be attempted by those without cycling experience. The route winds and twists through craggy mountain tops, with challenging hairpin bends and sheer and strenuous uphill climbs. It also has many phrases, each with its own unique struggles.

You’ll climb some 685m above sea level to reach the top of Sa Calobra itself, before descending to its coastline. Here, you’ll begin the real climb back up to the peak. Be sure to pace yourself during this ride, as it’s one of the most strenuous on the island, but this is what truly makes it so rewarding.

You’ll encounter the beautiful village of Sa Calobra, alongside spectacular panoramic vistas, and miraculous turquoise ports by the sea during this journey, showcasing a myriad of the natural wonders on offer nearby Puerto Pollensa.  

The route itself takes around three hours and 20 minutes to reach from Puerto Pollensa (roughly spanning 48km) and takes a further 9.5km to finish as you work your way back up the mountaintop, before making your way back.

Though not for the faint of heart, Sa Calobra’s climb is one of the most iconic in Mallorca and makes for an unforgettable day out whilst cycling in Puerto Pollensa.

Sa Calobra
Winding Road Down to Sa Calobra


With a wealth to offer its visitors who care to uncover its diverse landscapes on two wheels, cycling in Puerto Pollensa is truly a paradise. Its surrounding areas make for the perfect day out to get an authentic taste of Mallorca and to truly immerse yourself in its wonders up close.

From defeating towering mountain ranges to reaching major pilgrimage sites, and exploring historic backstreets of some of the island’s most charming towns, you’re never short of options to choose from here for cycling in Puerto Pollensa.
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