Port D’Alcúdia Nightlife: The 7 Best Bars and Clubs

By vida villas | 28 February 2023 | pollensa

Port D’Alcúdia is a lively town located on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. Along with being famed for its golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters, this picturesque holiday destination also boasts a fantastic nightlife scene.

Whether you're looking to have a relaxing night out with family or an unforgettable party with friends, Port D'Alcudia has something for everyone. Wanting to take it easy by spending the evening chatting at a chilled-out bar? Head to the marina area where you will find a wonderful range of places to choose from. 

The Irish bars are known to be a particularly great place to spend an understated evening. Here you’ll find live music, a relaxed atmosphere and a range of friendly locals and tourists. However, the party animals are just as well catered for as any other night owl in this town. 

The Banana Club has an electric atmosphere and hosts events throughout the summer. Expect to find DJs blasting all of your favourite tunes out all through the night.

Investigating all of the buzzing bars, pubs and clubs is one of the best things to do in Port D’Alcudia so you simply have to check out the nightlife during your stay. With so many places to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin planning your evening.

To ease the decision-making process and help you find the nightlife perfect spots for you, we have put together a list of the best bars and clubs in Port D’Alcudia.

  1. Bananas Disco Complex

Banana Disco Complex is one of the best clubs in Mallorca, nevermind Alcudia. The trendy spot is located less than a ten-minute drive from the port and throws over 50 themed parties every summer, with at least two taking place a week. 

If you fancy hitting up this joint, you can purchase a ticket online before making your way down there. This will not only secure you priority access but a free drink of your choosing!

 The menu is varied at this spot including beers, cocktails and softs. It is the perfect place to head for those craving a big blowout with friends and family. However, it can also be a great nightlife destination for couples looking to let loose and spend the evening dancing the night away.

When it comes to music, Banana Disco Club offers something for any and all tastes. The resident DJ time specialises in everything from warm Latin rhythms to electric beats. The events themselves vary greatly. 

To give you a flavour of the kinds of things to expect, picture the likes of boat parties and neon discos. Bananas Disco Club is a fantastic place to head out to boogie until the sun rises as it is the beating heart of the nightlife in Alcudia.

  1. Dollar Street 

Dollar Street is one of the most popular places to go in Alcudia at night. The area is home to a host of pubs and bars that cater to every type of partygoer, from those heading for a big night out on the town to families looking for a chilled-out evening with the little ones. 

Also known as Pedro Mas Y Reus, the buzzing strip serves up entertainment in all forms including karaoke bars, spots with live music and pubs hosting quiz nights. If we were to get specific, Goodfellas is one of the best bars in Alcudia.

With a warm and friendly atmosphere, no one could feel out of place at this spot! Goodfellas Music Bar is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike which keeps the atmosphere friendly and relaxed.

What’s more, you can expect your drink to be of excellent quality as the joint specialises in cocktails. The menu features all of the classics as well as unique twists. The establishment also hosts quiz nights which create an evening of fun for those of all ages. 

Vamps Karaoke Disco is another wonderful place to head on Dollar Street. Spend the evening belting out all of your favourite tunes and dancing along while others take the stage.

  1. The Marina Area

If you’re wondering what to do in Alcudia in the evening, you cannot go wrong by heading to the marina area. On top of being home to the Bananas Disco complex, you will also find a plethora of bars in this part of town that range from chilled-out pubs to lively bars and clubs. 

For those looking for things to do in Alcudia at night, the marina area is a great place to start. Not only is it home to the Bananas Disco complex, but you'll also find a variety of bars in this part of town, ranging from chill pubs to lively clubs. For a low-key evening with friends or family, there are several Irish bars where you can relax and chat the night away.

If you’re looking for a nice place to eat and start the evening, you are sure to be impressed by the range of restaurants in Port D’Alcudia marina.

Many serve up exceptional tapas and seafood dishes made with locally caught fish, along with a wonderful selection of wines, beers and cocktails. This is where you will find some of the best restaurants in Alcudia!

No matter where you go in Alcudia Marina, you’ll be met with stunning views. Sip away at your beverage of choice, as the azure waters of the Balearic Sea lap to your side, creating the most enchanting setting. 

