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The Best Time to Visit Santa Ponsa

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Santa Ponsa is a pretty town on the southwestern side of Mallorca. Many tourists visit yearly mainly for the beach and beautiful scenery, but holidaymakers also choose Santa Ponsa for a relaxing break in a luxury setting.

The mountainous backdrop and dense forests on the region’s outskirts also add to the beautiful surroundings of Santa Ponsa. Alongside the scenery, the area also has three beaches catering to different needs. One of the sandy shores is large and relatively busy during summer, and the others provide a quieter and more secluded environment.

If you plan to book a holiday to Santa Ponsa, you are likely deciding when the best time to visit is. Here is our month-by-month guide on when to stay in Santa Ponsa and some key events to look out for.


January in Santa Ponsa is typically warm and sunny, with temperatures around 15°C. The clear skies and quieter atmosphere make it a great time to go for those looking to enjoy their holiday without the summer crowds, as January isn’t a month that typically attracts tourists.

Key Events

5th January – The Arrival of the Three Kings

In Santa Ponsa and many other towns across Mallorca, the Three Kings celebration is when gifts arrive at the villages for children on the evening of January 5th.

Many excited children gather in the towns in anticipation of the Three Kings’ arrival, locals decorate their houses and storefronts with Christmas decor, and there is a significant buzz throughout the area as the Christmas celebrations begin.

16th and 17th January – Fiesta of Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni festivities take place in many towns across Mallorca, including Santa Ponsa, and the most significant festival is in the northern village of Sa Pobla. Celebrations happen to commemorate the town’s patron saint by lighting bonfires, singing, dancing and parading through the streets, which provides excellent entertainment for all involved.


Like January, February in Santa Ponsa generally has a mild and sunny climate with highs of around 15°C, although evenings can get quite chilly when temperatures drop to approximately 6°C. February is a lovely month to visit Santa Ponsa as this is when the Almond Trees start to blossom across the island, providing a picturesque setting for locals and visitors alike.


Visiting Santa Ponsa in March offers a dry climate with little to no rain and comfortable temperatures of around 17°C. The blue skies and bright sunshine make for pleasant weather to stroll through Santa Ponsa’s streets or visit the beach.

Key Events

March 1st – Day of the Balearic Islands

The Day of the Balearic Islands is marked as a public holiday to celebrate the signing of the Statute of Autonomy, which happened in 1983 and gave the Balearic Islands an autonomous status.

This event is celebrated throughout the Balearic Islands in various towns and villages, with Palma hosting the most prominent events in Mallorca. The celebrations consist of people taking to the streets to wander the artisan markets, sample the food and drink on offer and watch as locals perform folk dances and witness the parades.

Port Adriano Street Food

Port Adriano is just 1.5 miles from Santa Ponsa town, and here you will find a great street food event in March that began in 2007.

The luxurious marina of Port Adriano comes alive with numerous stalls offering international cuisine. There are also opportunities for face painting for the kids and live music, providing great entertainment all day long.


Santa Ponsa in April is the start of the mild spring season with plenty of sunshine, the occasional short-lived rain shower and temperatures of around 19°C. April is a great time to visit as there is still very little tourist traffic, making navigating the town and other sightseeing spots easier.

Key Events

Semana Santa (Easter Celebrations)

In the last week of Lent, Mallorcans and others from all over Spain celebrate Semana Santa, which marks the final week of Christ’s life before the Crucifixion.

Proceedings begin with palm and olive branches, blessings and bells ringing in church towers across the island. After the bells have rung, this signals the start of the week of festivities, followed by fireworks, parades, food and drink and lots of entertainment.


May in Santa Ponsa offers average temperatures of around 18°C and highs of 23°C, which offers comfortable heat with plenty of sunshine. In addition, there is usually a gentle breeze across the island during May, which is perfect for those who want to explore Santa Ponsa without oppressive heat.

It is worth bearing in mind that May generally attracts more tourists as the weather begins warming up, making it slightly busier than the earlier months.

Key Events

Annual SUP Race, Port Adriano

The annual SUP Race at Port Adriano is a great sporting event which includes a race over the distance of 12.5km on Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Starting at Port Adriano and heading towards the Toro Islands, competitors will circle back and finish at the beach of Port Adriano. The SUP Race is a fantastic event only 1.5 miles from Santa Ponsa and an excellent occasion for any water sports enthusiasts who want to witness the race firsthand.


A generally dry month with rain for an average of 2 days throughout June and temperatures averaging around 26.5°C, it is a pleasant time to visit Santa Ponsa. June also marks the start of the summer season, which means that beach clubs and bars start to re-open. As a result, Santa Ponsa starts getting busier this month as more tourists come here for the blue skies and plenty of sunshine.  

