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Where to Stay in Dubrovnik: The Best Locations and Villas

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Known for its spectacular year-round weather, dreamy coastlines and fascinating historic strongholds, Croatia is a magical destination in Europe, held at the crossroads of the Southeast and Central parts of the continent.

The Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic offers spectacular weather and phenomenal beaches, whilst its inlands host incredible displays of natural wildlife. From cascading waterfalls to lush verdant forestry backed by towering mountainous landscapes that stretch for miles on end.  

With over 13.8 million visitors having flocked to the country in 2021, it repeatedly meets the mark as one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in Europe, and given the reasons we’ve listed above, it’s no surprise why.

Dotted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites to both bewilder and captivate its visitors, and enamouring architecture and historic ruins galore, the country is not short of cities and towns boasting these delights, ready to be discovered.

But, when it comes to the most notable of Croatia’s array of intriguing citadels and seafront towns, there’s one destination that has worked its way into the hearts of many who have visited the country, and even those who have not.

Dubrovnik, perched on the edge of the Adriatic along the gleaming Dalmatia coastline, is one of Croatia’s most famous, and favourite, destinations, and arguably the most popular city in the country.

Having been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List over 40 years ago, Dubrovnik, or ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’ as it is nicknamed, has long offered a wealth of attractions that have drawn visitors from far and wide to its charming limestone cobbled streets and medieval walled territories.

And dating back to the 7th century, the city has witnessed many conquests and historical events during its timeline. From Byzantine Empires to Napoleonic Kingdoms, its diverse and active past has shaped it to be the intriguing historic Mediterranean hotspot that it is today. This has even developed the city’s reputation further in modern pop culture, having been an iconic filming location in the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’.

If you, like many others, are totally enraptured by Dubrovnik’s charms and are considering unravelling its mystery during a visit, you’ll be thinking about where the best places to stay in this diverse city are.

And here at Vida Villas, we understand the importance of deciding the locations you want to visit when you’re discovering a new destination and, equally, where you’ll be staying during your trip. And given Dubrovnik’s diverse offerings, you’ll want to make sure that you’re venturing to all of its areas of appeal, and staying in the best location for you, to truly get a taste of what this city has to offer.

We’ve highlighted all of this in the following guide on where to stay in Dubrovnik, narrowing down the best locations, and best villas, in hopes of making your trip as memorable as possible.

The Best Destinations in Dubrovnik

When it comes to choosing the best areas in Dubrovnik that you want to visit, the city is not shy of options that are simply enthraling.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Old Town Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Old Town

The most popular part of Dubrovnik, the Old Town, is utterly bewildering. Lined with its red-tiled roofs, a labyrinth of cobbled alleyways, and bordered by the Adriatic’s glistening waters, this medieval part of the city wows and makes you feel as though you’ve just walked right into a fantasy film.

And funnily enough, you may or may not know that the Old Town is the filming location for Kings Landing from the popular fantasy TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. And it’s not a surprise as to why - lined with dominant walls and historic architecture, it makes for the perfect backdrop.

You could easily spend your entire visit to Dubrovnik in the Old Town. As its streets are fully pedestrianised, it’s so convenient to simply wander through its photo-worthy streets and passageways, where you’ll find beautiful Baroque churches, plenty of cafes and bars, as well as delectable restaurants.

The most picturesque of destinations in Dubrovnik, with an air of unmatched mystery and romance, in our opinion, the Old Town is like nothing else and should be on the top of your list of best areas to stay in Dubrovnik.


Pile is a quaint suburb of Dubrovnik that is popular amongst visitors. It mirrors the Old Town in its beautiful architecture, but lacks its maze of streets, making it a more open and easily accessible location by public transport.

The suburb is Dubrovnik’s transport centre, serving the entire city, so should you be wishing to utilise this network, you’ll more than likely be visiting Pile at some point.

Its streets are lined with some stand-out 19th-century architecture and historic landmarks, including the likes of the Pile Gate. Built-in 1537, this striking city gate connects Pile to Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and specifically to Stradun, which is Dubrovnik’s pedestrian promenade lined with shops and eateries galore.

You’ll find many lovely places to stop and have a bite to eat or to take a moment to pause whilst in Pile, making it the perfect area to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik’s Old Town.


Despite being close to Dubrovnik, Ploče feels like a world away. Only a stone’s throw from Dubrovnik Old Town’s south gate, you’ll find this area, with its pebbled shorelines and hidden coves, it is the perfect place to seek some respite whilst in Dubrovnik.

Set up shop for the day at any one of Ploče’s beautiful beaches. Banje, along Ploče’s coastline, is the most accessible beach in Dubrovnik and is the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploration in the Old Town, soak up the sun, and take a dip in the Adriatic.

Ploče is an affluent and luxurious area. Its pier and beaches are backed by luxury hotels, and it radiates exclusivity and sophistication. It’s also home to a number of attractions, including Ploče gate, a 14th-century gateway to the eastern side of Dubrovnik, and St Dominic’s tower, a medieval building hosting local artwork and ceramics.

