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The Best Time to Visit Puerto Pollensa

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Puerto Pollensa is a small, quiet town in northern Mallorca, approximately 5 miles from Pollensa and 7 miles from Alcudia.

The town is a popular tourist destination because of its relaxed atmosphere and laid-back nightlife. It is an excellent place for those seeking a romantic break with plenty of bars and restaurants creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Puerto Pollensa’s Mediterranean climate enjoys hot summers and mild winters. In addition, the weather provides ideal summer temperatures for lounging on the beach or watching as the elegant yachts come in and out of the marina.

If you are planning a trip to Puerto Pollensa, you are most likely looking for the best time to visit. Therefore, we have put together a month-by-month guide so that you can decide what time will best suit you.


January in Puerto Pollensa is one of the quietest months of the year. It’s in the middle of winter when the weather is cooler, yet relatively mild compared to many other European holiday destinations. The average temperatures in January are around 14°C, so a coat or a jacket will be necessary.

It is a great month to visit for those who want to make the most of the shopping in Puerto Pollensa, with fewer crowds and cooler weather. There are multiple markets, designer shops and shopping malls around the area, which provide a great place to go when the weather isn’t as good for other holiday itineraries like lounging on the beach.

Key Events

5th January – The Three Kings Celebration

The Three Kings Celebration marks the 12th day of Christmas for many Mallorcans and is celebrated with procession floats that make their way through several towns on the island. As the parades travel through the villages, the Three Kings hand out gifts to the children.

The biggest celebration on the island takes place in Palma. However, Puerto Pollensa is a great place to experience the event as once the parade is over, the Three Kings then gather with the locals in the main church where gifts are given to the children in the town.

16th & 17th January – Sant Antoni Festival

The fiesta of Sant Antoni marks the patron saint of animals. It is celebrated throughout towns across Mallorca, providing parades and street parties that start on the 16th of January and end on the 17th.

However, the celebration in Puerto Pollensa slightly differs, as they celebrate with something known as ‘Pujada del pi’, which stands for ‘the climb of the pine’. The locals go to Formentor, where they cut down and strip a 20-metre pine tree, then drag it back to their town, and rub it down with soap. Finally, the tree is hauled above the church; an ancient tradition that has continued throughout the years and something certainly worth witnessing if you want to explore more of the culture in Puerto Pollensa.


February is a lovely month to visit Puerto Pollensa if you want mild and pleasant weather with average temperatures of around 16°C. However, temperatures drop to about 4°C at night, so we recommend packing a coat for the evenings.

Visiting Puerto Pollensa in February provides visitors with a beautiful month to stay, as the almond trees blossom all over the island. With the trees flowering and Valentine’s Day approaching, the area has a romantic aura about it, which makes it a great time to visit if you are hoping for a lovely couples getaway.


March offers typically mild Mediterranean weather with little rain, making it a great time to visit if you don’t like the summer’s heat, as temperatures average around 17°C. Furthermore, it is a perfect time to go if you want to avoid crowds, as Puerto Pollensa is still relatively quiet in terms of tourist traffic during March.

Key Events

1st March – Day of the Balearic Islands

The Day of the Balearic Islands is when the Statute of Autonomy came into effect in 1983. The Balearic Islands were granted an autonomous status after being under the Moor’s rule and this decision is celebrated every year in March.

Towns throughout Mallorca and other islands mark the occasion with concerts, fairs and parties, providing the perfect opportunity to see how the locals honour these traditional events.

Pine Walk, Puerto Pollensa
Pine Walk Puerto Pollensa


April in Puerto Pollensa experiences temperatures of around 17°C with a gentle breeze that can sometimes make the atmosphere feel chilly. There are more rain showers throughout the month, but these are usually short-lived. Tourists begin to visit Puerto Pollensa again in April, which means that there is a little more going on during this time.

Key Events

Semana Santa (Easter Celebrations)

Semana Santa is widely celebrated across Mallorca. It is a very religious event in Spain that marks the Christian tradition of Easter and starts with blessings on Palm Sunday, then continues with parades throughout Easter week.

Multiple processions happen in the churches, and on Good Friday in Calvary Hill, Pollensa, the 365 steps light up with torches as Jesus is taken down from the cross and carried to Paris Church in the town.


May is a lovely time to visit Puerto Pollensa as there is a buzz in the air for the approaching summer. The temperature starts to warm up to a pleasant 23°C, and there are 290 hours of sun throughout the month.

Puerto Pollensa in May is renowned for being one of the best months to visit, as the town isn’t quite as busy as July and August, yet there is still much to do and plenty going on. In addition, the sea has also warmed to a comfortable temperature, making it a great time to visit the beach and take a dip in the water.

Evenings remain at a lovely 15°C, providing the perfect climate to sit out at night and enjoy a drink or perhaps have dinner in one of the many pavement cafes in Puerto Pollensa town.  


As summer has finally arrived, June starts to present temperatures of around 25°C in Puerto Pollensa. Although the weather is sunny, it isn’t as oppressive as the hotter months of July and August, which is excellent for those who want to visit the beach or wander through the town without being too warm.

Many tourists start to make the most of the numerous water activities in June, as there are chances to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kite Surfing and much more on the beaches in Puerto Pollensa.

Key Events

17th June – Sant Joan Pelos, Pollensa

Around 5 miles from Puerto Pollensa, in the town of Pollensa, there is the chance to experience the Sant Joan Pelos festivities on the 17th of June. The event marks the celebration of Sant Joan (John the Baptist) and the summer solstice.

