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The Best Ways to Get Around Mallorca

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When you’re planning on going on holiday, you’ll no doubt be searching for the best things to do, places to visit, and destinations to completely immerse yourself in to get to grips with a new exciting culture to the max.

But, if one thing is for certain during your holiday abroad, it’s that, to do any of this, you’ll need to work out the best form of transportation for your trip. You can’t make the most of your holiday if you’re travelling great lengths with nothing but your own two feet to rely on!

As such, when planning for your holiday, you’ll want to make sure that you’re clued up on the transport systems, and the best ways to get around whilst you are there and make your Mallorca itinerary a success. This will allow you to make sure you’re maximising your time in your destinations and getting to experience all of the exciting aspects that come with travel that you want to.

Spain has long been known for its good transport networks. As one of the most culturally developed and affluent countries in Europe, it boasts a host of varied transport options that keep even the most remote corners of the country well-linked.

This even extends to its islands. Mallorca, for instance, which is the largest island in Spain’s Balaeric isles, has a convenient, reliable, and affordable transportation network. From train routes to bus services, and even taxis to serve your every transportation need.

So, if you’re planning to travel to this island to revel in its blissful landscapes, tranquil coastal spots, and vibrant settlements, you’ll no doubt want to ensure you’ve done your research on getting around Mallorca to ensure that you can savour the wealth of opportunity it has to offer.

This is why, in this article, we’ve researched the best ways to get around Mallorca so that you don’t have to!

The Public Transport in Mallorca

Mallorca, thanks to decades of economic growth and societal development, is blessed with a fantastic public transport system. We have broken down the options available when it comes to public transport in Mallorca and how best it can serve you and your travel plans.

Train Travel in Mallorca

Trains offer an exceptionally picturesque and, normally, fast way to get from A to B, and this is exactly the case on the island of Mallorca. Whilst the train systems are limited in comparison to other areas of Spain, they offer a convenient route to reach some of the island’s most popular and populated destinations.

Mallorca’s modern railway system has three train lines, all of which are operated by the country’s main public transport system. The T1, the first of these three routes, travel from Palma to Inca, which is in the centre of the island. The T2 line travels from Palma to Sa Pobla, in the north, and the T3 from Palma to Manacor, located in the east of Mallorca.

Depending on the day of the week, and the time at which you are planning to travel, the schedules and prices of these Mallorca trains vary. You can find further details of this via the Transports de Les Illes Balears official website.

If you’re planning on travelling to the airport in Palma, there is no train route available to get to and from here, so you will have to find alternative methods of transportation, such as a taxi or bus.

The Ferricarril De Sóller

The Ferricarril De Sóller is a historic part of the island’s transport system and offers one of the most picturesque ways of getting around Mallorca. This vintage train route travels through the pristine landscapes between Palma and Sóller, a breathtaking coastal village on the northwest of the island.

The gauge train dates back to 1912 and is constructed of wood, transporting its passengers on a journey filled with tunnels and turns through the spectacularly scenic Tramuntana mountain range.

You can catch this unique locomotive experience from Palma or Sóller Stations with departures happening twice daily in the morning and evening. For the full leg from Palma to Sóller or vice versa, the journey costs €25 per person. You can find more information on specific departure times and excursions to the destinations stopped at en route on the train system’s official website.

Bus Travel in Mallorca

Mallorca buses form a more expansive network than that of Mallorca’s train system. Therefore, they are our favoured public transport in Mallorca for reaching your sights, scenes, and destinations of interest.

Keeping it simple, Mallorca buses are categorised into two distinct bus companies: TIB and EMT. TIB buses and coaches link settlements across the island with its capital city of Palma, and the EMT buses connect parts of Palma, and its surrounding areas, only.

Travelling around Palma is made more than easy with the EMT buses, which are also highly affordable. You can either buy your tickets from ticket machines available at every bus station in Palma, or at Palma’s main Intermodal station, or onboard the buses themselves.

Ticket prices vary depending on where you’re travelling to and from and where you’ll be purchasing your ticket. For example, a single ticket for Palma’s Urban Zone costs €2. But remember to bring change with you if you’re planning on purchasing a ticket when hopping onboard.

