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Family Holidays to Puerto Pollensa: Where to Stay and Go

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Planning family holidays can be a challenge. Coordinating all members of your group whilst accommodating everyone’s wants and needs can place you in a difficult position when choosing exactly where the perfect destination for your holiday may be.

Whether you’re travelling with children, grandparents, or other close or distant relatives, there are a lot of boxes that you’ll have to tick when choosing exactly where to base yourself for your group getaway. But, if there’s one destination that manages to do this in one fell swoop, it’s undoubtedly Mallorca.

Planning family holidays can be a challenge. Coordinating all members of your group whilst accommodating everyone’s wants and needs can place you in a difficult position when choosing exactly where the perfect destination for your holiday may be.

Whether you’re travelling with children, grandparents, or other close or distant relatives, there are a lot of boxes that you’ll have to tick when choosing exactly where to base yourself for your group getaway. But, if there’s one destination that manages to do this in one fell swoop, it’s undoubtedly Mallorca.

This gem in the Balearic islands is a family’s dream. With such variety and diversity in its offerings of sights to see and things to do, there’s truly something for everyone here that is bound to keep every member of your group occupied and satisfied for the duration of your trip.

The island’s breadth of beaches ranges from rocky hidden coves to long stretches of golden shorelines, and its settlements include thriving resort towns and cities brimming with culture and history. When visiting here, you may even discover that you find it difficult to choose exactly where to stay for the duration of your family holiday!

And whilst the island has a host of family-friendly settlements dotted within its countryside and along its coastline, we would recommend Puerto Pollensa to be the best of the bunch.

Situated on the north of Mallorca, Puerto Pollensa perfectly balances beautiful beachfront locations with culture, whilst also offering a variety of entertainment and facilities, whilst also being situated nearby to beautiful natural landscapes and other popular north Mallorcan settlements.

That’s why, in this blog, we’ve honed in on exactly which places you should go to, and the things to do in Puerto Pollensa, during your family holidays, alongside recommendations of where to stay to give you all the information you could need to plan your perfect getaway.

So, get ready to pack your bags and discover exactly what’s in store for you and your family here during your next Puerto Pollensa holiday!

Visit the Local Market

Taking place every Wednesday between the hours of 8 am and 1:30 pm, Puerto Pollensa’s main market is one of the things to do in Puerto Pollensa for families. It’s an eruption of colour, and is brought to life by the crowds it draws from far and wide who are looking to sample the best of the town’s local cuisine.

Also selling everything from souvenirs to clothes, and other miscellaneous goods, you’re guaranteed that there is something to catch every member of your party’s eye during a visit here. The market is held in Miquel Cappllonch Square in the centre of town, making it an equally convenient visit to make during your trip.

Within only a couple of minutes’ drive from the centre of Puerto Pollensa, families can stay at Apartmen Francisca. Accommodating 4 guests across 2 bedrooms, for smaller families who have a visit to Puerto Pollensa market on their list of things to do, this property has a modern kitchen and dining area that’s perfect to serve up any delicious goodies that you may have gained during your market trip.

Equally, the home’s private outdoor space includes an outdoor dining table that is perfect for alfresco meals beneath the Mediterranean sun.

Take a Day Trip to the Beach

A day out at the beach is a staple activity for families spending their holidays in sunny destinations with beautifully balmy weather. And luckily enough, Puerto Pollensa is home to a host of idyllic sandy shorelines, and there are even more nearby that are only a quick walk or drive away. We’ve recommended some of our favourites below:

Puerto Pollensa Beach

The town’s main beach, boasting swathes of fine, golden sands stretching along the front of the town boasts a mesmerising backdrop of the Tramuntana mountain range. It’s a wide beach with a shallow shoreline, so offers ample space for families to set up camp for the day and for young ones to safely paddle in its waters. And within such close proximity to Puerto Pollensa town centre, all of the amenities and facilities you could need are right where you’d want them to be.

D’Albercuix Beach

Situated just along Puerto Pollensa’s main promenade, known as the Pine Walk, Playa D’Albercuix is a cluster of small beaches and charming coves that offer families a convenient beachfront location to spend a day out whilst still being conveniently located within walking distance of the town centre.

With plenty of sandy space on offer and bright turquoise waters with shallow sections, this is a quieter spot in comparison to the aforementioned Puerto Pollensa beach to have a lazy day on the sands.

For families who love a beach holiday, Casa Voramar is a fantastic 3 bedroom 6 person property that is ideally situated along the Pine Walk, within easy walking distance of both of these beaches.

Step outside of your property and within seconds you can feel the sand between your toes, as well as being around the corner from a number of the town’s most central amenities, restaurants, and facilities. You can’t get much more convenient than this!

