Where to Stay in Mallorca: How to Choose the Best Area

By vida villas | 7 February 2023 | pollensa

From its glistening turquoise bays to its bustling sandstone strongholds, the Balaeric island of Mallorca is a stunning location filled with the fascinating heritage and culture of Spain that continues to intrigue travellers from across the globe each year, drawing them to its shores.

Whether it’s the island’s beautiful beachfront, buzzing central cities, thriving nightlife scenes, or vast natural landscapes that catch your eye, Mallorca’s diversity means you’ll find that you’ll never experience the same thing twice. 

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best places in Mallorca to stay, you’re practically spoilt for choice given the breadth of unique and alluring destinations on the island, each with its own attractions and highlights, undoubtedly piquing the interest of particular groups of travellers. 

In this article, we address where some of the best Mallorca destinations to stay are for different travel groups. Whether you’re planning on travelling with friends or family, or you’re travelling to enjoy one of Mallorca’s most desirable attributes, like its beaches and verdant landscapes, we’ve laid out the best places on Mallorca where you can make the most of your next holiday.

Where to Stay in Mallorca with Family

Santa Ponsa 

Fun for all, Puerto Pollensa is one of the best family resorts in Mallorca. This charming seaside town nestled on the Southwest of Mallorca’s coastline has something for everyone, which is why it goes down as a treat for all families wanting to experience the best of Mallorca. 

Jungle Parc, for example, is a fantastic day out that is bound to have the kids jumping for joy. This tree-top adventure park is spread throughout the canopies, with obstacles and zip lines that will keep the kids entertained for hours. The park is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 until 2 pm. 

And for the adults of the family, the local green spaces are perfect to experience the tranquil nature that Mallorca has to offer. The Parc de Santa Ponsa, for example, is a lovely outdoor space dotted with trees and sandy terrain, perfect for a peaceful meander here at any time.

The Mallorca town also has one main beach close to its borders known as Playa de Santa Ponsa. This large stretch of fine sandy shoreline offers a huge expanse in which families can easily set up camp for a quintessential beach day out, with surrounding views of Santa Ponsa’s resort buildings and picturesque verdant hillsides. So, it's no wonder why Santa Ponsa is considered to be one of the best family resorts in Mallorca.

For families swayed by the appeal of Santa Ponsa, Villa Maria is the perfect location to spend any length of holiday in this destination in Mallorca. 

Sleeping up to 10 family members across 5 bedrooms, the two-storey villa is within a short walking distance of Santa Ponsa old town and town centre. Therefore, the property offers a central location with some of the best at-home facilities to relax in when you’re not out exploring, including a table tennis table, a private pool, and a spacious garden with a sheltered terrace. 

Where to Stay in Mallorca for Couples


Alcúdia is one of Mallorca’s most versatile settlements that’s loved by all groups. But, in our opinion, couples of all ages will find the town to be a particularly pleasing destination to experience the romance and tranquillity of Mallorca, and make lasting memories with your partner.

The old town has a sweet air of romance. Its rich history and therefore beautifully aged and preserved architecture makes for the perfect picturesque setting, and therefore one of the most dreamy Mallorca towns for partners. 

Its medieval walls enclose charming paved streets lined with beautiful little eateries making for a fantastic place to refuel after a day of exploration. You can even simply soak in the sounds of the town in its dreamy squares as you watch the world goes by. 

And within easy reach of the beautiful Mallorcan coastline, Alcudia is one of the most underrated towns in Mallorca for its beach, offering pristine sandy shorelines to laze the days away together, or that are perfect for an evening stroll beneath the sunset for the perfect end to any day.

For couples considering a break in this Mallorca town, we’d recommend staying at Villa Can Roig. Offering a smaller and idyllic private home for the duration of a couple's stay in Alcudia, the property is ideally situated in a quiet setting between Alcudia and Pollensa. Therefore, it offers the perfect balance between privacy and seclusion, whilst being within easy reach of some of the north of the island’s most favourable destinations. 

Complete with its outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden setting with citrus and olive trees lining its borders, and a separate jacuzzi and covered terrace, this is a lovely home away from home for anyone looking to answer the question of where to stay in Mallorca for couples.

Where to Stay in Mallorca Without a Car


Towns and cities in Mallorca tend to be spread out, despite the island being small, and whilst there is public transport available, it is more difficult to get around than if you were to get a car for the duration of your trip. But, if a car is definitely not on the cards for you when you plan to visit Mallorca, there’s one destination that we’d recommend adding to the top of your list. 

