Santa Ponsa Villas

The coastal town of Santa Ponsa, also called Santa Ponça, is found in the west of Mallorca and is known for being one of the island’s favourite beach resort destinations. With both a beach and beautiful views of the mountains rising up behind the town, this is an incredibly popular part of Mallorca to visit on holiday, with plenty of villas to rent around the area.

Our Villas In Santa Ponsa

Whether you’re visiting for the beaches, the marina, the nightlife or the scenery, Santa Ponsa is a brilliant place to stay for a coastal holiday in Mallorca. Take a look at our range of villas in the area below.

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About Santa Ponsa

Santa Posa is perhaps most famous for being the location where Jaume I landed in 1229 before beginning his conquest of Mallorca, with the spot he came ashore marked with a large stone cross to commemorate the occasion. Not only has the town grown in popularity as a holiday destination for tourists, but a surprising number of expats have also come and made their homes in the area, giving it a unique culture and atmosphere.

Best Time To Visit Santa Ponsa

The summer season is the best time to visit Santa Ponsa if you’re looking for warm weather, with high temperatures between June and August with very few chances of rain. If you prefer milder weather, then the spring or the start of autumn will be ideal, whilst those who want to experience the town with as few other tourists as possible should travel between November and March to enjoy the off-season.

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Best Things To Do To In Santa Ponsa

The top way to spend your time in Santa Ponsa is with a trip to the beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming in the sea, dining at one of the cafes along the promenade, or enjoy giving watersports like paddleboarding and kayaking a go. The proximity of marinas to the town also means that boat trips are a very popular way to spend a holiday, often involving snorkelling excursions as well.

Nightlife in Santa Ponsa is quite well known, so if you’re a fan of sampling local beers and dancing the night away, the town is well equipped for you to enjoy that. Jungle Parc is an outdoor adventure playground suitable for both adults and children which is a fun way to spend an afternoon, making your way through a tree canopy via high wires and ropes. 

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Best Places To Go In Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa Beach is one of the best places to go in Santa Ponsa if you want to enjoy the warm weather, with a Blue Flag rating for cleanliness and plenty of beachfront facilities that mean you can easily spend the whole day on the sand and in the water.

The main strip of the town, Ramon de Montcada, is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, drink or shop, or is a great place to start a night out if you’re in Santa Ponsa in the evening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our guests who are planning on staying in a villa in Santa Ponsa.

What is Santa Ponsa known for?

Historically, Santa Ponsa is best known for being the first place that Jaume I arrived before he began his conquest of Mallorca. It’s also known for having a private marina, which is often home to some of the most impressive boats visiting this area of the island.

Does Santa Ponsa have an old town?

There are parts of Santa Ponsa that have been there for a lot longer than some of the more modern developments in the town, but there is no official ‘Old Town’ district anywhere in the area.

Is Santa Ponsa a party place?

The clubs and bars in Santa Ponsa aren’t as varied or lively as those in nearby Magaluf or Palma, but it is still known as a pretty good place to stay if you’re looking for a holiday destination where you can enjoy lots of nights out.