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The Best Time to Visit Calvià

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Calvià has become a popular Mallorcan village for tourists in recent years. Offering easy access to Mallorca’s best beach resorts, buzzing towns, and national parks, it makes for a fantastic and convenient holiday destination all year round.

Situated in a prime location in the centre of the southwest Mallorca, Calvià experiences some of the best of the beautiful Mediterranean climate that millions of tourists annually flock to experience in the Balearic islands. Home to beautiful historic architecture and local eateries serving delicious native cuisine, Calvià is an authentic destination that you should consider staying in during your next trip to Mallorca.

If you are planning a trip to Calvià, you may be asking, what is the best time to visit? Well, we’ve broken down visiting Calvià month by month, highlighting key details and events so that you can make the most informed decision when choosing when would be best for you to visit this beautiful village.


January is the coldest month of the year in Calvià, so you’ll find the temperature to be much milder than you may expect, despite its Mediterranean location. Average daily maximum temperatures are 14°C, and average lows reach 5°C, with an average of 6 days of rain throughout the month.

Key Events

The Festivals of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastìa

From the 16th to the 20th of January every year, the island of Mallorca celebrates the saints Antoni and Sabastià, and Calvià is no exception. Large bonfires are lit in celebration of the saints, with Calvià’s being held next to the church building in the centre of town.

During each event, smaller bonfires are lit, where residents and neighbours cook delicious sausages and local produce whilst mingling in celebration.

The celebration of Sant Antoni, the patron saint of animals, takes place on the 16th and 17th, whilst the festival of San Sebastìa, patron saint of Palma, takes place on the week leading up to the 20th.


February marks the last month of winter in Calvià and is a similar, mild temperature to January. Average daily high temperatures reach 14°C and average lows are around 5°C. You can also expect, on average, 6 days of rain each year during the month.

However, in comparison to most Northern European countries, visiting Mallorca in February is an ideal time to visit, being almost 10°C warmer and hosting one of the island’s most iconic celebrations.

Key Events

Carnival in Es Capdella

Located close to Calvià village is a place called Es Capdella. A scenic mountain village situated on a hill 115m above sea level, known locally as the ‘Puig de sa Crane’, it’s known for its enthusiastic and vibrant celebrations of the Carnival on the island.

Picture bright parades with costumes, loud music, and brilliant performances – an outburst of colour and life that is symbolic of life on the island. The event is known locally as ‘Els Darrers Dies’ translating to ‘the last days’, and commemorates the last days of meat-eating before abstaining for Lent. It is one of the oldest celebrations on the island and unites it in its entirety in an uproar of vibrant festivities.


March boasts a comfortable temperature in Calvià, marking the start of Spring, and warmer weather. With average highs of 17°C and average lows of 7°C, and having only an average of 5 days of rainfall.

Key Events

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day celebrations are held annually on the 22nd of March in Santa Ponsa, a coastal town a mere 14-minute drive from Calvià village. The town hosts visitors from far and wide, and you can expect plenty of Guinness, Irish dancing, and other festivities during a visit to this annual event.


Raining an average of 5 days a year, with average highs of 20°C and average lows of 9°C, April is a beautifully warm spring month to head to Calvià and make the most of the season in its prime.

Key Events

Sheep and Goat Fair

In April, the Sheep and Goat Fair is hosted in the centre of Calvià village, which showcases the rare and unique breeds of goats and sheep on the island. The event, which awards some of the best livestock on show, also features a farmers market, with stalls selling crafts, pottery, and the best quality local produce.

The fair holds a fantastic timetable of activities, including sheepdog shows, workshops, and music concerts, and is a wholesome showcase of the fantastic agriculture and livestock that the village and wider municipality have to offer.


May is the month when the weather starts to heat up in Calvià. With average high temperatures of 24°C and average lows of 13°C and only an average of 4 days of rain, it’s thought of as the start of summer on the island.

Key Events

Gastro & Art Calbia Gastronomic and Cultural Fair

The Gastro & Art festival in May is a celebration of local cuisine, art, and music, and is the perfect opportunity to experience Mallorcan flavours and culture, with artistic workshops and musical group sessions also on offer.


