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How to Plan a Honeymoon in Mallorca, Spain

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Every couple has different wants for their post-wedding celebrations. Your priorities may be to seek only sun, sea, and sand for the duration of your trip, to allow the stress and anxiety to melt away after the process of planning your recent wedding. Or, perhaps you and your partner are a pair of culture vultures, who would love the opportunity to indulge in the historic landmarks and discover the cultural sights of your chosen romantic honeymoon locations.

When we tie the knot, we all have unique desires for our post-wedding celebrations. Our priority might be to immerse ourselves in nothing but the sun, sea, and sand throughout our trip, letting the stress and anxiety of wedding planning dissolve.

Alternatively, we might be enthusiasts of culture, eager to soak in the historic landmarks and cultural treasures of our chosen romantic honeymoon destination. While many exquisite global locales might spring to mind, one gem that deserves a shoutout is the celebrated European haven of Spain. With its rich heritage and culture, serene Mediterranean climate, and extraordinary culinary and scenic offerings, Spain stands out as one of the most fulfilling holiday spots for travelers and an ideal honeymoon retreat for us. Out of all the magnificent places in Spain for couples, I am particularly drawn to Mallorca. This charming island off Spain's east coast offers a wealth of experiences for us to explore and enjoy as we celebrate our union.

So, here we are, basking in the glow of our recent nuptials—congratulations are certainly in order! If the allure of a Spanish honeymoon is calling, especially one in Mallorca, we're exactly where we need to be. At Vida Villas, our expert team has dedicated themselves to mapping out the perfect honeymoon in Mallorca for us. They've spotlighted the top spots for honeymooners, shared romantic ideas for activities, and provided guidance on the best times to visit, all to help us create an unforgettable honeymoon experience that's tailored just for us.

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When to have your Honeymoon in Mallorca  

Mallorca beckons with a treasure trove of romantic destinations and classic honeymoon delights year-round. Yet, as we plan our honeymoon, we'll need to consider carefully the timing of our visit to align with our preferences and desires. It's no secret that this Mediterranean jewel shines brightest in the summer, offering the perfect climate for a romantic getaway, with August presenting the warmest days, soaring up to 30°C, and sea temperatures reaching a delightful 26°C.

However, summer also marks the peak tourist season in Mallorca, leading to inevitable spikes in travel and accommodation costs, and a bustling atmosphere across the island. As a result, we recommend finding a middle ground—timing our Spanish honeymoon to revel in the island's glorious weather while also enjoying a more peaceful and budget-friendly experience. Opting for the shoulder months, either between April and May or from September to October, emerges as a wise choice. These periods promise comfortably warm conditions, thinner crowds, and more affordable prices, allowing us to savor our honeymoon bliss before the tourist tide rolls in. Working out the best time to visit Mallorca is paramount to building memories that will last us a lifetime

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Where to Visit During Your Honeymoon in Mallorca and What to Do Whilst You’re There

Whilst there are a plethora of idyllic honeymoon spots across Mallorca, we’ve selected some of our favourite destinations across the island for you to choose from when planning your Spanish honeymoon here. From tranquil seaside resorts to thriving and vibrant capital cities…

  1. Alcúdia

Tucked away on the northeastern shore of Mallorca, we find Alcúdia, a quaint seaside haven boasting expansive stretches of golden beaches and a mesmerizing historic center that captures the essence of Mallorca's storied heritage.

For us, it stands out as one of Spain's most romantic destinations, with its 10-kilometer expanse of sandy beaches adjacent to the town serving as an idyllic backdrop for days spent basking in the Mediterranean sun, capped off by strolls along the beach at sunset or walking in the foothills of the mountains

The romance continues to flourish within the medieval fortifications of its historic old town, where winding cobblestone lanes and quaint restaurants create the perfect setting for an enchanting escape just for us, making Alcúdia a premier choice for our honeymoon retreat on the island.

  1. Palma

In contrast, for couples who seek to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of a destination at all times, what better destination to spend the duration, or part, of our honeymoon in Mallorca in than the capital itself?

And Palma undoubtedly gives us no other option than to have our hearts in on the action of Mallorca’s largest and most populous city.

Palma offers something for every couple to enjoy at any time of the day. During the mornings and afternoons, we can indulge in any one of its famed cultural and historic landmarks, before sampling the array of delectable culinary delights available in the city’s breadth of fabulous eateries.

