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The 5 Best Places To Go In Brač

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The largest island of the Dalmatian islands and one of the most popular in Croatia, Brač’s distinct landscape dominated by its valleys, coves, and karst limestone relief is a natural wonder. Here, visitors can discover a spectacular island location in all of its pristine and untouched glory.

Known for its farming of some of the best Croatian produce, including wines, olive oils, and fruits, much of the landscape is not dominated by stretches of fields or geographical marvels. Elsewhere, it is dappled with charming settlements that each, in their unique way, encapsulate the simplicity of life on this Croatian island.

With tens of thousands of visitors flocking for a visit annually, this can only advocate for the breadth and beauty of the places that the island of Brač has to offer. If you’re planning a trip to this popular island, in this blog we recommend the best places to go in Brač to see a new side of Croatia.

Brac Island Coast
Brač Island, Croatia


Milna is a charming seafront village on the western coast of Brač. Whilst it is lesser known amongst visitors, this is what maintains its genuineness and authentic charm.

With a population of only 833, you’ll have the chance to experience quiet and blissful island living at a slower pace during your visit here, where you can catch your breath during an eventful holiday and simply relish in its purity.

Take A Stroll Along The Harbour

The harbour of Milna has long been a welcoming site for sailors travelling through the Adriatic, and it still keeps its name as one of the most gorgeous places to dock a boat on the island. Its winding harbourfront, with boats docking along every edge, is bordered by white stone and red-roofed houses backed by contrasting lush green fields and forestry. This makes for a lovely picturesque stroll along its front to take in the village from one of its most iconic angles.


As the largest town on Brač, with around 3500 inhabitants, Supetar is a hive on the island, with much of its activity happening within its mediaeval streets and beautiful harbour front. Less of a tourist attraction compared to the seaside town of Bol, Supetar has much, if not more, to offer visitors compared to the island’s more touristy spots, especially for those searching for a glimpse into Brač’s rich history and modest island lifestyle.

Take A Trip To Supetar Cemetery

Once the heart of Supetar, the cemetery is now a stop that you must visit when in the town. Located just west of its centre, it holds much of the town’s history along with spectacular tombstones, sculptures, and architecture that is a sight to behold, some of which were even created by one of Croatia’s greatest sculptors, Ivan Rendic.

Whilst you’re here, make sure to see the Petrinovic family Mausoleum, which is one of the cemetery’s most mesmerising displays. It’s composed of a crypt and a cemetery chapel with a statue of the Crucifixion over its main altar.

Visit The Church Of Annunciation

Arguably the town’s loveliest, and most well-known, attraction is the Church of Annunciation. It harbours a beautiful altar painting of the Annunciation itself and ornate marble altars in its interior.

Built in the 18th century, its triple-naved baroque style and tall belltower are not to be missed. You’ll even find a Roman mosaic flooring set into the pavement on the left of the church that once decorated St Peter’s Basilica, which burnt down before the church was built.

Supetar, Brač Island


In our opinion, the seafront village of Pučišća is one of the most beautiful, and underrated, in all of Croatia. Its white stone buildings topped with red roofs are tiered up from the seafront, bordered by the glistening blue waters of the Adriatic sea.

The village is home to much of the island’s stone and stone crafting knowledge which has formed the town’s worldwide reputation. Many palaces and famous buildings, including the likes of The White House in Washington and the Parliament buildings in Vienna and Budapest, have been built with local stone from this location.

Visit The Stonemasonry School

The village even has its stonemasonry school to carry on the island’s legacy. With Brač stone known globally, stonemasons harness their craft here to continue producing some of the finest masterpieces out of the local resource, almost 100 years on from its opening.

You can marvel at examples of the exceptional stone craftsmanship during a visit, not only in its architecture but also in its sculptures, fountains, and columns. As you walk around the village, you can go ‘stone spotting’ and see the fantastic displays of craftsmanship in plain sight. One great example is the spectacular lion sculptures guarding the town hall!

Bol Town

Located on the island’s southern slopes, you’ll find one of its most popular towns, Bol. The small port town has one of the longest tourism histories in Croatia, alongside the likes of Dubrovnik and other locations, and it remains one of the best places to go in Brač for residents and tourists alike.

As one of the largest, and most iconic towns on the island, Bol offers varied attractions to its visitors. From its historic sights such as Dragon’s Cave and the 15th century Blaca Hermitage, to its famed stretches of coastline and its unrivalled viewpoints, Bol is guaranteed to show you Croatia’s beauty from every angle

Zlatni Rat Beach

Whilst visiting Brač, you can stop off at one of the island’s best beaches – Zlatni Rat. Not only is this coastal location a favourite amongst the island’s tourists and residents, but it is a famous landmark in Croatian tourism, holding the title of the most beautiful beach in Croatia.

The beautifully smooth and small pebbled beach is not only the ideal sunbathing and general beach day location, but for those who love watersports, it’s the ideal place to get out on the ocean.

Visit The Old Town

For your holiday dose of sightseeing, why not discover the quaint Old Town in Bol? The history of the area’s old centre dates back to ancient times, and you can enjoy being transported back in time whilst meandering through its narrow, cobbled streets and gazing at its charming stone architecture.

Notable attractions whilst you’re enjoying a visit here include stopping by the Gallery for Modern Croatian Art, or visiting its historic sites including the Roman Pool, The Church of St. John, and the iconic ‘house in the house’.

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach, Brač Island


Known to be the heart of Brač’s ancient past as the oldest settlement on the island, the lovely inland village of Škrip is an unexpected, but therefore pleasantly surprising, place to go during your visit.

You’ll find the village nestled 2km south of Splitska on a hill. Whilst it only has a population of around 200 people, it’s not a boring location by any means, for it perfectly encapsulates rural island life on Brač and stores much of the island’s rich history –  perfect for those who love to dabble in history during their travels!

Discover Radohkovic’s Citadel

The mediaeval centre of Škrip is built around the Citadel, which dates back to the 16th century with its tower. The Citadel is home to the Island of Brač museum, which is great for those looking to thoroughly learn about the island’s history and significance in Croatia’s timeline.

The Citadel features Cyclopean walls on its exterior, which date back to the Illyrian reign, and in the lower part of the museum, you’ll even find a Roman mausoleum that is said to hold Priska and Valeria, the wife and daughter of Emperor Diocletian.


Brač conceals some of the most charming locations, with some of the most breathtaking landscapes and captivating history, that Croatia has in store. It may not be a destination often noted on the top of travellers’ lists, but those who wish to have a slower and more nuanced holiday experience can visit any one of Brač’s intriguing settlements and leave their holiday with memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information about planning a holiday to Brač, why not read our guides on best time to visit and the best things to do in the town?

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