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The 5 Best Places to Go in Palma

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As the capital of Mallorca, Palma is a vibrant city that many tourists visit each year, offering plenty to do and lots going on. With beautiful beaches, a lively atmosphere, traditional squares, as well as many art galleries and bars and restaurants, there is always something happening in Palma.

If you are seeking a holiday in a beautiful Mediterranean climate with plenty of great sights and attractions, Palma is a must. To help get you started on deciding how to spend your trip, we have put together our top recommendations below for the best places to go in Mallorca's Palma.

Santa Maria Cathedral

The Santa Maria Cathedral is certainly worth a visit for anyone who wants to find out more about Mallorca’s history, dating back to the 13th century. With its gothic style architecture and impressive size, this is a beautiful monument to visit when in Palma, as the incredible structure represents the most significant religious building on the island. 

More commonly referred to as La Seu, Santa Maria cathedral is popular among many tourists who not only marvel over the incredible exterior but also wander further inside to see the exceptionally stunning interior. Choosing to visit the cathedral after dark will provide you with the most romantic setting, as the building is illuminated by many exterior lights, creating a beautiful ambience around the structure. 

Santa Maria is located along the promenade in Palma, which allows for easy access for those exploring the city. Situated along the Roman Walls that once protected Palma, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the borders that once helped to ensure that the city remained safe from any potential external threats.

Santa Maria Cathedral Palma

Paseo del Borne

The Borne, or Paseo del Borne, is one of the most luxurious avenues in the city of Palma. This is why it comes as no surprise that so many designer brands are located within this area, making it a highlight for shopping in the city.

Also known as the ‘Golden Mile’, the Borne is favoured among many for its great shopping experience. Attracting the wealthiest of Palma’s visitors, it’s a great place to people watch even if you aren’t planning on splashing any cash.

When strolling along the Borne you will almost forget that you are in a city at all. Even with the shops and the hustle and bustle of Palma only around the corner, there is a serene sense of peace and tranquillity when wandering through the promenade. 

This is also a great time to stop off and try one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants that are located along the Borne. Browse through luxury shops, experience the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the area and then perhaps grab a bite to eat or drink to round off your visit.  

Royal Palace of La Almudaina 

Another historical landmark that is certainly worth a visit when in Palma, is the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, which dates back to the 10th century. 

La Almudaina was originally built as a Muslim fortress, which was later rebuilt in the traditional Gothic style by Christians in the 13th century. The palace has also had many other residents through the years, including Romans, Arabics and Talaiots, hosting many important figures throughout Palma’s history.

The palace is where the King and Queen of Mallorca reside during their stays on the island. It’s also an important monument among the Balearic islands, due to its past and current significance for whom it housed and still houses today. 

Visitors can wander through the many rooms in the palace, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the history here further. The S’Hort del Rei gardens are located beneath the palace and are great for those looking to explore the stunning fountains or just relax in the lovely setting that the gardens provide.  

Palma Palace
Royal Palace of Almudaina

Castell de Bellver

If you’re hoping for the perfect mix of sightseeing, great views and a beautiful setting when in Palma, then you will get all of that with a trip to the Castell de Bellver. 

Surrounded by fragrant pine woods and offering some of the best views of Palma Bay, visiting the fortress allows guests to immerse themselves in history whilst also enjoying a stunning location. For many years, the castle was used as a prison and is now used today as the home to display Palma through the years, which follows the development of the city over decades. 

The castle has stood for nearly 700 years and dates back to the 14th century, which is hard to believe, considering how well maintained it is. Three large towers are all connected by arches and follow the traditional Gothic style architecture, which was common during this era.

Es Baluard 

Many claim that if you only get the chance to visit one of the museums when in Palma, then it must be the Es Baluard. The museum is home to many contemporary pieces of art and came from the former Spanish King Juan Carlos, but wasn’t officially opened until 2004 when the King and Queen allowed visitors from all over the globe to experience the works that are on display.

Es Baluard showcases the commitment that many artists have to Mallorca and allows a space to showcase the love for the island through all kinds of artworks. It’s the ideal place to visit on a quiet afternoon, particularly if you’re looking for cultural places to visit in Palma. 

Es Baluard
Es Balaurd Gallery and Museum


There are so many places to go when in Palma that it might sometimes be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do. Hopefully, the recommendations above will help narrow down the top places to go so that you can visit this wonderful city and get the most out of your trip. 

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