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The 7 Best Things To Do In Brač

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Brač is the largest island in Croatia and holds the title as one of the country’s favourite destinations for travellers. With easy access to some of Croatia’s most iconic destinations, the island is far from closed off from the rest of the country, but remains a tranquil retreat for those looking for a getaway that offers something a little different.

Brač is the largest island in Croatia and holds the title as one of the country’s favourite destinations for travellers. With easy access to some of Croatia’s most iconic destinations, the island is far from closed off from the rest of the country, but remains a tranquil retreat for those looking for a getaway that offers something a little different.

The main towns on the island offer the perfect base for a holiday of Brač. With pretty harbours lined with eateries, terraces, and shops, you can admire the hustle and bustle of the island’s biggest settlements and catch a glimpse of the local’s daily life.

The island as a whole boasts charm, history, and natural beauty that is unrivalled amongst Croatia’s islands. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the ranks as one of your favourite holidays after a visit here.

In this post, we share seven of the best things to do in Brač, perfect for when you decide to take a chance on this captivating island and uncover its hidden beauty for yourself.

Brač Island

1. Catch A Ferry To The Mainland

For those who want to maximise their Croatian holiday, basing your trip in Brač is one of the best ways to enjoy a secluded, island destination but to also be close to other popular places to visit. This means you can have the best of both worlds during your stay!


For those who have the country’s second-largest city on their list, ferries run daily from Split to Brač. The ferry connects the ferry port in Brač’s town of Supetar with Split’s ferry port.

During the high season, there are as many as 14 ferries that run every day throughout the week. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes, so it takes barely any time to reach another of the country’s most beautiful destinations.

The cost of a ticket in high season will only set you back 33 Croatian Kuna (roughly £4) – a small price to pay for being able to explore two iconic Dalmatia coast destinations.


Equally, if you’re looking to explore another of Croatia’s iconic coastal destinations, you can travel from Brač to Dubrovnik by ferry. Connecting the ferry port in Dubrovnik to the ferry port in Bol, the route only operates during high season, with around 2 journeys happening daily throughout the week: one in the morning and one in the late afternoon.

The route takes, roughly, 4 to 5 hours and will cost you 250 Croatian Kuna (around £28). Despite its higher price compared to Split, the journey allows travellers to explore yet another famed Croatian destination during one holiday.

2. Go Windsurfing

Brač is a fantastic destination for those who enjoy, or would like to try their hand at, watersports, with its miles of coastline offering ample opportunity for this.

If you’re planning on visiting during the summer months, windsurfing is the perfect hobby to take up during your stay in Brač, with the weather on the island offering the optimum conditions for the water-based activity.

There are 3 windsurfing schools located in Bol for those who want to learn the sport from a professional. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this is a must when you’re considering things to do in Brač on your next holiday.


3. Taste The Island’s Local Produce

Brač has gained a reputation as being home to some of Croatia’s finest cuisine, so there’s doubt that you should consider sampling some of its products during your next visit.

Local Wine

Brač is home to several fantastic wineries, so we strongly recommend you take a trip to at least one of these during your holiday. Stina Winery, for example, is perfectly situated on the main promenade, so after a day at the beach, you can meander along to sample some of its beautiful wines on offer.

Stina is named after stone, which Brač is well known for, and visitors can sample its product and even take a couple of bottles home with them after a visit here.

Visit The Olive Oil Museum

Opened in 2014, the Olive Oil Museum can be found in Skrip, with visitors able to roam through its grounds and even visit the mill where the olive oil is made. Operating since the 1860s, the family-run operation allows visitors a glimpse into the manufacturing of this product for free and to see the inner workings of the mill. You can even purchase jams, olive oil vinegar, and more as a souvenir of your trip!

4. Visit One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Croatia

A unique stretch of coastline, Zlatni Rat Beach is the face of Croatian tourism and is located on none other than the island of Brač. Also known as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn given its distinct shape, it stretches along 2km of coast and is found near the island’s harbour town of Bol.

Zlatni Rat has been repeatedly denoted as one of the most fantastic beaches in Croatia, and one of the top beaches in Europe. The beach is a protected natural area and is popular amongst residents and tourists alike.

Even more compelling, every time you visit, the beach will appear different. Due to waves, sea currents, and winds, the tip of the beach is constantly changing shape, making for a unique beach experience.

Not only is the beach popular amongst tourists looking for a usual beach day out, but for those who enjoy watersports, such as kite surfers and surfers, meaning it truly offers something for everyone.

The beach is easily accessible either by car or a 20 to 30-minute walk along the seafront from Bol. During the high season in summer, you’ll even conveniently find a charming tourist train heading to and from the beach from Bol, along with tourist boats that can transport you from Bol’s port.

Zlatni Rat Beach

5. Explore Supetar

Supetar is Brač’s largest city and the capital of the island. The city is composed of a town of the same name and then the neighbouring towns of Škrip, Spiltska, and Mirca

The city is a historic and cultural centre on the island, dating back to Roman times, and offers the quaintness and charm of a small town with the title of a city, making for a very lowkey and peaceful city break for those staying on the island of Brač. So, if you’re not planning on staying in this favourable town, you should arrange to explore the city for at least a day during your holiday.

6. Take A Trip To Bol

Other than Bol being the closest town to the famed Zlatni Rat Beach, the town has a lot going for it. It features a lovely seafront promenade, which leads you straight to the beach, but is also known for its wonderful cuisine and historic sites, including the following.

Visit The Mysterious Dragons Cave

Known as Zmajeva Spilja amongst the island’s residents, ‘Dragons Cave’ is located near the village of Murvica, around 5km from Bol. It is one of 4 monasteries in Bol and was home to Glagolitic priests, thought to date back to as far as the 4th century.

The outside of this beautiful site boasts breathtaking views across the sea and inside, you can marvel at the original carvings on the cave’s walls. Only reachable with a guide, this secluded historic sight on the island is a must during your next visit.

Hike To Blaca Monastery

Blaca Monastery, also known as the Hermitage of Blaca, is a monument dating back to the 16th century, created as a tribute to human resourcefulness and revival. It was a sanctuary for the Glagolitic order that is raised above Blaca Bay, just west of Bol.

The monastery was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2007 and is a local attraction for both visitors and residents. It can be accessed by car by driving to Dragovoda before hiking around 40 minutes to reach the entrance. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am until 5 pm.

Bol, Brač Island

7. Soak In The Views At Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is the highest point on Brač, elevated 778 metres above sea level, and offers one of the most sensational viewpoints in all of Croatia. You can reach it by hiking up a 5km route from Bol to the peak.

The viewpoint takes roughly 1.5 hours to reach, but is without a doubt worth the trek. Boasting breathtaking views across the Adriatic towards the mainland of Croatia, you’ll be taken aback by how amazing this viewpoint is, and should consider adding it to the top of your list when considering the best things to do in Brač.


Brač is a tranquil location for you to discover Croatian island life away from the mainland and offers ample opportunity to explore the beautiful coastlines, historic sites, and sample delectable produce Croatian during a stay. Whether you opt for a beach day or to spend your time learning about Croatia’s rich history, there’s something for everyone when it comes to things to do in Brač.

For more information about planning a holiday to Brač, why not read our guides on the best time to visit and the best places to go in the town?

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