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The 7 Best Things to Do in Palma

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Palma is the capital city of the beautiful island of Mallorca, which is what makes it such a popular destination for many tourists each year. Pair the array of great activities and attractions with a stunning Mediterranean climate and beautiful scenery and you have a haven for families and couples alike looking for the perfect getaway.

There is always something going on in Palma, whether it be cultural events, festivals or the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. If you are planning a trip and need more inspiration for the top things to do in Palma, then we can assist as we have put together our top recommendations below for this vibrant city.  

See La Rambla

If beautiful boulevards and stunning flower markets are up your street, then you will love La Rambla. Located between Teatre Principal and the intersection of Calle de los Olmos, it’s a very romantic spot to spend an afternoon in Palma.

La Rambla is designed for pedestrian traffic, so is very easy to navigate around, with cars travelling on either side of the walkway and many flower stalls lining the middle section. Although La Rambla in Palma shares a lot of similarities in appearance to La Ramblas in Barcelona, it is actually much quieter and smaller, which makes it perfect for those who want the experience, without the hustle and bustle.

Explore the trendy shops and restaurants that are on either side of the boulevard, all whilst enjoying the strong scent of the many-coloured blooms on sale.

Discover Palma Aquarium

If you are travelling to Palma with family then a trip to Palma Aquarium is the perfect way to spend a day. With 55 tanks and over 700 underwater species, there’s plenty to see here that is great for filling up an afternoon.

The aquarium stretches over 500m from Playa de Palma beach, so there’s plenty of space for all the visitors, even in the summer when it tends to be at its busiest. It’s the perfect place to not only learn about all the marine life that lives here, but also stay cool on particularly sweltering days in Palma, offering a great opportunity to escape the heat for a few hours.


Bike around Portixol

Portixol is a former fishing village, situated just outside of the centre of Palma. It has now been transformed into a hip and stylish area in the southwest of the island, known for its chilled atmosphere and quaint architecture.

The flat promenade that lines Portixol is a great biking route, running along the beachfront and allowing for stunning views out to sea. If you’re the kind of traveller that likes to stay active on their holidays, a visit to this village is the perfect plan for a day trip.

Not only does the town of Portixol offer a laid back atmosphere, but it also has many restaurants, bars and shops that are great to explore en route along on the bike track. As you breeze along the path, you won’t be able to resist rewarding yourself with a bite to eat from one of the many mouth-watering cafes.

There isn’t a town centre in Portixol, so the main attraction is the stretch that runs along the seafront. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful stroll, bike ride or just somewhere to sit and watch the world go by.

Walk on Via Veri

Via Veri is one of Palma’s top spots for shopping in the city. This is a smaller, yet still charming street in comparison to some of the other bigger shopping areas in Palma, which makes it perfect for visitors that want a more relaxed retail experience.

Boutique style shops can be found in Via Veri, along with some great jewellery and designer stores. Situated next to the Borne, another very popular shopping area in Palma, you can browse Via Veri and also make a stop at the Borne during the same visit. The area is beautifully decorated with vines and plants outside many of the storefronts and is definitely a spot to capture on camera as part of your holiday snaps.

Grab a Bite to Eat

When in Palma, you must try out some of the city’s best food. With restaurants in abundance, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to testing Palma’s top dinner dishes.

There are a few different districts that are situated in the city of Palma, all offering diverse cuisines and venues to suit a range of tastes. With beautiful traditional tapas eateries, great street food and an array of other cafes and restaurants, you won’t be disappointed with Palma’s food offerings.

Palma’s Old Town is a great hub to stop off if you’re looking for some of the city’s best outdoor dining. The romantic, leafy square provides guests with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some of the best food in Palma.

If you are looking for lunch dining in Palma, then Genova is a great place to head to. Here you can enjoy traditional Spanish food and experience, all whilst in a rustic and authentic setting. Genova is a smaller neighbourhood that is situated just outside of the city.

One of the busier spots for those seeking some of Palma’s best restaurants is Santa Catalina. Here you will find some of the best street food and many markets that provide visitors with fresh produce. Santa Catalina also has some great al fresco restaurants, making for an authentic evening out when in Palma.

Spanish Food

Experience Palma’s Nightlife

Palma is home to brilliant nightlife, with the perfect mixture of bars, restaurants and clubs that all create a wonderful atmosphere for those seeking a night out in the city.

The best thing about Palma’s nightlife is that you can choose what type of evening you want. If you are looking for lively, late bars, then you will have no problem finding these, to party all through the night. Alternatively, if you are aiming for a more sedate and relaxing evening, you can do this whilst listening to live music and then head home earlier.

As many restaurants in Palma also offer live music, you can head out for a delicious meal and then extend your evening to dance, drink and make the most out of your evenings in Mallorca’s capital.

Discover a Festival

Palma hosts many festivals and traditional events throughout the year. This makes the city a great place to be for those looking to experience Spanish culture and take part in some of the local festivals.

The most popular festival that takes place in Palma is Festes de Sant Sebastia, which celebrates the patron saint and happens throughout January. During Sant Sebastia, bonfires are held on the nearby beaches, parades happen in the city centre and plenty of street food is on offer during the event.

If you are visiting Palma during the summer months, then the Night of the Pilgrims is another great event that allows tourists and locals alike to partake in a 50km walk from Palma to Lluc monastery. The crowds include thousands of people who all head to the Tramuntana mountains at nightfall to celebrate the Spanish tradition of Des Guell a Lluc a Peu.

Palma Cathedral Window


No matter when you decide to visit Palma, you won’t be disappointed with the many things to do in this wonderful city. Whether you are looking for a tranquil and relaxing break or something a little livelier, there’s enough to do to suit a range of holiday itineraries.

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