Chefs and Catering

We are Chef a Casa, the best team of private chef and waiter service on the island, and part of the known world. And just in case we forget it, our grandmothers are there to remind us.

8 years ago we had the brilliant idea to look for a change of pace. We decided to move out from dark restaurant kitchens with austere ventilation, almost minimalist, into hundreds of houses around Mallorca, with better views, less stress and a great smell of olives, fennel and honey. Since then our smell sense is very thankfull to us and so are our partners.

The idea was to create a sustainable company. Using places, tools and devices that already existed. We only invested our brain, time and human work to create very special moments.

In this years of work we´ve assembled a great deal of acquaintances. We know what ou clients expect from us, what they like and how they like it. But we also know how to surprise them, and we think that is a must to spread out our culinary culture, the mallorcan, the Mediterranean and ours. We take them in a journey to experience the quality of the Mediterranean lifestyle which is portrayed in the Mediterranean diet. Someone once said: “The destiny of nations depends upon the manner they feed themselves”.

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