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Best Time to Visit Brac

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Brač island is home to unique destinations at every twist and turn of its scenic landscape. Discover a quieter holiday experience during a trip to this island, with secluded coves and beaches, delectable cuisine, and some of the prettiest coastal and inland towns you have ever laid eyes on.

For an island that can be so easily discovered in so little time, deciding what time of year to venture out to this beautiful location is all the more important. Choosing the time of year that hosts the most favourable weather conditions for you, as well as the best time for activities, events, and even festivals that you may be interested in, is a task that you may not even know where to begin with.

In this blog post, we’ve recommended the best times to visit Brač based on the time of the year, so that you can see what’s on offer month by month and make the most informed decision and experience the authentic offerings that this island has to offer.

The Best Time to Visit Brač

The Best Time To Visit Brač


January is Brač’s coldest month. with an average temperature of 8.7°C. It is also the wettest month of the year, with an average of 74mm of rainfall. It may be that you choose to avoid a visit to Brač in January if cooler weather is a no-go, but you’ll find the island to still be buzzing with things to do during a visit at the start of the year.

Key Events

The Feast of Saint Anthony

Held on the 17th of the month in the depths of winter, the Feast of Saint Anthony is celebrated in Pražnica, a village in the centre of the island. You’ll find the charming village’s residents gathering for Holy Mass on this day, which is later celebrated with a folk festival where residents and visitors gather from all around the island to celebrate over a glass of wine, local cuisine, and live music.


It remains cold in Brač in February, with average temperatures of 12°C, but it’s still a very pleasant month to visit. There is less rainfall than in January, with around 62mm of rain recorded in its main town, Supetar.

Key Events


Whilst the event is not held on the island of Brač itself, nearby, in Dubrovnik (only a 4-5 hour journey by ferry) visitors can indulge in the vibrant and enthusiastic celebrations of Carnival and make the most of their Croatian holiday.

The event generally falls on the third week of the month, and visitors can expect bold and vivid celebrations, with parades and floats lining the streets, dancers in colourful costumes and, of course, a lot of partying.

Carnival Masks in Croatia


March marks the start of Spring in Brač, with average daily temperatures of 14°C. It’s a moderately wet month, with around 64mm of rainfall on average in the island’s capital of Supetar.

Key Events

Palm Sunday

Easter is celebrated across the whole of the island, with its celebrations commencing on Palm Sunday. The day that this falls does vary depending on the lunar calendar, sometimes falling at the end of March or even the end of April.

Visitors can expect holy church ceremonies, processions throughout the streets of local towns and villages, and exhibitions of the famous (and delicious!) easter cakes.


Average temperatures are 18°C in Brac throughout April, and an average of 52mm of rain falls throughout the month.

Key Events

Biser Mora Culinary Festival

The ‘Pearl Of The Sea’ festival is a culinary extravaganza. Hosted by chefs from the Mediterranean and Europe, it is one of the largest gastronomy festivals and culinary competitions in the region. For visitors, it’s a delightful gastronomic festival experience, with the delicious event normally happening during April.


Normally, average temperatures in Brač are 19°C during May, with an average of 62mm of rainfall recorded.

Key Events

Uvati Vitar

The Uvati Vitar is a cycling marathon, held for both amateurs and professionals, in the town of Sutivan in Brač. It is held in Spring, normally in the month of May, and consists of 3 races of varying lengths and difficulty. The race is a fantastic experience where residents and visitors who all share a love for cycling can gather and share their passion, all whilst exploring the phenomenal scenic landscapes of Brač.


Average temperatures in June, as the island ramps up to the peak of summertime, are at 24°C, with around 29mm of rainfall. Brač starts to get busier as the summer season begins and plenty of tourists start arriving for their holidays.

Key Events

The Feast of Saint John and Paul

Held annually on the 26th of June in the town of Ložišća, on the west of the island, this festival pays tribute to their patron saints: John and Paul. A visit on this day will have onlookers seeing locals go to their holy mass and celebrate in the evening with live music and a folk festival, sharing food and wine to celebrate the saints.


July is one of Brač’s hottest months on the calendar, with an average temperature of 25°C and only 32mm of rainfall. As many schools start breaking up for the summer holidays in July, you can expect Brač to get much busier with families towards the end of the month.

Key Events

Festival of Saint Margaret

Celebrated on the 13th of the month, The Feast of Saint Margaret takes place in Nerežišća, a village found on the south of the island. The festivities start with early morning mass at the local church, before progressing to further celebrations in the evening, where locals and guests gather for a traditional feast. Local cuisine, produce, and drinks are shared with live music to pay tribute to Saint Margaret.


Boasting the hottest temperatures of the year, at 28°C on average, August is a scorching time to visit the island with very little rainfall, at only 45mm on average across the month in its capital of Supetar.

Key Events

Mutne Kale Art Exhibition

Happening in August, and arguably one of the island’s most unique events, Mutne Kale exhibits some of the best art from local artists in the narrow streets of the village of Murca.

The event is a buzz, with crowds of people singing in traditional acapella klapa style, drinking wine, and eating local produce as they meander through the streets to view some of the finest pieces local artists have to offer. We guarantee you’ve never been to an art exhibit quite like this before.


Average temperatures in Brač reach a warm 18°C during September, with around 47mm of rainfall on average. It’s a great time to come to the island if you want to steer clear of the summer crowds but still want to visit when the weather is warm.

Key Events

Feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian

The feasts of Saint Cosmas and Damian are held at the end of summer, on September 26th. It is celebrated in the village of Dračevica, as these are their patron saints. The celebrations begin with mass, before locals gather for a procession, with a lovely traditional folk party later on in the day.


October boasts an average daily temperature of 22°C and 65mm of rainfall, marking the approach to winter.

Key Events

Grape And Wine Festival

In the capital of Supetar at the start of October, islanders gather for the traditional autumnal event of the ‘Grape and Wine Festival’. Held over a week, the festival consists of local cuisine being made and shared which is devoted to a traditional preparation made from young wine called “varenik”, which Brač has revived for hundreds of years.

Restaurants offer a range of dishes using the technique as well as tastings of cakes and juices from the festival organisers. Local wine producers also have the opportunity to showcase their fantastic produce.


The first month before winter, expect cooler temperatures in Brač at an average of 16°C and with a high 95mm of rainfall in November.

Key Events

Visit Blaca Monastery

Also known as Pustinja Blaca, this 16th-century monastery is a historic and remote location in the hills of Brač. It opens in November until May, so a visit to this historic site during this month is one of the ideal times to explore the museum.


The start of winter in December Brač has 13°C temperatures and 91mm of rainfall on average.

Key Events

Christmas Celebrations In Supetar

From December 17th until New Year’s Eve, in the island’s capital of Supetar, the old fish market is transformed into a winter wonderland, becoming a ‘Christmas Corner’. Here, Christmas lovers can gather and enjoy traditional music, concerts, performances from local acting groups, and more. Food and beverages are provided, with the festivities offering a warm and welcoming opportunity for those who want to see Brač during this festive season.


Whilst Brač boasts many wonderful activities and things to do all year round, depending on your priorities, the time of year that’s right for you may vary. Whether you’re a lover of the arts, a foodie, or someone who simply wants pleasant weather during their holiday along the Dalmatia coast, we hope this guide gave you insight into some of the opportunities, events, and festivals on offer to make your Brač holiday experience as memorable as possible.

For more information about planning a holiday to Brač, why not read our guides on places to go and the best things to do in the town?

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