Rising temperatures, with average highs of 28°C and lows of 17°C, mark the approach to the peak of summer in June. It’s also a relatively dry month, with only 4 days of rainfall throughout.

Key Events

Nit del Foc

Celebrated across the island on the 23rd of June annually, Nit del Foc (translating to ‘night of fire’), is a festival of fireworks and pyrotechnics marking the eve of Sant Joan’s big day. Cities and towns are lit up at night by the sparks of firework displays, flaming torches, and firecrackers, with food and wine to boot. Palma hosts a fantastic Nit del Foc every year and is located a mere 24-minute drive from Calvià village.


With average highs of 29°C and lows of 22°C with only 1 day of rain on average, July is the perfect mid-summer month to experience the Mediterranean climate in Calvià at its best.

Key Events

Sant Jaume of Santiago Celebrations

At the end of July, Calvià erupts in a celebration for Sant Jaume of Santiago, one of the village’s most important events. The second half of the month hosts events and activities, including the famous Fire Night, as well as dances, music concerts, and a la carte dinners.

The month ends with a huge mass celebrated by the village on the day of Sant Jaume on the 25th.


The hottest month of the year in Calvià, with average high temperatures of 28°C and lows of 23°C, August, coupled with only 3 days of rain on average, makes for a scorching month in Mallorca.

Key Events

Chopin Classical Music Festival

In Valldemossa, every year since 1930, an annual music festival takes place in Chopin’s honour. The world-renowned composer stayed in the town during the winter of 1938 and 1939, where he completed some of his preludes.

International pianists and other musicians give recitals in the grounds of the Carthusian Monastery, where Chopin stayed, in celebration of him. The town is only a 30-minute drive from Calvià village, and the event happens throughout the month.


In September, the average high temperature in this area of Mallorca is 28°C, with average lows of 22°C and around 8 days of rainfall, making for a lovely post-summer month to visit Calvià.

Key Events

Rei en Jaume

Commemorating the arrival of King En Jaume, Rei en Jaume is an annual celebration that ripples across the island of Mallorca in September. The event is celebrated with simulations of the battle of the Saracen troops in the conquest of Mallorca, and other activities commemorating the historic day. Santa Ponca hosts the celebrations and is only a 15-minute drive from Calvià village.


As winter approaches, you’ll find much milder temperatures in October in Calvià, with average highs of 23°C and average lows of 16°C and around 7 days of rain throughout.

Key Events

Fire Dolca

For those who can’t resist a tasty treat, the town of Esporles – a mere 30-minute drive from Calvià village – on the first Sunday of the month pays tribute to Mallorca’s delicious selection of cakes and pastries. The Fire Dolca includes cook-alongs, tastings, an artisan market, and stalls selling a host of tempting treats to tantalise your taste buds.


November is when the weather takes a turn in Calvià. With average high temperatures of only 19°C and average lows of 12°C, accompanied by 6 days of rain, November is a much milder month to visit.

Key Events

The Autumn Works Fair in Es Capdella

The Autumn Works Fair in Es Capdella, located only a 4-minute drive from Calvià village, showcases the traditional pieces of art that have been crafted locally in the surrounding area of the Galatzó mountain, which take pride of place, amongst other creations, at the event.


In December, average minimum temperatures reach the lowest all year in Calvià at 10°C, with average highs only reaching 16°C, and featuring an average of 7 rainy days.

Key Events

Calvià Christmas Fair

The Calvià Christmas Fair is a large market featuring everything from children’s workshops to craft stalls, trinkets, and more. You’ll even find Santa Claus pays a visit at this time of year, perfect for if you’re making a trip with young ones.


There is, evidently, plenty to do when you visit Calvià all year round, so one could even argue that the best time to visit Calvià is, well, anytime. But, finding the events and festivals that you’re most interested in will help you decide when you should make your trip and enjoy the fantastic culture and history that Mallorca has to offer.

For more information about planning a holiday to Calvià, why not read our guides on the best places to go and the best things to do in the town?

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