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The 7 Best Things to Do in Calvià

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Mallorca boasts beautiful beaches, secluded stretches of coastline, and impressive Spanish architecture, so it’s no wonder it’s a firm favourite amongst millions of tourists annually. But, rather than basing your next vacation on the island in one of the more tourist-trodden towns or cities, why not opt for a lesser-known spot to gain a fresh perspective of this much-loved island?

Calvià is a village in the southwest part of Mallorca, located between the Serra de Na Burguesa and the Serra de Tramuntana. It is tiered with white and ochre coloured buildings dappled through its hills, set in front of Mallorcan mountain ranges, and has become a firm-favourite amongst tourists in recent years.

There are plenty of things to do in Calvià, from visiting pristine beaches to soak up the sun, nearby adventure and aqua parks for those adrenaline seekers, or hiking and cycling experiences for those who are looking for something more active. We’ve rounded up the best things to do in Calvià during your stay, whatever you may be looking to do on your arrival.

Take A Trip To The Beach

If there’s one thing Mallorca is known for, it’s its beaches, and Calvià has its fair share. Its inland location on the southwest part of the island means that if you’re craving a beach day, you’re in luck, as it is within close reach of some of the island’s most iconic beaches.

So, if you fancy sunning yourself during your stay, or exploring some local coastline, you’ll favour the suggestions below.

Playa de Magaluf

Offering a large, curving stretch of golden beach, perfect for sunbathing, Playa de Magaluf is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Its location in a sheltered bay makes it an ideal swimming destination, or perfect if you just fancy dipping your toes into its crystal clear waters.

Backed by hotels, cafes, and bars as well as amenities within close proximity, you can spend a whole day based at this beach without having to worry about a thing, and within a mere 14-minute drive of Calvià village, it’s the ideally located option.

Playa Portals Vells

Playa Portals Vells is a pristine stretch of coastline with beautiful historic caves, perfect if you prefer your beach days to be packed with exploration and discovery. Only 22-minutes away from the centre of Calvià village, the beach provides a lovely local day out by the coast.

The caves and coves at the beach are an attraction in themselves, with historic engravings inside that take you on a journey of discovery through Mallorca’s rich history. The beaches along the coastline are smaller than other beaches near Calvià, but offer beautiful views and the unique opportunity to uncover the many nooks and crannies of the Mallorcan coastline.

Visit A Local Restaurant

The centre of Calvià offers numerous eateries serving some of the finest local dishes with fresh ingredients from the island. So, if you’re looking for a place to dine out as you’re exploring the village during your stay, vacating any one of these establishments for a delicious local meal will give you an insight into some of the best of Mallorca’s cuisine.  

Our personal recommendation would be Mesón Ca’n Torrat. A traditional restaurant conveniently located on one of the village’s main roads, the family-run eatery serves some of the most delicious food in the area and is well worth a visit if you’re considering things to do in Calvià.

Take A Hike, Or Bike, Around The Nearby Tramuntana Mountains


Weaving around the Northern coast of Mallorca, the Serra de Tramuntana is an imposing and impressive mountain range that dominates the Mallorcan landscape. Stretching nearly 90 kilometres in length, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is within easy reach of Calvià village, offering spectacular, panoramic views of Mallorca from above, the mountain range is the ideal spot for those who are looking for active things to do in Calvià.

For hikers, there are numerous routes on offer for those who want to experience the glory of Mallorca on foot. The incredible (and not for the faint-hearted!) ‘dry stone route’, stretches from Port D-Andratx to Pollensa through the Tramuntana range, and offers 84 miles of blissful walking routes.

If, however, you’re looking for something a little less intense, driving to spots along the mountain range and exploring by foot may be a more favourable option. The numerous clifftop viewing points, including the Mirador Es Colomer and the Mirador de Ricardo Roca, allow you to take in the breathtaking scenery from above.

Galilea, Mallorca’s highest village, is also within the mountain range. A quaint settlement with a beautiful 17th-century church and views across to the sea, and only a 19-minute drive from Calvià village.


For cyclists, famous routes to tackle along the mountain range include the Sa Calobra, a tough route, but worth it for the views. You’ll descend into the village of Sa Calobra before working your way back up the mountain on a 10km route. However, for something a little easier, and local, there is a dedicated cycling route around the village of Calvià – a lot less bumpy a route, still offering a beautiful backdrop of the Tramuntana range.

Visit A Water Park or Theme Park

If you want to cool off from the Mediterranean heat, a waterpark is a must thing to do in Calvià, as the surrounding area hosts some of the best water parks on the island. And, for when you’re looking for something fun for all ages, the area’s theme parks are also a must, with a variety of amusements and activities to keep everyone entertained all day long.

Kathmandu Park

Kathmandu Park, located at Calvià beach, is the ideal day out to let your imagination run free! The theme park offers over 10 amazing attractions, as well as its very own water park, Katopia splash park, an underwater-themed attraction with over 150 interactive water elements.

The park also offers onsite eateries for when you need to refuel and an onsite hotel. From the village of Calvià, the waterpark is only a 14-minute drive.

Western Water Park

Located in Magaluf, Western Water Park is another fantastic option for those looking for a fun day out for all the family. The park offers a number of attractions, from large slides to inflatable rides, and lazy rivers, offering plenty of opportunities for non-stop fun during a day out. The park can be travelled to in as little as 13-minutes by car from the centre of Calvià village.

Take A Trip To Magaluf

One of the best things about Calvià village is its close proximity to many of the island’s largest, and most iconic, resorts. Only a mere 12-minute drive from the centre of the village, you’ll reach Magaluf – one of the island’s most popular resort towns. Well-known for its buzzing nightlife and fantastic stretches of coastline, Magaluf guarantees a memorable day, or night, out.

The town is home to the aforementioned Kathmandu and Western Water Parks, but has a lot more to offer than just its theme parks and attractions. The town has some of the most amazing stretches of coastline for those who want to sun themselves during a day at the beach and dip their toes in the crystal blue waters.

It is also home to plenty of bars, restaurants and shops lining its beachfront promenade. You can easily spend a day in Magaluf simply shopping, browsing and eating for a relaxed day out in one of the island’s most popular destinations.

Visit The Church of Sant Joan Baptista

Dominating the village and built in the 19th century, the Church of Sant Joan Baptista is a neo-gothic church that’s original structure has been around since the 13th century. It is one of the village’s most symbolic buildings and is certainly worth a visit if you’re looking for things to do in Calvià. Nearby, you’ll even find a fountain which holds a ceramic mural that will tell you the story of Calvià’s history.

Satisfy Your Thirst For Adventure at Jungle Park

For those who want to satisfy their need for an adventure and adrenaline-filled experience, one of the best things to do in Calvià is to take a trip to Jungle Park.

Located in Santa Ponsa, hidden amongst the canopy of a nine-hectare pine forest, it’s the largest tree adventure park in the Balearic Islands. Having a total of 100 platforms, visitors can climb and clamber to their heart’s content, moving from tree to tree as you enjoy discovering the different circuits on offer.

The park is only a 12-minute drive from the centre of Calvià village and will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush, as you travel along ziplines, across bridges, and use ropes to manoeuvre your way around the courses.


Calvià offers an idyllic base to venture out to discover the rest of Mallorca, but in itself is a beautiful local village showcasing the raw beauty and charm of Mallorca. From beach days to adventure-filled activities, you’re not short of options to experience the best that Mallorca has to offer with these recommendations for things to do in Calvià.

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