The feast of Corpus Christi during Sant Joan Pelos is unique to the town of Pollensa. Alongside the dinner is the Ball de las Aguiles the ‘dance of eagles’, and the Sant Joan Pelos ritual dance. A performer dressed as Saint John the Baptist begins the religious celebration, which starts in the church square after mass and then leads the parades dressed in traditional silks, a mask and a cross, followed by his two eagles. Next, he dances through the crowds, along with his eagles, after which they visit the local homes to offer sweets.

This event is a great way to experience a traditional festivity in Pollensa and offers an insight into the town’s religious background alongside many years of custom.


For those who love the heat when on holiday, July in Puerto Pollensa is a great time to go. Temperatures start reaching a very hot 29°C, accompanied by bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine, so don’t forget the suncream!

July is the perfect time to visit Puerto Pollensa if you want to lounge by the pool, relax on the beach and enjoy the numerous bars and restaurants in full swing for the tourist season. However, bear in mind that during this time, the town becomes increasingly busy with travellers, as many holidaymakers go to Puerto Pollensa to make the most of the great weather.

Key Events

16th July – Verge del Carme

Verge del Carme is the fishermen’s fiesta to celebrate the Virgin of Carmen, the patron saint of fishermen. Places like Puerto Pollensa and Porto Cristo offer the best celebrations with event calendars consisting of DJs, concerts, bands, children’s parties and plenty of entertainment. Puerto Pollensa has a carnival-style atmosphere, with many pop-up markets and the traditional Correfoc parade.

Puerto Pollensa Beach
Puerto Pollensa Beach

La Patrona Festival, Pollensa

The La Patrona Festival is an ancient civic-religious celebration held to commemorate the Christian’s victory over the Moors, who attacked Pollensa in May 1550. During the festivities, cannon shots are fired, fireworks blaze into the sky, and bell-ringing takes place to mark the start of the event. One of the festival’s highlights is the mock battle between the Christians and the Moors, held in Pollensa town centre.


August is the peak of the summer season in Puerto Pollensa, which is why it is the town’s busiest time for tourists. However, although the town is more active, it is still relatively quiet compared to its other neighbouring towns due to its lack of theme parks and water parks that are popular amongst families visiting the island.

Temperatures in August in Puerto Pollensa reach around 30°C, with a dry climate and very little rain. Therefore, if you like a good atmosphere and hot weather, August is a great time to visit the area, as you will find lots going on with bright skies and sunshine throughout the month.

Key Events

Pollensa Classical Music and Arts Festival

Pollensa’s Classical Music and Arts Festival takes place just around the corner from Puerto Pollensa, approximately 5 miles away, and is an event that forms part of the European Festival Association. During this time, there will be classical concerts with prominent orchestras performing alongside impressive choirs and opera singers.


Some have the misconception that there isn’t a lot going on in Puerto Pollensa during September as the busy season is now over, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The locals hold multiple parties and beachside events to celebrate the end of summer.

The weather is still a lovely 26°C with lots of sunshine, bright skies, and evening temperatures that only drop to around 18°C. With lots still happening in Puerto Pollensa and plenty of buzz from the remaining tourists, you won’t find yourself bored when visiting during this time.

Port de Pollenca Bay
View of Puerto Pollensa from road to Formentor


With averages of 6 hours of sunshine per day in October in Puerto Pollensa, there is plenty of daylight to make the most of your visit during this time. The weather starts to become a little cloudier, which might deter you from lounging on the beach, but is perfect for taking a hike through the Serra Tramuntana mountain range or perhaps to one of the neighbouring towns.

October is one of the wettest months in Puerto Pollensa, but the showers don’t tend to last too long, so you don’t need to worry about them ruining your day. Average temperatures are around 24°C but may feel slightly cooler some days due to the skies being somewhat overcast.

Towards the end of October, many tourist attractions, shops, bars and restaurants begin to close in Puerto Pollensa and surrounding towns, so you will find that it is generally much quieter during this time on the island, perfect if you aim to relax without the busy crowds.


Surprisingly, average temperatures in November in Puerto Pollensa are still at a pleasant 19°C with rain for 6 days throughout the month. As most of the tourist spots, bars, restaurants and shops have mainly closed by this time, November is an excellent time to visit Puerto Pollensa if you hope to be away from other travellers or busy areas.

If you seek a warm break with lots of sunshine and very few crowds, then November is the time to visit, as you will find the same beautiful scenery with much quieter surroundings.


December in Puerto Pollensa presents average temperatures of around 16°C. However, you may be lucky enough to get the occasional hot day, pushing the heat to 20°C. Evenings are cooler throughout the month, with temperatures of around 8°C.

Suppose you fancy a stroll along one of the many beaches in Puerto Pollensa in utter tranquillity? In that case, December is the time to go, as the tourists are few and far between, providing a peaceful atmosphere around the town.

The streets in Puerto Pollensa during December appear bright with Christmas lights and numerous Christmas markets throughout Puerto Pollensa and the neighbouring towns.

Puerto Pollensa Sunset


Puerto Pollensa is quiet compared to some of Mallorca’s other popular towns. However, it’s still a great place to visit with lots of history and outdoor activities. Whether you seek the restaurants and shops in town or to relax on one of the many beaches, you can enjoy a classic Mediterranean climate from early spring to the end of autumn in a great location close to other popular towns and villages in Mallorca.

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