The EMT buses also serve as a direct route to the airport for your outbound and inbound travel needs. More information about routes, fares and otherwise can be found on the EMT Palma official website.

Mallorca’s TIB buses, on the other hand, depart from Palma’s Intermodal Station, with tickets available to purchase at a ticket office inside these premises. You’ll also be able to easily access information about the bus services you’re looking for here also from timetables at the ticket office.

Given the TIB buses serve longer distance routes to a variety of destinations across the island, the prices of these fares vary but are all still considered to be very affordable, starting from as little as €1.80 per person one way.

Further information on the exact routes and timetables of the TIB buses can be found on the Transports de Les Illes Balears official website.

Metro Travel in Mallorca

Mallorca’s metro system is restricted to only Palma, but this truly comes in handy for quickly whipping around the city in a heartbeat if you’re planning on visiting here during your trip.

Whilst it is the smallest metro in Spain, it is mighty. With 2 lines that take you around the city's main destinations, it offers cheap single ticket prices, from €1.55 per person, and a frequent timetable, with its trains running as frequently as every 15-20 minutes during its most busy hours. However, the route does become limited when only its M1 line operates less frequently on weekends.

Other than this, the metro in Palma can be a nifty way of getting around Mallorca during your next holiday here.

Driving Around  Mallorca

For those who value flexibility and the freedom to explore any destination at a moment's notice, driving in Mallorca may be the most suitable option for you to make the most of your holiday.

Or, equally, if you know that public transport isn’t the best option for you and you’d prefer to make trips using other transport means, such as by taxi, this is more than possible on the island of Mallorca also.

By Car

Mallorca has several reputable car rental agencies spread across its island. You’ll find a range of local companies, most of which offer very reasonable deals for renting their vehicles, and also larger well-known firms including the likes of Europcar, Enterprise, and Hertz, amongst others.

You’ll also find a large concentration of these reputable agencies to be within Palma’s airport, so it’s more than convenient to fly here to commence your journey and pick up your rental car straight away to hit the roads of Mallorca immediately.

You’ll find, like any Spanish and wider European destinations, that the more populated areas and larger cities tend to be busier for drivers. Otherwise, the country offers long stretches of road that allow for leisurely and easy driving experiences with little to congestion at most times.

If you are planning on travelling in Mallorca in its busiest and most popular  destinations, you may want to avoid doing so during peak traffic hours, when people will be driving to and from work, as well as when any major festivals or events are taking place, when road routes may be shut.

The road surfaces are generally of good quality across the island, particularly the most popular routes connecting major cities, towns, and settlements.

Car rentals in Mallorca, however, are becoming increasingly expensive due to the high demand for their vehicles. As such, you may want to weigh up the advantages of having a car on the island against the cost you may have to pay in the long run for this leisure. Especially given that it is more than possible, and affordable, to easily navigate and get around Mallorca via its public transport methods.

By Taxi

Should you be planning on travelling by taxi during your stay in Mallorca, it’s worth noting that only officially registered Mallorcan taxis can transport you around. This means that you won’t find ‘Uber’ here on the island, as this is illegal and banned in Mallorca.

Mallorca taxi prices are generally reasonable, as long as you’re making shorter journeys. You will, however, find that fares increase in price at weekends, during public holidays, and during the night, so this is something to be aware of.

It is possible to pre-book taxis in Mallorca, which will save you a lot of time and effort either queuing or having to chase these vehicles down to get to your destination. We’d particularly recommend this if you’re arriving at, or departing from, your airport, as this will take some stress off this leg of your journey.

But, equally, it can be convenient to simply flag a taxi on the street at a taxi rank to reach your destination. You’ll also easily know which taxis are available before even peering in the window, as most taxis have a light on their roof, with green indicating vacant and red indicating occupied.



It’s fair to conclude that getting around Mallorca is more than easy, and accessible, using the right transport methods. Dependent on your plans, the right transport method for you may vary.

Mallorca buses offer a fantastic way to travel within settlements, and between them, offering versatility and convenience alongside affordability. Mallorca trains, on the other hand, offer more limited routes but particularly picturesque, and unique, experiences.

Nevertheless, the options for getting around Mallorca are plentiful and you’ll never be short of at least one option to venture to all of the island’s exciting destinations during your next visit.

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