The 5 Best Places for Wine Tasting in Pollensa

By vida villas | 3 April 2023 | pollensa

A popular tourist destination for decades, Mallorca is much-loved for many reasons. Its sun, sea, and sand offer peace and tranquillity, and its ancient sites and settlements offer rich Spanish history and heritage. And whilst the towns, cities, and villages spread across the island each has its own attractions that lure visitors to their borders year after year, the town of Pollensa is a firm favourite. 

Home to charming cobblestone streets, a fascinating historic centre, and surrounded by verdant countryside, Pollensa is a lovely location in the north of Mallorca. And given its prime location in the centre of the lush landscapes of this part of the island, Pollensa is well situated near some of Mallorca’s best vineyards and wineries, making it a hit destination amongst wine lovers. 

Mallorca, since hundreds of years ago, has been renowned for its wine regions and quality wine. Now, it still maintains that reputation, with this small island nestled in the Mediterranean packing more than a punch when it comes to offering wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike an authentic, and more intimate, wine experience. 

From rich reds to light and fragrant whites, the range of wines on offer is delectable and the vineyards and winery tours, which can be found in abundance, are equally so. Are you a lover of all things wine who simply wants to revel in picturesque vineyard-covered landscapes? Or, perhaps you’re looking for the opportunity to meander amongst the vines themselves, or to learn of the history and processes that have shaped Mallorcan wine production to be what it is today. Regardless of your reasons, Pollensa is the right destination for you. 

So, in this blog post, our team here at Vida Villas have compiled some of the best places that we would recommend for having a well-rounded wine-tasting experience in Pollensa. From smaller, family-run wineries to large Bodegas that have been in the business for decades, we’ve shone a light on where you can experience a memorable wine-tasting in Pollensa to savour the best of Mallorca’s wine scene.

Whether you’re simply a lover of all things wine or you’re someone who takes their interests to the next level, there’s a choice to entice everyone looking to simply savour these fine, and divine, Mallorca wines.

Bodegas Xaloc

Founded in 1997 by the Llabrés family, Bodegas Xaloc is a gourmet wine and food shop in the heart of charming Pollensa. The company offers exceptional local wines, and other international wines, to its patrons alongside delicious artisanal delights including meats and cheeses.

Named after the south-eastern gentle wind that wafts across Mallorca’s landscapes, the company also owns its own winery and vineyard which produces exceptional varieties of grapes, including Merlot, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The winery utilises state-of-the-art technology and incorporates practised wine-making techniques. And with years of know-how in the business, it’s no wonder why this winery is one of the best in the north of Mallorca, having been awarded internationally for its wines.

Bodegas Xaloc also offers a number of other artisanal products that have gained its reputation as one of the most well-respected artisanal suppliers in Pollensa. These include chocolates, jams, and olive oil, which are all produced locally by other companies or by Bodegas Xaloc itself. 

In-store, customers can sample the range of wines on offer, and learn more about the history and culture involved in the winemaking at Bodegas Xaloc, and in Mallorca in general. And at the Bodega’s idyllic vineyard, you can sample everything from crisp whites to full-bodied reds, and fragrant rosés amidst the breathtaking rolling vines and Pollensa’s surrounding countryside. 

So, when it comes to wineries in Pollensa to sample the very best of Mallorcan wine, Bodegas Xaloc is one of the most appetising of locations.

Bodegas Can Vidalet

Bodegas Can Vidalet is a beautiful winery and vineyard immersed in the verdant landscapes of Pollensa. The Serra du Tramuntana Mountain Range, Mallorca’s dramatic mountainous region, watches over this vineyard, making for a striking backdrop to any wine tasting experience.

Being the home of not only native grape varieties, including Prensal, but also French varieties, this family-owned winery has a diverse crop. The owners and employees are knowledgeable in sustainable winemaking practices and cultivation to make delicious, biodynamic wines, helping to revolutionise Mallorca’s contributions to the ever-evolving sustainable wine industry. Not only this, but the winery utilises renewable energy and focuses on new water conservation methods in order to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable in helping create its produce. 

Here, wine lovers and connoisseurs alike have the opportunity to indulge in some of the best wines from Mallorca in the winery. You can even choose to accompany your chosen wines with some traditional Mallorcan tapas, making for a well-rounded gourmet gastronomic experience. 

Even better, you can choose to experience your tastings on the winery’s outdoor terrace. The terrace stretches into the vineyard’s rows of vines, making for a beautiful experience that arouses all of your senses as you view exceptional scapes and taste delectable wines. 

If you’re a wine lover looking to learn more about sustainable wine production and agriculture on the island of Mallorca, this Mallorca vineyard and winery is a must-visit. 

