Walks in Alcudia: The Best Routes and Itineraries

By vida villas | 1 March 2023 | pollensa

Alcudia is a beautiful little port town on the island of Mallorca in Spain. Its picturesque seafront, excellent beaches and calm atmosphere make it ideal for anyone seeking a relaxing break. This is also a popular spot on the island for families as the resort has plenty of things to do for a range of itineraries. 

From mouthwatering restaurants to stylish shops and quaint cafes, there is something for everyone in Alcudia. Whether you’re hoping to spend your time here relaxing by the sea, or uncovering all that the town has to offer, you are sure to be impressed during your stay. 

For those looking to get out and active, there are also some great walks in Alcudia. The routes here vary in difficulty, making them ideal for a range of travellers and abilities. If you’re hoping to learn more about the best trails, keep reading as we have put together some of the top spots below!

Penya del Migdia

To start our list of the best places to walk in Alcudia, Penya del Migdia is considered to be a moderately challenging route. The 2.5-mile there-and-back trail takes hikers away from the crowds and into Mallorca’s natural beauty. 

Begin your voyage at the Ermita de la Victoria where you will find car parking spaces. Make your way to the Penya viewpoint to take in the breathtaking views across the Mallorcan landscapes. Once you have marvelled from 354 metres above sea level, you will then continue to the top of the route. 

Upon reaching the highest point, visitors can check out the iron cannon directing you towards the ancient lookout post. It was positioned here back in 1630, providing a great way to soak up some of the history and heritage of Alcudia.

For outstanding vistas, exceptional landscapes and a spot of history, a hike up Penya del Migdia will certainly do the trick! 

Talaia d'Alcúdia Loop from Mal Pas

Another great route for those seeking some walking in Alcudia is the Talaia d’Alcudia loop from Mal Pas. The 8.7-mile hike is a great way to explore more of the area, all whilst enjoying the magnificent views along the way. This trek is known for being challenging at times, with intermediate hiking experience needed alongside a good level of fitness. 

Whilst enjoying all that the Talaia d’Alcudia loop has to offer, you will also find some access paths along the way. This makes it easier to navigate in some parts, however, be careful to watch your step and remain steady throughout the route. 

For those staying in Alcudia and surrounding areas, the Talaia d’Alcudia loop from Mal Pas is also easy to reach as you can access the starting point by public transport. This provides an ideal trail for anyone visiting here without transportation. 

There are several incredible viewpoints to check out through the Talaia d’Alcudia loop from Mal Pas. Be sure to spend some time marvelling over Port de Pollenca, Ermita de la Victoria, and many more. With so much to see during this hike, there is no better way to see Alcudia’s beautiful surroundings than by getting out and exploring. 

View from Talaia D'Alcudia


If you’re seeking a reward at the end of your hike, then the route to Alcanada is the one for you. The trail finishes at Alcanada beach which presents magnificent coastal views and a lovely stretch of pebbled shores. This charming spot also offers plenty of greenery and pretty landscapes, ideal for those looking to sit back and relax after making their way here. 

Just 2 miles from Alcudia, this walk is a great way to explore for those who don’t want to go too far. Plus, this quaint part of Mallorca is ideal for anyone hoping to dodge the crowds. You won’t find any bars, restaurants or shops here, providing a great contrast for those looking to escape the tourist spots. 

For a chance to soak up Alcudia’s beautiful scenery in a peaceful setting, a walk to Alcanada is a great choice. 

Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is a popular cycling destination in Mallorca. The dramatic coastline and rugged scenery along the course provide the perfect backdrop for those hoping to spend some time outdoors. Visitors can hike from Alcudia to Cap de Formentor along a 22-mile out-and-back route. 

The trail is considered to be moderately challenging, so a good fitness level is required. You can also drive and bike this route, a great alternative for those hoping to soak up the views without putting in too much leg work! 

Be sure to check out the Formentor lighthouse when partaking in the hike from Alcudia to Cap de Formentor, as well as stopping off along the path to immerse yourself in the lovely scenery. This is a great way to explore more of what the area has to offer, alongside a chance to experience Mallorca’s natural beauty. 

La Victoria

Begin your journey to La Victoria from Alcudia as you follow the road to Mal Pas. Upon reaching Mal Pas, stroll along the marina where you can take in the pretty coastal scenery and bright blue water. From here you will head along Victoria road to I’lllot. 

