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The Best Time to Visit Cala D’Or

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Cala D’or is a beautiful tourist resort situated in the popular holiday destination of Mallorca. Located on the east coast, Cala D’or boasts stunning beaches, a sophisticated atmosphere and great little shops and restaurants.

Being one of the busier hubs in Mallorca means that during the summer months, Cala D’or comes to life with a multiplicity of people all enjoying the warm sun and authentic Spanish streets. The busy nature of this great town doesn’t take away from the picturesque scenery here though. As the waters glisten and families sit around the marina, it’s a great destination to enjoy a getaway to Spain.

If you’re planning to visit Cala D’or and want to know the best time to go, here’s our guide to each of the months and what is on offer in Cala D’or during that time.


January in Cala D’or often means that the colder weather has arrived. With highs of around 16°C during the day and lows of 4°C as night falls, the sun is hidden far more in comparison to the summer months.

Don’t let the colder weather deter you from visiting Cala D’or though, as there are still many great things to do. Wandering through the cobbled streets and secluded coves means that you get the peace and serenity of this great town, without all the usual hustle and bustle as it is generally much quieter in winter.

You can choose to enjoy some of the best sightseeing spots without any queues or enjoy delicious food in Cala D’or without having to linger for a table.  


The weather in February in Cala D’or is much like the weather in January, with the days being around 14°C and evenings a much cooler 4°C.

If you are looking to explore the town of Cala D’or and want to avoid the crowds, then February is a great time to visit as the kids have gone back to school and it’s generally an off-season for tourism all over Europe.

Although the weather is cooler, you can still choose to take a dip when visiting Cala D’or in February, as many of the hotels in and around the town offer heated swimming pools. So, if you are looking for some peace and quiet and a relaxing break to Cala D’or to unwind, February is a great time to do this.  


During March, the weather in Cala D’or starts to warm up slightly, offering comfortable temperatures of 18°C during the day, with the evenings becoming a cooler 5°C.

Although the weather has still cooled off slightly from the summer months in Cala D’or, the skies still shine a bright blue, being mostly clear and with little rainfall.

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If you choose to take a trip to Cala D’or in March, you will find the vibrant atmosphere of the town all around. As March is the month for The Carnival Fiesta, many locals head out for street parades, with many parties and fancy-dress happening throughout the island of Mallorca.

Easter is also in March in Mallorca, so you will find that your visit here will be full of spectacles and parades that occur up and down the streets. March is a great time to enjoy these events as the weather is less oppressive, making for a comfortable experience.

Cala Gran Beach


Throughout April, the weather in Cala D’or remains pretty consistent with that of March, with highs of 18°C throughout the day and rarely dropping below 14°C. Spring showers may happen during April, but there is also a high chance of clear skies. This makes for a relaxing climate to enjoy some sightseeing, hiking or beach strolls.

April is usually the start of the tourist season for many in Mallorca, so there will be plenty of shops, restaurants and attractions to visit, all whilst the resort of Cala D’or remains quiet in comparison to summer.


May in Cala D’or presents very pleasant temperatures of around 22°C, with plenty of sunshine and clear skies. The Mediterranean climate makes Cala D’or feel warm yet comfortable throughout May, so it’s a great time to visit if you’re not a fan of scorching hot temperatures but still want to enjoy some sun whilst on the island.

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During the last week of May, Cala D’or usually hosts the International Jazz Festival. The festival lasts over 6 days and displays musicians playing their jazz throughout the main streets, bars and hotels. As the streets come to life and there is a real buzz around Cala D’or, visiting in May is a great option for those looking to enjoy a festival that dates back to 1994.


June is a popular month for those seeking an escape to Cala D’or, as the days are warm with the sun heating the town to a lovely 25°C. There is a gentle breeze in the air during June in Cala D’or which makes the warmth much more pleasant for those looking to explore whilst visiting.

The month of June is a great time for those looking to investigate the stunning coves and sandy beaches, as well as a historic trip to Es Forti, the protected cultural heritage site of the Balearic Islands. As the schools are still open for many in June, which means those visiting Cala D’or during this time will experience the town at its least busy for the next few months.