Palma is the heart of the island, and the bustling capital city in Mallorca, filled with some of the best Mallorca nightlife, the most beautiful sights, and, importantly, the most delectable Mallorca food. 

As the island’s largest and most populated city, it’s no wonder that visitors flock to its borders every year, and we have no doubt that one of the reasons why it proves to be so popular is because of its ease in accessibility. 

With fantastic public transportation, including the metro (unique only to Palma on the island), as well as buses, and with most sights and scenes being walkable throughout the city, Palma is a completely accessible city in Mallorca placing it number one for where to stay in Mallorca without a car. 

When considering the best places to stay in Palma, situated only a short distance (around 10-20 minutes) by public transport from the city beside a direct bus route, the Beach House Ses Gerres can host up to 10 guests across 5 bedrooms and offers an outdoor pool with a charming garden and picturesque views of the coastline.

Better still, the property even has access to its own small private sandy beach for when you want a bit of sun, sea, and sand in seclusion during your stay. 

Where to Stay in Mallorca for Beaches 

Puerto Pollensa 

Nestled on the beautiful north Mallorcan coastline, with a contrasting landscape of craggy mountain ranges and swathes of golden shorelines on either side of its settlement, the seaside resort of Puerto Pollensa is one of the best resorts in Mallorca to stay in for the best of the island’s beaches.

Puerto Pollensa has several sun-drenched, golden beaches that are perfect to have a beach day out and or a gentle saunter along during your stay. The seaside town’s largest, and most popular, beach is known as Platja del Port de Pollensa. Stretching 1.5km in length, there is ample space and opportunity for any travellers looking to lie on its warm sands and enjoy endless beach activities. 

Nestled between Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia, you’ll also find the lovely Llenaire Beach. Popular amongst watersports lovers such as kitesurfers and windsurfers, for those who seek adventure and beautiful local wildlife nestled along a beach’s borders, this is a fantastic option. 

For those looking to be right in on the action and within easy reach of the island’s beautiful beaches at all times, one of the best places to stay in Mallorca, and its charming area of Puerto Pollensa, is the Bahia Pine Walk Apartment

You can’t get much more central than here. Sleeping up to 6 guests across 3 bedrooms, the apartment is set right above Puerto Pollensa beach, overlooking its golden sandy shores meaning you’re only seconds away from dipping your toes in the Mediterranean, or delving your feet between the sand, at any which time. Also close to local amenities and facilities, you’re never far from anything, making this one of the most convenient stays on the island.

Where to Stay in Mallorca for Cycling


For anyone looking for an active getaway during their visit to Mallorca, the island has numerous destinations drenched in local wildlife and spectacular scenery that are best experienced, and appreciated, during local hikes or cycle rides. 

Many visitors venture to Mallorca simply to indulge in this, and doing so on the saddle of a trusty two-wheeled steed is proving to be as popular as ever with tourists. So, if cycling in Mallorca sounds like something you’d consider for your next adventure here, Pollensa is a destination that we’d highly recommend. 

Bordered by the imposing and breathtaking Tramuntana Mountain Range, Pollensa is in a prime place to venture out by bike and explore this spectacular mountain range, and also the Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of the island whereby the Tramuntana Range meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Our favourite route to recommend to cyclists is undoubtedly the Cap de Formentor cycling route ending at the Formentor Lighthouse. The route offers the most rewarding views at its end, with a panorama of the lapping waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the stunning vistas of inland Mallorca. From Pollensa, the route takes roughly 2 hours directly along the Ma-2210, and, whilst challenging, is worth it. 

During your stay, we’d recommend calling Sant Sebastia your home when you’re not venturing through mountain ranges at full speed. 

Sleeping up to 8 guests across 4 bedrooms, this charming townhouse is nestled in Pollensa old town, offering a central and scenic location within the area's historic backstreets. Also featuring modern furnishings, a lovely lower terrace space, and a private swimming pool, it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of cycling to soak away any strains and prepare to take on the next day. 


When it comes to the best places in Mallorca to stay, you’re spoilt for choice with the number of beautiful seafront settlements, picturesque inland towns, and thriving cities to tempt any visitor and their priorities.

Each with its own pulls and perfections for each type of travel group, whether you’re a couple in search of a romantic getaway, a family looking to make more memories on holiday, or otherwise, Mallorca simply has it all. 

Here at Vida Villas, we offer a range of rental properties across Mallorca, including those already mentioned in this article, suited for all groups and every type of holiday you’re looking to have on this blissful Mediterranean island. You can contact a member of our team to discuss your needs and plans for your next getaway and our team of experts will ensure that they find the perfect place for you to stay for the duration of your trip.