As you continue up the hill to La Victoria, guests find themselves amazed by the breathtaking coastline and views out to sea. There is a narrow path up the mountain and a left turn to the base of Migdia Cliff. From here you will begin the climb to the top where you will be rewarded with outstanding panoramic views. 

When choosing to hike La Victoria, visitors can take in beautiful vistas across the Bay of Pollensa and the Cape of Formentor. It is also possible to spot the island of Menorca on a clear day, providing the best way to see much of this stunning part of Spain. 

Camí de l'Hort dels Moros

The Cami de l’Hort dels Moros walk is a great way to experience the old paths of Alcudia, alongside much of the natural landscapes. You will make your way through pine forests and along the coast, allowing for excellent views out to sea. 

Start your voyage at the Carretera de Bastio de Santa Maria in Alcudia, and from here head towards the Morer Vermell. Once you have explored all that the town has to offer, take the Cami de l’Hort dels Moros past the Tito Cittadini road. As you adventure through lovely forests and farm fields, be sure to spend some time soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. 

Once you have reached Mal Pas, you will want to take the second road on the right at the crossroads towards Coll Baix. You will need to join the Cami de s’Alou route which displays a small hill towards the highest point of the hike. Once you reach the top, marvel over the breathtaking views of Port d’Alcudia, before heading down towards the centre of the town. 

This path then loops you back into Alcudia, along the street of Jaume II and back to where you began. The journey across Cami de l’Hort dels Moros is perfect for anyone hoping to explore the wildlife, all whilst taking in some beautiful landscapes along the way. 

Playa des Coll Baix Loop from Alcúdia

The Playa des Coll Baix loop from Alcudia is known for being one of the trickier trails in the area. A high level of fitness is required, alongside good hiking equipment, and experience. With this in mind, the best way to explore this route is by partaking in a trekking tour, this way visitors can experience all that the walk has to offer in the safety of a skilled guide. 

This hike is around 11.6 miles and displays magnificent landscapes, exceptional scenery and many of the natural wonders surrounding Alcudia. It is the perfect way to spend your time here, as you get out and experience all that the island has to offer. 

Starting at the bus station in Alcudia, you will make your way along the route towards Vistas de la peninsula. Here you can take in the rugged hillsides, alongside pretty views of the sea in the distance. Continue your journey towards Talaia d’Alcudia for more highlights and breathtaking terrains. 

At around 4.5 miles, you will approach the Talaia d’Alcudia, the perfect place to enjoy more of the stunning coastline and raw, natural beauty. As you continue along the Playa des Coll Baix loop, you will pass through Playa des Coll Baix as you make your way back to the bus station in Alcudia where you began. 

With so many impressive highlights along the Playa des Coll Baix loop, it is one walking route in Alcudia not to be missed!


Approximately 4 miles from Alcudia is the Pont dels Anglesos. Here you will find the entrance to the stunning S'Albufera Natural Park. This is the perfect walk for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts, and should certainly be on your list when exploring here. The park is a special protection site for birds, alongside an area of international importance, making it a must-visit destination for many. 

You can wander through the beautiful national park where you will find many trails for a range of abilities. This is a great place to explore with the whole family as you can make your trek as long or as short as you like. 

With more than two hundred species of birds throughout the park, a trip to S’Albufera also provides the perfect opportunity to see more of Mallorca’s wildlife. You will also find an abundance of flora and fauna here, allowing for pretty terrains as you make your way along the trails. For a day full of magnificent scenery, beautiful landscapes and much of Alcudia’s natural beauty, a trip here will certainly do the trick! 

Alcudia Old Town

If you’re hoping to enjoy more of a gentle stroll whilst visiting Alcudia, a trip to the Old Town is the perfect way to do just that. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island and has plenty to offer in terms of charm and scenery. 

Stroll through the Porta Del Moll, an ancient entrance to the Old Town and prepare to be transported back in time. There are some great sights worth visiting here, be sure to check out the Church of Sant Jaume, the C’an Library and the Town Hall. 

Alcudia Old Town is the perfect way to explore more of the area without having to go too far. What's more, guests can learn about the history and heritage of this beautiful part of Mallorca when visiting here. 


We hope that after reading this article you can now visit Alcudia with all of the best walking routes in mind. From stunning coastal scenery to peaceful winding trails, you will find something for all when staying here. The town also has plenty to offer for those seeking an evening meal and glass of wine, or perhaps a stroll with the little ones. Whatever type of break you’re looking for, you will find it in Alcudia. 

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