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As the heat starts to creep in and temperatures rise to an impressive 32°C in Cala D’or, July is the real start of the summer weather in this stunning town. Evenings are balmy and days hot, which provides the perfect atmosphere for those looking to lounge by the pool or on the beach. Evenings create the perfect environment to stroll through the town and enjoy food at one of the many great restaurants.

July is a wonderful month for those looking to spend their evenings sitting out on terraces and balconies, or for those seeking out the perfect weather to explore the marina and outstanding coves. Just don’t forget light clothing and sunscreen!  


The weather in August in Cala D’or is perfect for many, as it is still nice and warm with plenty of sunshine and temperatures of around 29°C, with evenings cooling off to around 25°C. As the kids are off school and August is the peak of summertime for a holiday in Cala D’or, you will find that this is one of the busier times to visit the town, but the weather and festivities are an indication as to why!

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This is a great time to experience Assumption Day (La Virgen de Agosto) in Cala D’or, during this a small fleet of ships head into Cala D’or’s harbour to commemorate La Virgen de Agosto.


August is a great time to holiday in Cala D’or for those looking to soak up the culture as this is when the Fiesta of la Mare de Deu del Mar happens.  Highlights such as the maritime procession around the harbour take place, as well as many other music and sporting events around the town.


September is perfect for those wanting to catch the last of the summer season in Cala D’or. With an average high temperature of around 26°C, it’s a great time to still enjoy the bars, restaurants, beaches and attractions in much more bearable heat.

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During September, Cala D’or is usually home to a great arts and crafts market at Plaza Costa, which takes place every Sunday. This is a great way to explore a traditional Spanish market whilst scouring all the many crafts on display. The market is on from 6 pm to 11 pm when the weather has cooled off, meaning you don’t have to worry about strolling around the stalls in the blazing heat.

Cala Esmerelda


The weather in October in Cala D’or remains very similar to September, dropping ever so slightly in temperature to an average of around 23°C. Being narrowly cooler and displaying a gentle breeze makes October still very pleasant, yet not nearly as hot as July and August.

If you are hoping to spend your days in Cala D’or on the beach, this is still absolutely possible during October, with water temperatures averaging around 22°C, perfect for taking a dip. Bear in mind that you will need to pack a light jumper and rain jacket, as the evenings tend to get cooler and there can be some rain during October in Cala D’or.

October is also a nice time to try something new whilst visiting Cala D’or. Experiencing something such as a wine tasting tour around the Son Alegre vineyard, approximately 3 miles away from Cala D’or, is the perfect way to relax whilst on holiday.


As the Autumn weather has arrived, November in Cala D’or presents temperatures of around 19°C with higher winds and some rain showers. Days are still long enough to do some exploring, as the sun rises at around 7.15 am and sets around 5.45 pm.  

By the time November comes around, the summer season has wound down and Cala D’or has much less tourist activity. This means that the town will be quiet, mainly consisting of locals, but also that some shops and restaurants may have more limited opening hours. This could be a great time to wander through the cobbled streets, with the feeling of having the whole town to yourself.


December is another of the quieter months to visit Cala D’or, yet is still a beautiful time to visit as the locals get ready for the festivities of Christmas and decorations are out. The weather in December is very similar to January, with average highs of 16°C and lows of 5°C during the evening.

The climate in Cala D’or is still much warmer than that of many other European countries, so if you’re looking for a peaceful Christmas break by the sea, December is a lovely time to visit. Bear in mind that many of the hotels, restaurants and bars may have closed for the season, so your choice of accommodation may be more limited than at other points of the year

If you happen to be visiting Cala D’or in December and want to head somewhere with a little more going on, there is a Christmas concert that takes place in Palma, which is about a 50-minute drive from Cala D’or. The concert is known as Petita Sinfonica Illes Balears and consists of Spanish Christmas music.

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Being one of the quieter towns in Mallorca means that Cala D’or is a great place to visit year-round for those looking for a tranquil break to Spain. Being home to plenty of great beaches and coves, as well as a stunning marina and an abundance of bars and restaurants, makes Cala D’or a great town for those looking for a serene atmosphere.

The winter months in Cala D’or are typically cooler and quieter, as the tourist season is over and bars, restaurants and hotel owners tend to take this time to relax after the busy summer period. However, if you are looking for hot sunny days and a bit more going on, then the summer is perfect as the little town comes to life with festivals, lights and many others getting so much out of their holiday.

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