Puerto Pollensa Pine Walk

As one of the most well-known locations in Puerto Pollensa, the Pine Walk is a must to meander along at least once during your holidays in Puerto Pollensa. Stretching the length of 2 miles along the town’s coastal front, this long paved cobblestone promenade boasts picturesque views out to the Mediterranean sea. You can also savour views of the verdant landscapes enveloping Puerto Pollensa, including the Tramuntana Mountain Range which neighbours the town.

Lined with palm trees, hence its name, this pedestrian area is a great destination to relax and simply soak in the sights, sounds, and scenes of Puerto Pollensa. Towards town, the walkway is lined with bars and eateries waiting to lure you in with the delicious eats served on their menu. You can sip your drinks and sample a selection of dishes whilst enjoying unrivalled views of the seafront as you watch the world go by.

Situated right along the Pine Walk, the Bahia Pine Walk Apartment can accommodate up to 6 family members across 3 bedrooms and is perfectly located within easy reach of the many cafes, bars, and restaurants along the promenade and in the centre of town.

From the outdoor balcony, families can enjoy fantastic views of the beachfront and shoreline dotted with boats and people taking a dip in the sea. Of course, the apartment also has views overlooking the Pine Walk which you are only ever seconds away from reaching if you stay here during your Puerto Pollensa holidays with your family.

Cycle to Formentor Lighthouse

If you’re looking to bond as a family whilst immersing yourself in the beautiful natural landscapes that surround Puerto Pollensa, Cap de Formentor is a location on the north of the island that you shouldn’t miss venturing to.

Cap de Formentor is the northernmost point on the island, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Mallorca’s rolling vistas of countryside.

The location is easy to reach from Puerto Pollensa, and one of the best ways to indulge in the blissful scenery whilst en route is by bike. In Puerto Pollensa town there is a selection of bike hire shops where you can pick up your trusty two-wheeled steed for a day.

Taking an hour and a half by bike along the Ma-2210, we would only recommend this route for families who would consider themselves to be active, as there are parts of the journey that face strenuous climbs and bends. But, for the view at the end, it is more than worth it!

Upon reaching Cap de Formentor, you can fuel up at the lighthouse that sits atop the hill at the very northernmost point. There’s a cafe and restaurant on site, so you can take a breather and grab a bite to eat as you soak in the splendid views before retreating back to Puerto Pollensa.

Those who would be interested in this active route drenched in natural beauty would be interested in a stay at Villa Moderna. Sleeping up to 8 guests across 4 bedrooms, this contemporary property is only a short 10-minute walk from the centre of Puerto Pollensa. It also has a pool and offers exceptional views of the Tramuntana Mountain Range and the beautiful countryside landscapes on the island.  

Formentor Lighthouse

Take A Day Trip to Historic Alcudia

Steeped in history and heritage, the northern settlement of Alcudia makes for a fantastic day trip for families on their holidays in Puerto Pollensa.

The town dates back to between 2000 and 1300 BC and has been settled in by some of the most renowned empires, including the likes of the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. As a result, this historic town has many remains of its diverse past which visitors can still see today, including its medieval wall which envelops the old part of the town, and the remains of an old Roman Amphitheatre within walking distance from its centre.  

As a family, you can easily roam the confines of this medieval town and sight several unique and historic buildings and landmarks that will have any history buffs in your group more than satisfied after a day trip here.

Sleeping up to 12 guests across 6 bedrooms, larger groups looking to explore further afield during their Puerto Pollensa family holidays can stay at Finca Can Cuarassa comfortably. This property has everything a family could want and need during their stay, with a private pool, gym, and ample garden and outdoor space. This means that there’s plenty of room for family members to gather or spend time apart to recharge their batteries during their next holiday.

And being almost equidistant from both Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia, you’re within easy reach of two of the most popular of north Mallorca’s settlements at all times.

Old town Alcudia


Whether members of your party seek beach days out, are history lovers or want to connect with the sensational natural landscapes that Mallorca is famed for, Puerto Pollensa allows you to easily accommodate the wants of all the family during your next holiday.

We hope this blog post has provided you with the information you need to start planning your future family holidays to Puerto Pollensa. With a range of things to do, sights to see, and places to go within easy reach, you can incorporate a variety of different activities and experiences into your trip to savour the entirety of the town’s offerings.

And when it comes to where you can spend the duration of your holiday, from family apartments boasting central and convenient locations to villas steeped in natural beauty, there is plenty of accommodation to deliberate between before your next holiday here.

Ready to get started with planning your family getaway? Here at Vida Villas, we can help you choose the best places to stay and recommend the best things to do during your trip to Puerto Pollensa.

Contact a member of our team now to start planning your future Mallorca family holiday.