  1. Shamrock Irish Bar

Shamrock Irish Bar is one of the most popular bars in Port D’Alcudia. Located along the bustling Dollar Street, the lively spot offers a cosy, warm atmosphere and a great selection of drinks and pub grub. Expect to find a wide variety of beers, ciders and spirits, as well as a lengthy cocktail menu. 

Its chilled-out and inviting ambience creates the perfect setting for catching up with friends or making new ones. The Shamrock Irish Bar is also a wonderful choice for sports lovers as it often features matches and tournaments on its big-screen televisions. 

Don’t miss out on a big game or keep up with your favourite team, with a pint at this vibrant establishment. Also catering to music lovers, the bar showcases local singers during summer weekends who play live music for guests. 

Sip away at your favourite drink while taking in the buzz of this popular spot in the company of locals and fellow tourists. It is worth noting that the Guinness at the Shamrock Irish Bar is said to be fantastic, so consider ordering a pint of this creamy beverage during your visit.

  1. Magaluf Party Bus

For those of you crazy cats who are really in the mood for a party, why not head to one of the most iconic resorts in the nightlife game, Magaluf? A party bus runs from the town every Wednesday, leaving at around 8 pm and returning in the early hours of 6 am. 

As the nightlife capital of Mallorca, the clubs in Magaluf are on a completely different level. Tick off some of the best clubs in Spain, while visiting this famous site. You’ll be met with streets lined full of bars and clubs and plenty of drinks served at very tempting prices. 

Choose between establishments hosting some of the biggest DJs in the game, neon-lit bars and booming disco clubs. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to hit up first.

Are you looking to have the space to let loose and strut yourself on the dancefloor or keep it low-key by bobbing away to techno beats? No matter your muse, prepare to be left blown away by the nightlife scene in Magaluf on your Alcudia holiday.

  1. La Nit Music Bar

Hitting up La Nit Music Bar is another of the top nightlife spots in the port of Alcudia. You’ll find this buzzing establishment in the heart of the town. The bar serves up live music and a party atmosphere that makes it a fantastic place to head in the evening. 

Its stage has hosted some of the biggest and best local and international musicians, DJs and performers. The genres range from classic rock and pop to house and techno, so you are sure to find some artists that take your fancy. 

Even better, you’ll be able to spend the whole evening dancing away to the sound of their music on La Nit’s spacious dancefloor. After working up a sweat, you can peruse the drinks list on which you’ll find a fantastic selection of spirits, cocktails and beers. 

Feeling peckish after busting those movies? Check out the food menu and order some tasty snacks that will provide the perfect energy boost to keep you going for the rest of the night. 

Dancing in Club
  1. Menta Disco Club

For those of you still seeking some inspiration for things to do in Alcudia at night, Menta Disco Club is another terrific spot. The sound of the world's latest hits is guaranteed to be reverberating off the walls at this spectacular haunt. 

One of the most exciting features of Menta Disco Club is its terrace swimming pools where you can pop for a refreshing dip while catching your breath from the dancefloor. You will also find seven exclusive bars in the establishment. 

So, you are unlikely to find yourself queuing for long at this spot. Along with hosting major DJ events, national and international musicians often perform at Menta Disco Club, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers.

So, for those of you planning to check out the best nightclubs in Alcudia, be sure to set aside a night for boogying in Menta Disco Club. 


From electrifying nightclubs to karaoke bars, there is never a dull moment in Port D’Alcudia. Whether you’re in the mood for a low-key evening with pals or a night of non-stop dancing, this is certainly the place to be. 

While we have included our top recommendations, this barely scratches the surface of the fantastic nightlife in the area. Delving into the party scene is one of the best things to do in Alcudia. 

So, you best pack your dancing shoes and be prepared to grab a drink while exploring the nightlife of the area! Delivering sun, sea and party, this town is more than just a pretty face and offers so much to do on a Mallorca holiday.

Looking to explore the nightlife of Port D’Alcudia for yourself and looking for somewhere to stay? Our beautiful villas in Port D’Alcudia make wonderful places to base yourself while seeing the sights of the city. Get in touch to tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you plan the most sensational trip possible to this Mallorcan paradise.