Key Events

23rd & 24th June – Sant Joan Fiesta

Sant Joan Festival takes place to celebrate John the Baptist when most towns and villages across Mallorca have picnics and bonfires on the beaches. The fiesta happens on a bank holiday, so many locals have this time off to partake in the festivities, and some local businesses might be closed.  


July in Santa Ponsa is when the weather starts to see its hottest temperatures, with averages throughout the day of 29°C. As a result, many holidaymakers start to head here to enjoy the warm and dry climate, with very little rain.

Santa Ponsa in July is an excellent time to visit for those looking to spend their days on one of the many beaches around the town, as the warm temperatures make it challenging to hike during the day. However, you will want to ensure that you get a spot on the beach early, as July in Puerto Pollensa typically gets quite busy with other holidaymakers.


Being the hottest month of the year, with temperatures reaching 30°C, the weather in Santa Ponsa is at its best throughout August. This is one of the reasons why the resort attracts so many tourists.

August is the official peak of the summer season, so plenty is going on as Santa Ponsa’s bars, restaurants, and streets start to buzz with locals and tourists alike, ready to enjoy the height of summer. You can relax on the sandy shores, lounge around the pool or head into town, where businesses brim with other tourists enjoying their holiday.

Bay of Santa Ponsa


Temperatures start to drop slightly during September in Santa Ponsa, averaging around 27°C with rain for approximately five days throughout the month. Although, don’t let this deter you from visiting, as there are still plenty of sunny, clear skies and as it is still a busy month for tourists, bars, clubs, and many other attractions remain open during September.

Key Events

Festes del Rei en Jaume

Festes del Rei en Jaume began in 1929 to celebrate the 700 anniversary of the arrival of King Jaume I and is still widely celebrated throughout Mallorca today. Festivities take place in the form of traditional activities such as parades, dancing, markets, sports, exhibitions, correfoc and concerts.

One thing not to miss during the festivities is the Saturday of the week when the celebrations occur (usually the first or second week in September). On Saturday, the battles are re-enacted on many beaches across the island, including Santa Ponsa beach.  


Pleasant temperatures of around 24°C make October an excellent time to visit Santa Ponsa as the cooler climate and fewer crowds provide easier access to the attractions in the area. There is plenty of sunshine and blue skies throughout the month, which is excellent for those seeking a day strolling through the town in comfortable yet lovely weather.

Key Events


Oktoberfest in Santa Ponsa is a great way to sample the many beers, bratwurst, lederhosen and oompah bands. Entry is free, and you can find the festivities in front of Santa Ponsa Beach (La Pineda) in the car park of the sports centre.


If you are seeking milder weather, sunshine and comfortable daytime temperatures of around 19°C, then November is a great time to visit Santa Ponsa. Visitors are usually shocked to discover that the Mediterranean sea is still warm enough in November to take a dip, although you might not want to stay in the water for long!

If you head to Santa Ponsa during this time, you can expect more rain, but the showers don’t last too long.

Many locals and business owners in Santa Ponsa start to wind down for the winter months, which is a much quieter time for tourist traffic. During this time, you will find less going on in November, which is excellent if you are looking for some peace.  

Coast of Santa Ponsa


In many countries, the end of the year presents cold days with less daylight as the nights creep in. However, December in Santa Ponsa is still surprisingly pleasant, with mild temperatures of 16°C, frequent sunny days and occasional short-lived rain showers.

The beach clubs, bars and restaurants have mainly closed during the winter in Santa Ponsa, and the crowds have reduced significantly. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do throughout the month, as the town feels festive and vibrant as locals start to prepare for Christmas celebrations.

Key Events

Christmas Markets

Each year in December the German Community celebrates Weihnachtsmarkt at the Rechinto Ferial El Molino in Calvia. The area is full of stalls selling Christmas decorations, festive food and drink and live performances from DJs and other musicians.

Santa Ponsa’s Christmas Market is also great for the kids as there are pony rides on offer, gifts, and a chance to see Santa Claus.

Entry is free, and the market is usually open from 11:00 to 22:00 on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during December.


Santa Ponsa is quiet compared to some of Mallorca’s other popular towns. However, it’s still a great place to visit with lots of history and outdoor activities.

Whether you seek the restaurants and shops in town or to relax on one of the many beaches, you can enjoy a classic Mediterranean climate from early spring to the end of autumn in a great location close to other popular towns and cities in Mallorca.

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