Finca Can Axartell

With rows and rows of vineyards stretching across Mallorca’s northern landscapes, Can Axartell is a rural estate situated nearby Pollensa. Home to olive plantations, forestry, and, of course, Mallorca vineyards, the finca is well-versed in the art of winegrowing as well as producing other Mallorcan staples. 

Founded in 2014 after its centuries-old buildings were lovingly restored, the winery’s vantage point on a hillside offers sensational views overlooking the north of the island. The Finca’s vineyard harbours a selection of delicious grape varieties, including Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, to name but a few. 

With a sustainable and environmentally-conscious philosophy, the finca is dedicated to using certified organic practices and respecting the natural landscapes of Mallorca.

Those who decide to pay a visit to the finca can take advantage of the property’s guided tours, which take guests through the rolling vines and into its winery to learn about the winemaking process. Guests can enjoy group, or private visits and tastings where they will be escorted through the old quarry of the finca in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range for a truly unique and memorable experience. 

From grape to bottle, you can experience the whole winemaking and production process here at Finca Can Axartell and get your tastebuds tingling by sampling the Mallorca wines on offer. 

Pollensa Wine Fair

Held in Pollensa’s Convent de Santo Domingo annually, the Pollensa Wine Fair is a much anticipated and popular wine-tasting event. Visitors to the island who cannot refuse a great opportunity to sample some of Spain’s most exquisite wines should mark this event on their calendars. 

Taking place during the month of May, the event, which is run by l’Associació Vi Primitiu, celebrates local wines and the vineyards in Mallorca, as well as the successful and revolutionary wineries across the island. 

Visitors have to pay a small entrance fee in order to experience ample opportunity to taste and savour the many varieties of wines in Mallorca that are made available here. Whether you’re a fan of a hardy red or a sweet white, there’s something to tantalise every set of taste buds whilst at this event. 

Attracting thousands of visitors every year, this in itself vouches for the quality of the fair’s offerings. With a range of wineries and vineyards from across the region setting up their stalls at the event, this will offer visitors an unrestricted insight into the movement that is Mallorca’s wine industry. 

A large portion of the wineries that are present at the Pollensa Wine Fair also offer tours and visits to their vineyards to see first-hand the winemaking processes and facilities that contribute to producing the wines that you will be savouring.

So, for those looking to experience one of the biggest wine events on the island and to be immersed in the cultural heritage of Mallorca’s wine scene, this is the place to be.

Vinyes Mortitx

Officially completed in 2005, Vinyes Mortitx is a winery that is dedicated to ensuring its facilities remain state of the art and utilise modern technologies to create quality wines, whilst being conscious of the environment. 

The winery’s vineyard is where the magic happens. Located in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountain Range, as high as 400 metres above sea level, this offers the optimum fertile conditions to produce Vinyes Mortitx’s iconic and full-bodied wines. 

Now home to 19 hectares of vines, the grape varieties that grow will later produce wines including Merlot, Syrah, and Malvasia, a traditional Mediterranean wine. The vineyard offers a host of activities for guests looking to experience Vinyes Mortitx and its daily goings-on. These include wine tours of the winery and vineyard and wine tastings of some of the best wines on offer here. Other activities include hiking experiences in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, and group lunches and dinners offering a gastronomic experience of Mallorca’s cuisine.

For an experience combining unrivalled mountainous scenery with winemaking that is deep-rooted in sustainable principles and Mallorcan heritage, we’d recommend placing Vinyes Mortitx on your list.  


It’s safe to say that Mallorca is home to its fair share of delightful wineries and breathtaking vineyards and that Pollensa harbours a large portion of these. From sustainable sites with a passion and commitment to biodynamic methods to family-run establishments with decades of experience in traditional wine production grounded in cultural heritage, the choice is yours as to which you choose to learn more about. 

We hope that this blog post has offered you some insight into the vineyards and wineries, alongside wine events, in and nearby Pollensa. Here, we hope you can experience some of the best wine tasting on offer in Mallorca. Picture grasping a glass and raising it amidst rolling vines, or learning of a winery’s techniques and processes firsthand as you roam its facilities, making for an authentic wine-to-table experience. 

If this article has piqued your interest in Pollensa and Mallorca’s wine scene, and you’re looking to indulge in this during a future holiday, you’re in the right place. Here at Vida Villas, we have experts who are happy to offer their expertise in the local area, and of the wineries and vineyards of Pollensa, to help you plan your perfect wine getaway. 

And when you’re considering where to stay on the island whilst experiencing Mallorca’s wine scene, we offer a range of self-catering apartments, villas, and holiday homes, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury. Whether you’re looking to stay in the centre of Pollensa to be close to its range of wineries, or you want to base yourself further afield to experience more of what the north of the island has to offer, you can contact a member of our team now so that we can help your craft your perfect Mallorcan getaway.