Ploče Croatia

Babin Kuk

Nestled on the Lapad peninsula to the north of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, about 4km out, is the tourist area of Babin Kuk. A firm favourite amongst families and couples, this area offers the ultimate opportunity to seek some peace and quiet away from Dubrovnik's city centre.

It offers the best location to reach Dubrovnik’s variety of beautiful beaches, including Copacabana and Cava beaches, which offer the ideal sunbathing location. For this reason, you’ll also find a visit to Babin Kuk offers the best opportunity to try your hand at various watersports, which its neighbouring beaches offer the ideal conditions to get involved with.

Enveloped in, lush, verdant green space and beautiful fine sand and pebbled shores, if connecting with nature is a priority for you on your next visit to Dubrovnik, then don’t neglect Banin Kuk from your agenda.


Set further afield from the confines of Dubrovnik Old Town and its surrounding cities, you’ll find the beautiful area of Cavtat. Along the blissful Dubrovnik Riviera, this small peninsula is a pristine coastal village at the foothills of neighbouring mountain ranges.

It is located roughly 20km from Dubrovnik city, making for an ideal day out should you wish to explore what Dubrovnik offers further afield. Originally founded by the Greeks in the 6th century, later it acted as an important Roman outpost.

The town is scattered with vibrant red-roofed and ochre-coloured buildings, and with two piers and plenty of bars and eateries, a day out in Cavtat offers everything you could want and need.

Be sure to head to the harbour, which is lined with palms and shrubbery, where you can cosy up in one of its cafes or bars and watch the boats bob by the pier and the world go by.

Cavtat Croatia

The Best Villas in Dubrovnik

Now, choosing where to stay in Dubrovnik can be an arduous task, but we’ve narrowed down some of our favourite villas that we feel suit every preference, group and taste in Dubrovnik.

The Best Central Villa

With the Old Town visible from its infinity pool, Villa Cetrdeset Pet is the ideal place to stay in Dubrovnik offering a prime location nearby one of the city’s favourite destinations. Being able to sleep 14 people, its seafront and hillside setting boasts phenomenal views across the Adriatic and surrounding landscape.

Villa Cetrdeset Pet
Villa Central Dubrovnik

The Best Villa for Families in Dubrovnik

Villa Dana is a splendid option for families. Sleeping up to 8 people, it is situated a mere 15-minute walk from the historic city centre of Dubrovnik, making it a perfect location for families to base themselves after a long day of exploration.

And just above St James’ beach, the villa offers an elevated view of the Adriatic, meaning you’ll be in awe at the breathtaking views on offer. With an outdoor terrace and sunbathing area as well, there’s plenty of space for you to chill during your holiday here.

The Best Villa for Couples in Dubrovnik

Offering a private experience for its guests, Villa Pedeset Pet still offers the convenience of being centrally located to Dubrovnik’s Old Town but boasts a cosy and private atmosphere to indulge in after a long day out.

Sleeping up to 8 guests, it features its own private pool, hot tub, sauna and, gym. Also having its own private terrace, you can perch here for your breakfast in the morning to start your day off right. Or, equally, you can take a romantic evening dip in the pool to end your day with your significant other on the perfect note.

The Best Villa For Friends in Dubrovnik

For groups of friends looking to indulge on a holiday in Dubrovnik, you can rent Villa Zaton and experience the height of luxury during your stay.

Located at the end of Zaton Bay, along Dubrovnik’s waterfront promenade, the villa is close to some of Dubrovnik’s favourite locations. Privacy is ensured, with large stone walls encircling the property, so you can indulge in the fantastic facilities here in seclusion.

With state-of-the-art Sonos and Bose sound systems, as well as luxury bedrooms, and a  living room and kitchen that are stylishly decorated, Villa Zaton is a piece of luxury that you can’t resist.  

Villa Zaton
Family Villa Dubrovnik

The Best Secluded Villa in Dubrovnik

Located in Cavtat, Villa Anthony is a charming grand Mediterranean property dating back to the 18th century. Featuring an outdoor pool, a vast Mediterranean garden, and even its own chapel, you can slow down and relax, forgetting about the worries of everyday life, during a stay here.

The property can host up to 8 guests and is surrounded by verdant forestry, with nothing but the sounds of local wildlife and the wind in the trees to disturb you.


When considering where to stay in Dubrovnik, you’re not short of fantastic areas to explore and exceptional places to stay that can be enjoyed by any and all groups.

With a wealth of opportunities on offer, Dubrovnik is a destination that embodies the perfect holiday, with something new, exciting, and enticing to unravel and discover at every turn. We hope you found our recommendations useful, and that now you’re one step closer to planning your dream Dubrovnik holiday.

If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik and need accommodation for your visit, Vida Villas offer a stunning selection of rental properties around the city. Alternatively, you can contact our team, who will be happy to provide any help or information you may need.