Cala d’Or Villas

Located on the popular holiday island of Mallorca, Cala D’or is a resort town that many travellers head to year-round to enjoy the stunning beaches, cosmopolitan atmosphere and wonderful shops and restaurants. During high season, Cala D’or fills with life and vibrancy as many holidaymakers head here to enjoy the warm summer sun.

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About Cala d’Or

Cala D’or is a beautiful town situated on the east coast of Mallorca. The resort offers guests the chance to explore many sandy beaches, with Cala D’or’s main beach being known as the Golden Bay.

The little coves, sandy shores and turquoise waters provide the perfect setting for those seeking a holiday to relax and unwind. Alongside this, Cala D’or also boasts a beautiful town centre, with a stunning marina and many sophisticated designer shops.

Best Time To Visit Cala d’Or

Cala D’or typically enjoys pleasant weather all year round. The winter months have average temperatures of 15°C, with the summer period reaching hot, high temperatures of around 30°C.

Summers are perfect for those looking to partake in outdoor activities, such as the many watersports on offer, or for the great shores for soaking up the sunshine. Winters are great for visitors who want to stroll around the town and do a spot of sightseeing without the crowds and tourist traffic that the high season brings. 

Best Things To Do To In Cala d’Or

No matter how long you choose to stay in Cala D’or, there are plenty of things to do. From shopping to sunbathing and wine tours to local markets, you’ll discover a bit of something for everyone. 

You can spend your days in Cala D’or wandering through the historic Es Forti or perhaps immerse yourself in the great outdoors and wildlife that lies in Mondrago Nature Reserve. If you are looking for something a little more sedate and relaxing, then a boat ride on the Mediterranean Sea or lounging on one of the popular beaches might be more up your street.

There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in the culture and festivities whilst visiting Cala D’or. Throughout the year, the town hosts events such as the International Jazz Festival and there is also the chance to see the parades for the religious festival of Saint Mary.

Best Places To Go In Cala d’Or

If you are seeking a great shopping experience whilst on holiday in Cala D’or, then you won’t be disappointed, as visiting the many stores at Avinguda Tagomago is great for its offerings of high-end stores and numerous designer brands. Avinguda Tagomago is located in the town centre of Cala D’or. 


Another spectacular place to go in Cala D’or is the harbour. Here you will find many lavish boats and yachts lined up and down the marina, all sparkling under the sunlight. Cala D’or harbour is a beautiful spot to visit, but it is also surrounded by great bars and restaurants, which provide the perfect place to sit outside and soak up all the coming and going in the marina.

Cala D’or is also in a prime location in Mallorca for those wanting to explore the surrounding area, which provides great insight into what lies on the rest of the island.

The nearby town of Santanyi is a great opportunity to see the golden sandstone buildings and stroll along the cobblestone streets. There are also some great authentic markets in the town of Santanyi, offering guests the chance to browse the traditional Spanish produce on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cala D’or in Mallorca like?

Located on the southeast coast of Mallorca, the popular resort of Cala D’or is known for its spectacular marina and its lovely coves lined with pine trees. Cala D’or’s restaurant, shop and bar offering is perfect for those looking to spend their holiday in a lively, yet relaxing atmosphere.

Cala D’or is also somewhere rich with wildlife, as it is home to the Mondrago National Park, which boasts its offering for migratory birds.  

Does Cala D’or have a good nightlife? 

Cala D’or’s main area for those looking for a nightlife experience is along the marina and central paved avenues. The town itself boasts a great selection of bars and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy an evening meal and then head out for the night to enjoy the many other cocktail places in the town.

The town of Cala D’or isn’t as lively as some of the other resorts in Mallorca, such as Magaluf, but this should not stop you from enjoying the nightlife that is available here. 

Is Cala D’or touristy? 

Cala D’or has been welcoming tourists since the 1930s, which has only continued to grow each year. The resort of Cala D’or was the first major holiday destination in Mallorca, as it has much to offer for travellers from all over the world.

It’s attractive setting, great beaches, lively bars and restaurants all continue to attract holidaymakers year on year. If you’re looking for a town catering to visitors that still feels like an authentic Spanish seaside destination, you’re in the right place.