But equally at night, we can make the most of Palma’s colourful nightlife scene, with swathes of nightclubs and bars lining its streets, and some of the most fantastic festivals and live concerts lined up year-round on its calendar.

  1. Puerto Pollensa

This idyllic port town in the northeast of Mallorca is one of the island’s top places to go on a honeymoon. Its atmosphere is unrivalled, offering a peaceful and relaxed aura that is perfect for couples in search of a chilled and leisurely honeymoon experience.

Its famous seafront promenade, known as the ‘Pine Walks’, is a lovely location where we can have a tranquil stroll by the Mediterranean, to observe the goings on of daily life in Mallorca, and to watch the waves bob along its sandy shores, offering us a truly romantic day out.

But, equally, if we want to seek some adventure during your stay here, the neighbouring scenery around Puerto Pollensa is perfect to do so. The Tramuntana Mountain range, for example, is a fabulous cycling and hiking destination with some of the most exceptional views of Mallorca’s natural landscapes that we should consider visiting.

  1. Pollensa

In the northern part of the island, Pollensa is an ancient settlement steeped in Mallorca’s fascinating history. It is one of the centres of Mallorca’s artistic scene, having been home to artists of all backgrounds throughout its history.

Given its rich historic reputation, Pollensa is the perfect place for couples who consider themselves to be a couple of history buffs to dive deep into Mallorca’s beautiful heritage and learn of its past.

The El Pont Romà, for example, is the old Roman bridge in the centre of the town that has been a landmark for centuries. The Calvari Steps are another iconic sight, leading up to the white-washed Calvari chapel, offering exceptional views over the Formentor Peninsula.

  1. Santa Ponsa

On the west of the island, Santa Ponsa is a charming coastal town and one of the most popular beach resort locations in Mallorca. Whilst small, it is lively and continues to attract visitors from far and wide to its streets every year.

Amidst its golden shorelines and craggy cliff fronts, we find natural hotspots and pristine wildlife galore. Its picturesque backdrop of mountains and surrounding woodland areas are some of the most stunning destinations to discover the breadth of natural beauty that this charming resort has to offer.

Palma Cathedral

Where to Stay During Your Honeymoon in Mallorca

We recognise choosing where you want to stay during a honeymoon is one of the most important aspects of our trip that could make or break the experience. Here, we’ve given some honeymoon inspiration for places to stay during your post-wedding celebrations in Mallorca that offer the most peaceful, beautiful, and central, settings to make the most of your time together.

Casa Rostollas in Pollensa is a charmingly quiet countryside retreat amidst rural landscapes. One of our favourite properties that offers the perfect balance between a secluded and peaceful setting to be intimate with our loved one, it is still only 1 km away from the bustling city of Pollensa for when you want to reconnect with the island’s vibrant scenes. It even features a private garden, terrace, and private swimming pool.

An equally perfect honeymoon stay option, the modern and contemporary 2nd-floor Pine Walk apartment in Puerto Pollensa keeps you immersed in the action of this friendly seafront town. You can indulge in unrivalled views over Puerto Pollensa’s sandy shoreline, and soak this in from your own private and fully furnished terrace. You’re only a few steps away from the iconic Pine Walk and the beautiful beach here, placing you in a prime position for your honeymoon.

Lastly, but certainly not least, our final personal recommendation for places to stay for your Spanish honeymoon would be at La Casa de Marina Playa. Located only 5 minutes away from Alcúdia by car, this light and spacious accommodation is not only perfectly situated to some of north Mallorca’s best destinations, but is nearby its famed golden shorelines too. The property borders the beautiful beach of La Marina, with its terrace on the beach and deckchairs for when you want to spend those full days simply on the sands.

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When it comes to the most romantic places in Spain for our next honeymoon, it’s undoubtable that Mallorca offers much to tempt couples eager to begin their leap into marriage with many adventures, excitement, and sheer beauty.

And whilst there’s much to plan for our trip away in Mallorca as newlyweds, we hope that our insight has given some honeymoon inspiration so that you can relax whilst planning your trip of a lifetime to start your marriage off on the best note possible.

Here at Vida Villas, we offer a range of rental properties across Mallorca, other than those mentioned above, that are perfect for couples looking for their honeymoon escape where you can relax and spend your free time with your partner when you are not out exploring the beauty of the island. You can search through our selection of properties available on our website, or we’d encourage you to contact a member of our team should you be unsure of what your wants and needs are for your dream honeymoon and, therefore, what property would be best for you.